My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 860

Chapter 860 Encounter

Muyuan Xianjie, Yunqiu immortal domain.

Wang Xiangchi was walking in the immortal city with a dazed expression.

He doesn’t understand that teleportation is good, why would he teleport him here.

He came to a restaurant and found a place near the corner to sit down.

“Guest, what tea do you want to drink.” A shop assistant from Integration Realm came over and asked.

Wang Xiangchi first looked at the second shopkeeper carefully, and then said: “A cup of the special fairy tea in your shop, and another plate of dim sum will do.”

“Halle, a total of two Immortal jade.” The shop assistant said.

Although he was surprised by the price, Wang Xiangchi still took out two immortal jade.

After the spirit tea snacks came up, Wang Xiangchi sipped the tea while listening to the conversations of the people in the teahouse.

At this moment, a big man who Wang Xiangchi couldn’t see through the cultivation base sat opposite Wang Xiangchi.

“You just came here to inquire about news, right? Don’t bother to ask me directly, five immortal jades, you know everything.” The big man said with a smile.

Wang Xiangchi didn’t talk nonsense, he directly took out 5 immortal jade and put it on the table.

“Where is this.”

“Yunqiu immortal domain, Wood Spirit city.” The big man replies, Wang Xiangchi saw this appearance, and knew that it was a cultivator who smuggled into the immortal realm from the lower realm .

“What sector is this?”

“Muyuan Immortal Realm.”

“Who is the biggest force in the immortal domain here, and what realm is the strongest? “

“The biggest force in this immortal domain is the Wood Spirit Immortal Palace, and the most powerful house is the Mulei Sage, the Great Firmament realm powerhouse.” Then the big man consciously put the surrounding Great Influence and various powerhouses. Big and famous people said it all.

He also heard the name Mu Dai from these characters that made him think about his dreams.

“Mu Dai, the daughter of Mulei Sage, True Immortal Stage Peak, is only one step away from stepping into the Golden Immortal Realm.”

“It’s Mulei Sage Pearl in The palm, a collection of all kinds of love in one body, disappeared thousands of years ago, and there is still no news.” Dahan saw that Wang Xiangchi was interested in Mudai, and began to focus on it.

Just when Wang Xiangchi was about to ask further questions, the big man pointed to the empty teacup, saying that the clock was over, and he needed to pay for it.

“I’ve finished inquiring about the news, senior please do it.” Wang Xiangchi said.

The big man took a deep look at Wang Xiangchi and left.

Wang Xiangchi drank tea silently, and took out a space jade plate by the way.

This is the Hidden Spirit Sect Evolved Outgoing Sect Manual.

Now he starts to check, finds the option to suddenly step into the foreign land, and finally clicks on the option of the fairyland.

“100 Ways to Survive Low-key in Fairyland”

“How to Pass the Initial Stage in Fairyland”

“How to Improve Your Life in an Orderly Fairyland” Quality”

“How to Earn Immortal Jade at No Cost in the Immortal World”

“How to Survive in Immortal World with No Money”

Wang Xiangchi watched it for a long time Just found what he was looking for.

“How to Establish Contact with Sect in the Immortal World”

Wang Xiangchi opened it and found two reliable contact methods.

“Chunhua Chamber of Commerce and Samsara Realm.” Wang Xiangchi said silently.

Seeing this, Wang Xiangchi called Xiao Er over.

“Is there any Chunhua Chamber of Commerce in this Yunqiu immortal domain?” Wang Xiangchi asked.

“There is Chunhua Chamber of Commerce stationed in Skylark City, which can be directly sent there through Transmission Formation in the city.” Dian Xiaoer said.

Wang Xiangchi took out an immortal jade and gave it to the second shop assistant, and left after hearing about the location of Transmission Formation.

The big man who was talking to Wang Xiangchi just now followed, with a glint of greed flashing in his eyes.

“A small fish in the immortal world that smuggled into the world can only be eaten in the end.”

At this time, in the city of lark, Mu Dai was excited in the city as if he had just been released from prison wandering around.

No matter what I see, I buy it if I’m interested.

“This is mine, this is Husband’s.” Mu Dai smiled sweetly.

In the end, she thought of something with a sad look on her face.

“Mother’s level was better, but my father…”

At this moment, Mu Dai just walked outside the Transmission Formation of Skylark City.

Wang Xiangchi just came out.

The two looked towards each other like telepathy.

This look is like meeting after three lives and three lives.

The memory of that dream came to each other’s hearts.

“Husband ~” Mu Dai walked over to Wang Xiangchi and said softly.

“Miss~” Wang Xiangchi gently took Mu Dai’s hand.

The address between the two is sweet and natural.

Mu Dai held Wang Xiangchi’s arm tightly.

“How did you find me, Husband~” Mu Dai asked excitedly.

“I originally wanted to go to other Intermediate Thousand Worlds to relax, but because the marriage beads given by the discipline were too powerful, they sent me directly.” Wang Xiangchi took out the three marriage beads for Mu Dai to see look.

“It turned out to be the highest marriage bead!” Mu Dai said in surprise.

Although this thing is not expensive for him, it is still extremely rare.

As long as it comes out, it will be robbed by those big shot saints.

“You’re a Great Ascension Realm, and you still have a recipe~” Mu Dai just finished speaking, and then she thought of something, and quickly said: “I forgot, Husband came from Intermediate Thousand Worlds. .”

There was a bit of apologetic tone in his tone.

“It’s fine.” Wang Xiangchi said he didn’t care.

“Husband, let’s go. In order to celebrate the reunion of our husband and wife, I want to give Husband a gift.” Mu Dai said and dragged Wang Xiangchi towards a large chamber of commerce.

“Husband, who was the person who rescued me at that time.” Mu Dai asked.

“Who else could it be, of course I want the master.”

“Didn’t I tell you, my master is very difficult to deal with, and I will definitely be able to rescue you. .” Wang Xiangchi said with a smile.

“Husband, what realm is your master, Golden Immortal period?” Mu Dai asked curiously.

“How can my master be the Golden Immortal in Intermediate Thousand Worlds, although I feel that the master is better than the Golden Immortal.”

“My master is the Great Ascension Realm.”

“Although the supreme realm is powerful, it can’t be so outrageous that it can save me from the inner realm of reincarnation.” Mu Dai said somewhat incredulously.

“My master can’t compete with the regular realm division. You’ll know when you see the master later.” Wang Xiangchi said with a smile.

After the two entered the chamber of commerce, Mu Dai would go on a shopping spree, buying everything she felt Wang Xiangchi could use.

“My lady doesn’t need to spend so much money, I have all these things.” Wang Xiangchi said.

“Since there are, then change to a better one~” After not consuming for many years, Mu Dai feels that she wants to buy something now.

“You don’t have to work hard, my lady, my celestial tools are all refined by my master, and they are the celestial tools that best fit my own cultivation technique Divine Ability.”

“Let’s talk about other things. I’m not used to using fairy weapons.” Wang Xiangchi said.

Now he suddenly understands the feeling of biological brother.

As a result, Mu Dai looked around and found that she really didn’t need to buy anything for her Husband.

“Husband, what do you want to do now.” Mu Dai asked.

She met Wang Xiangchi here and felt that Heavenly Dao was her reward.

This time she will never leave Husband again.

“I just want to be with you quietly~” Wang Xiangchi burst out with love in his eyes.

“Then let’s go home~”

(End of this chapter)

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