My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 863

Chapter 863 Immortal Artifact Alloy

“You need a long time of accumulation. To cultivate an excellent Spirit Beast, it may take thousands of years of precipitation. “

“You can use the existing monster beast of Intermediate Thousand Worlds to cultivate this little wolf, which is very difficult to deal with.” Xu Fan praised with a smile.

Xu Yuexian said in a nod to

“Don’t worry, the teacher is looking for a Spirit Beast suitable for the fertility road, as long as you can find it, you This King of Myriad Beasts has completed Step 1.”

Xu Yuexian’s expression became a little weird when he heard the word King of Myriad Beasts.

“Master, I’m going back to continue the cultivation.” Xu Yuexian said and left.

“Does it seem a little weird that you make a Fairy-like female discipline, the cultivation King of Myriad Beasts, the name of the Taoist method.” Wang Yulun said beside him.

“The name sounds weird, but the formidable power is really great.”

“After cultivating Spirit Beasts that are not weaker than Divine Beasts, it will not be a problem to traverse the fairyland.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Is it so powerful?”

“You will know when the time comes. Every path I have arranged for these disciplines has been carefully considered by me.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

At this moment, the sound of grapes suddenly rang out.

“Master, there are some phenomena that catalyze the promotion of bloodfiend to the Great Ascension Realm in Star Realm. Do you want to stop it.”

“It is recommended to set it from the root of Heavenly Tribulation.” Grape suggested said.

“Catalyze the Great Ascension Realm bloodfiend and then kill it?” Xu Fan asked in confusion.

“Catalyze the Great Ascension Realm bloodfiend, let those Disciples hit the near-death state and then use the blood essence stone to rescue them, and continue fighting~”

“Say this can complete the Integration Realm The highest achievement, defeating the Great Ascension Realm powerhouse,” said Grape.

“Is this achievement very fragrant? Or is there a special reward?” Xu Fan was curious as a question and answer, he did not know when this trend became popular in dao sect.

“Each Disciple has his resume in the database, and if he defeats the Great Ascension Realm with the Integration Realm, it will be noted.”

“Essentially no What’s the use, it looks better when you look at it.” Grape said.

“There is no good or bad in this ethos, then increase the price of all the materials and blood essence stones that catalyze the promotion of bloodfiend to the Great Ascension Realm.” Xu Fan thought for a while and said.

“According to the order, Master.”

At this time, in the Star Realm, Xiong Li faced three Great Ascension Realm bloodfiends by himself.

The eyes of the three Great Ascension Realm bloodfiends were full of violent and bloody colors. They only had wild beast instincts and were irrational.

Xiong Li, holding a giant hammer, excitedly looked towards the Great Ascension Realm bloodfiend.

Then the Five Elements golden body appeared behind them and charged towards the three Great Ascension Realm bloodfiends.

“Eldest Senior Brother, don’t kill me~” said the thousands of soldiers next to him.

It took a lot of effort to catalyze these three potential Integration Realm bloodfiends to the Great Ascension Realm.

As a result, a Great Ascension Realm bloodfiend was directly shattered by Xiong Li shortly after the ten thousand soldiers finished speaking.

The remaining two were unavoidable, and they all turned into meat scraps.

“Eldest Senior Brother, I haven’t messed with you lately.” Ten thousand soldiers looked at the three piles of meat dregs on the ground, and said with some tears.

Xiong Li looked at the giant hammer in his hand with satisfaction, he hadn’t hit so happily in a long time.

“Eldest Senior Brother, you have to pay me. I also plan to sell these three Great Ascension Realm bloodfiends to senior and junior brothers for achievements.” Ten thousand soldiers shouted.

“What is shua’s achievement, I am saving you, you can escape the monitoring of grapes by doing nothing right?”

“Not good to kill bloodfiend, make such a mess , if it reaches the Great Elder’s ears, you will know the consequences.” Xiong Li said as he looked at the thousands of soldiers.

“Who said I didn’t kill bloodfiend well, all my top puppets are scattered, what’s wrong with me doing a little side business.” Wanbing said that he was still very distressed when he saw the three pools of meat mud. , these three bloodfiends cost him a lot of sect contribution points.

“If you want to play, just play slowly. Anyway, if you cultivate one, I will beat one to death. Let’s see who is faster. It happens that my hands are itchy during this time.” Xiong Li said with a giant hammer. .

β€œEldest Senior Brother, you are so cruel~” said Wan Bing with heartache.

“I just don’t want to see you take a detour, obediently and honestly~” Xiong Li said and was ready to leave.

The three of them split up not long after they formed a team last time, first because the bloodfiend was not challenging.

The second is that the Small World where the Human Race was kept in captivity was frozen by time, and it was easier to save it than before.

For efficiency, they are separated.

“Then you have to at least leave one for me, my highest achievement has not been brushed yet.” Ten thousand soldiers said.

“You’re a puppet player, what’s the use of this achievement, it looks too fake.” Xiong Li said with a smile.

“Then I’ll get one too.” Don’t say, open the mall in the sect, and prepare to buy another set of materials to catalyze bloodfiend to upgrade to the Great Ascension Realm.

“Ah!!!” Ten thousand soldiers shouted at the price above.

“What’s wrong?”

“The price of the same material has increased by 10 times!” Ten thousand soldiers said in pain.

“Then don’t catalyze, kill bloodfiend and earn points.” Xiong Li said indifferently.

At this point, another area.

“Giant Sword Technique!”

Jian Wuji killed the Great Ascension Realm bloodfiend with one sword.

“Yes, Junior Brother is progressing faster and faster. The Great Ascension machine bloodfiend in a frenzy state could not survive for two hours in Junior Brother’s hands.” Han Feiyu praised.

“Senior brother, I feel like I can fight 1 against 2 now, why don’t we try.” Jian Wuji said suddenly.

“Just try it, I’ll give you a 1 pick 2.” Han Feiyu said and opened the sect internal mall.

When he saw that the material that catalyzed bloodfiend increased tenfold.

“Strange, does the price increase when more people buy it?” Han Feiyu said while placing an order, clicking the confirmation button without trembling.

In the hidden Spirit Sect, Xu Fan, who is in retirement, was approached by excited sand sculptures.

“Senior Brother Sha, you are so excited. Could it be that you have developed a new universal alloy formula?” Xu Fan said with interest.

“The Great Elder guessed right, but there is only one last link left.” Sand Sculpture said excitedly.

“What part?” Xu Fan, who was lying on the reclining chair, sat up.

He really pays more attention to the sand sculpture project.

“A high-quality large-scale fairy artifact furnace, when the time comes, can fuse all the fairy-level spirit ore into this universal fairy alloy.” Sand Sculpture said excitedly.

Then took out a jade slip and stuffed it to Xu Fan, and began to explain his idea.

“Just extract the essence of those Immortal Qi spirit ore, in…” The sand sculpture said faster and faster.

Xu Fan’s eyes began to appear in the Dao scriptures, deducing the method of the sand sculpture in a special space.

As the sand sculpture explained, Xu Fan’s expression became more and more serious, and finally began to evolve by himself.

Several pieces of the most common fairy spirit spirit ore appeared in Xu Fan’s hands, and then he refined the universal alloy according to the method described by the sand sculpture.

As a result, the first step is stuck.

According to cultivation world, that is, the Shenhuo level is not high enough to fully smelt this alloy.

(End of this chapter)

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