My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 857

Chapter 857 The daughter-in-law in my dream is in trouble

After Xu Fan sent the Bloodfiend Race boy away, he smiled once in the direction he looked towards Bloodfiend Realm.

“Upgrade all the spirit ore on Yinling Island now.”

“You can rest assured of salted fish later.”

Secret Spirit On the huge lake of Sect hundred thousand li, Xu Fan and his good brother are fishing.

“Brother Xu, I caught an unknown Spirit Bead some time ago. When I was about to put it away, the Spirit Bead suddenly broke free, flew into the sky and disappeared.” Wang Yulun said.

Xu Yifan was stunned for a moment, looked towards his brother and asked, “When did this happen?”

“Four months ago.” Wang Yulun said after thinking for a while.

After hearing this, Xu Fan understands that this is a rebate from a good brother.

It was really extraordinary to give two Intermediate Thousand Worlds directly.

“Then Spirit Bead won’t have a big impact on our Spirit Sect~” Wang Yulun said worriedly looking at Xu Fan’s expression.

“It’s all right, it’s just that our cross-border Transmission Formation has discovered a new coordinate of the Intermediate Thousand Worlds, which solves the biggest problem of the sect.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“It’s good to help the sect.” Wang Yulun nodded.

At this moment, the fishing rod in Wang Yulun’s hand sank, and it seemed that he had another big harvest.

β€œBrother Xu, guess what treasures I can catch this time~” Wang Yulun said happily.

“I think it should be a crab.”

Xu Fan tone barely fell, and saw a giant crab caught by Wang Yulun.

At this moment, Wang Yulun became excited when he saw this big crab.

“Brother Xu, how about I invite you to eat this big crab at noon today.” Wang Yulun said excitedly, he hadn’t fished a live animal seriously for a long time.

“I’m afraid I can’t eat this,” Xu Fan said.

“Can’t eat it?”

“This is an Ancient Beast back mountain crab, which is a kind of auspicious beast. If you eat it directly, it will damage your yin.” Xu Fan Pointing to the mountain character Xianwen on the back of the giant crab, he said.

“Then what about this back crab, it still has to be in the sect?” Wang Yulun asked.

“Stay in the sect, it’s a kind of auspicious beast, let him be with the old turtle.” Xu Fan thought for a while and said.

“Just follow what Brother Xu said.”

The back mountain crab, who was still confused at this time, was carried by a few Puppets to the Spirit Beast Garden on Yinling Island.

“Anyway, it’s something that fell into the sea.” Wang Yulun said with a smile.

A sword glow rose from Yinling Island at high speed and flew towards Xu Fan’s direction.

“Your son is here to see you~” Xu Fan said with a smile.

A silhouette landed on the spirit boat where the two of them were. Wang Xiangchi saluted Xu Fan anxiously and said, “Master, during cultivation, the discipline entered a dream and dreamed again of the person who passed through.

A woman of a lifetime.”

“Disciple determined that my dream wife was real, and she left a message to Disciple that he is now trapped in reincarnation at the junction of the outer and inner worlds.”

Wang Xiangchi spoke very fast and his expression was very excited.

It’s like a 30-year-old virgin who has a virtuous, gentle and beautiful girlfriend who doesn’t want a room or a betrothal gift.

Wang Yulun stopped fishing when he heard the word “wife in his dream”, and looked towards his eldest son eagerly.

Xu Fan did not speak, but carefully observed Wang Yulun, thinking in his heart: “No, it’s not yet time.”

Finally, Xu Fan set his sights on Wang Xiangchi put on the heart-shaped pendant.

“Did that woman give Samsara the coordinates of the outside world?” Xu Fan asked patiently first.

Reincarnation where the outer world and inner world meet, the scope is huge.

“It’s said to be near the Third Layer gate in the inner boundary.” Wang Xiangchi replied quickly.

Xu Fan heard this and looked towards Wang Yulun.

I have to say, this gene is really powerful.

It is definitely not a simple person who can get close to that position.

“Don’t worry, Master will look at it later, but before that, bring the marriage stone on your chest and let Master take a look.” Xu Fan pointed to the heart on Wang Yulun’s chest shaped pendant.

Wang Xiangchi said nothing, took off the pendant and handed it to Xu Fan.

“This is the highest marriage stone. Just this small piece can at least exchange for a fairy ship of the Chunhua Chamber of Commerce.” Xu Fan said looking at the small marriage stone in his hand.

“I caught this the other day. I thought it was just an ordinary marriage stone, didn’t expect it to be so valuable.” Wang Yulun said happily, he is now full of his son’s lifelong major event. solution idea.

“Marriage is a good one, but it’s just a little earlier.”

Xu Fan returned the marriage stone to Wang Xiangchi.

“Don’t worry, wait here to be your teacher.” After Xu Fan finished speaking, he teleported to the Transmission Formation outside Samsara.

“If it’s Golden Immortal’s third step out of the inner world of reincarnation, it will be troublesome. If it’s the third step into the inner world of reincarnation, it’s better to say something.” Xu Fan said and teleported to the cycle of reincarnation in the outside world.

It was chaos again, Xu Fan directly condensed a giant flat-backed bird, and flew towards the Third Layer gate where the outside world and the inside world meet.

Xu Fan increased the speed to the fastest, and met countless condensed dream worlds and creatures who majored in reincarnation on the way.

They saw that Xu Fan dared to fly to the inner world with only the Great Ascension Realm cultivation base, and their eyes were full of admiration.

As long as they can enter the outer world of reincarnation, any creature can step into the inner world of reincarnation.

As long as you take nine steps into the inner realm of reincarnation, and then take nine steps out, you can achieve the realm of Great Firmament.

In these countless epochs, only one person stepped into the inner world of reincarnation as a quasi-immortal cultivator, successfully walked out in nine steps, and achieved the state of Great Firmament.

While it was successful, there were several epochs between the two.

Since then, every year, a group of fools with the following golden immortal cultivators step into the inner world of reincarnation to try for that little bit of life.

“Fellow Daoist, life is beautiful, don’t give up on yourself~”

“How about I keep the things outside of you before entering.” The voice of a Human Race cultivator was in Xu Fan’s ear side ringing.

In the end, he heard a lot of these voices again, but Xu Fan didn’t care and continued to fly towards the Third Layer door.

The reincarnation world is incomparable gigantic. Even at the speed of Xu Fan, it took Xu Fan a month to reach the junction after various ultra-long-distance teleportation. This is still the location of the First Layer gate.

Xu Fan couldn’t help but be a little curious when he looked at the First Layer gate standing in the entire reincarnation world.

Not knowing if he could accomplish that feat, the Great Ascension Realm went in and the Great Firmament came out.

“I’ll try again later when I have a chance.” Xu Fan said and stepped into the First Layer door.

At the junction, as long as you don’t step into the Third Layer door, there is still a chance to get out.

But as long as you step into the door of the Third Layer, you can only come out of the Great Firmament.

A dozen True Immortal quasi-immortals also entered with Xu Fan, and they all had a resolute expression on their faces.

Xu Fan watched them hook the head, with their understanding of Samsara, even after entering the First Layer door, it would be hard to leave.

(End of this chapter)

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