My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 867

Chapter 867 Han Feiyu’s innate talent

Xu Fan is gone, Ming Kong is still thinking about that sentence in his mind.

“Great Elder, really the Holy Human Race.” Mingkong praised.

He suddenly had some regrets about accepting the 2000 immortal jade from the Great Elder.

Compared to the behavior of the Great Elder, it seems so despicable.

So Ming Kong decided to unify the half price in the future to show his admiration for the Great Elder.

In the deepest part of the extreme sky, a black silhouette respectfully handed the space fairy full of spirit ore to Xu Fan.

Xu Fan glanced at the spirit ore in the space fairy, nodded with satisfaction.

“Yes, this time is very efficient.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Grapes control the giant tree, twice as efficient as before, and even faster if destructively mined.” The black silhouette said respectfully.

The giant tree at this time is equivalent to the incarnation of grapes.

“Don’t worry too much, sect spirit ore is enough for now, no need for destructive mining.”

“As you bid.”

Xu Fan waved his hand, and a Void Transmission Gate appeared.

In the underground space of Yinling Island, Xu Fan put the space fairy full of spirit ore into the source world.

I just came across the Disciple that came back from the spirit ore in Nanshan.

“Meet the Great Elder.” The hidden Spirit Sect Disciple saluted.

“How fast is the collection of spirit ore there?” Xu Fan asked while looking at the space Dao Item in Disciple’s hand.

“The collection of spirit ore is very fast over there. Disciple will go to Nanshan Realm every half month.”

“It’s good that you don’t play tricks over there.” Xu Fan nominates .

“According to the Great Elder’s list, 10% has been delivered, and in another 80 years, all the fairy spirits on the list will be delivered as scheduled.” The Disciple then said.

“Okay, if there is any abnormality in the delivery over there, report it to me in time.” Xu Fan urged.

“As you order, Great Elder.”

The Disciple left after finishing speaking.

Xu Fan walks in the source world, after so many years of construction and investment.

The source world has become the core and safest area of the hidden Spirit Sect.

Walking, Xu Fan came to the tree of all things area.

At this time, the tree of all things has reached the giant tree of hundred zhang, with luxuriant branches and leaves, and the whole tree of all things is full of jewels.

Trunks and leaves have changed in the direction of jade.

A group of sect disciples lined up in front of the tree of all things.

Seeing Xu Fan coming over, I hurriedly saluted.

At this time, Han Feiyu walked out of it with a smile on his face.

After seeing Xu Fan, he hurried to Xu Fan’s side.

β€œMeet Ancestor Master ~” Han Feiyu said respectfully.

“Since you met, just walk with me and chat.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

He sees Han Feiyu’s thoughtfulness, which means perfection.


Under the envious eyes of Disciple in the queue, Han Feiyu followed Xu Fan and left.

“This tree of all things can grow to such a size now, you have contributed.”

Han Feiyu has really fertilized the tree of all things in these years.

“There are many opportunities for disciples and grandchildren, and there is no shortage of immortal jade Spirit Stone.”

“There used to be empty immortal jade Spirit Stone, which could not strengthen the disciples and grandchildren, but now there is a tree of all things. , just solved the urgent needs of the disciple and grandson.” Han Feiyu said with a smile.

“Indeed, the tree of all things is a perfect match for your chance.”

“You have used the tree of all things to pile up your sword dao aptitude to the top, if you impose other innates like this If you are talented, your inner core, that is, the soul True Spirit, may not be able to bear it.” Xu Fan looked at Han Feiyu indifferently said.

Han Feiyu immediately became nervous when he heard Xu Fan’s words.

“There is a certain number in the sky, too perfection is not a good thing.”

“Master Ancestor, why is this?” Han Feiyu asked, putting his own Sword dao aptitude uses the tree of all things to add to the innate talent of other avenues when it can’t be added.

He wants to be a person like Xu Fan who is proficient in all things and understands the truth of the world.

β€œHave you seen the scene of my Transcending Tribulation.”

Han Feiyu nods.

“If you add your innate talent, you will face Thunder Tribulation like that. Do you have the confidence to get through it?” Xu Fan asked with a smile.

Han Feiyu shuddered at the thought of the Xu Fan Transcending Tribulation scene.

The Thunder Dragon World Destroying Might can’t get through even if he gives him 10 lives, even if there are too many immortal weapons, his spiritual power and mind will always be exhausted.

“The higher your innate talent is, the more Heavenly Dao in this world will value you.”

“The more luck you have on your shoulders, the more you feel uncomfortable now. Come out, because the sect is protecting you.”

β€œOnce you leave the sect, you will feel it over time,” Xu Fan reminded.

Xu Fan wanted to find a chance to tell Han Feiyu these words, but now that he met, he said it in advance.

“My disciple understands, many thanks to Master Ancestor’s teaching.” Han Feiyu saluted and said with a clear comprehension in his eyes.

After he topped up the sword dao’s innate talent, and then used the tree of all things to add other innate talent, deep in one’s heart felt hollow.

The feeling of emptiness is very weak, and I only feel it in retrospect.

“I told you so much, I just want you to change your thinking, don’t just think about enhancing your innate talent, but also increase your destiny and soul.” Xu Fan said leisurely.


Han Feiyu doesn’t understand a little, doesn’t the Ancestor Master mean that it is too full and vulnerable, and the power of luck cannot withstand it.

β€œDidn’t I remind you all, soul, luck and Heavenly Dao are concerned.”

β€œIf you want to add innate talent, you need to strengthen your own merit and luck. , and also reduce Heavenly Dao’s attention.”

“Also let its own luck and cause and effect not spread to others.”

“At present you put these points After it’s done, there shouldn’t be much problem with adding aptitude to it,” said Xu Fan.

“Then can I add innate talent to the level of Ancestor Master.” Han Feiyu asked suddenly expectantly.

He was relieved to know that it was because he didn’t think carefully that he felt that emptiness.

“You try it, it will be difficult, after all, innate talent has no upper limit, and the tree of all things has an upper limit.” Xu Fan said.

“Disciple understands.” Han Feiyu said gratefully.

Xu Fan nodded, then waved gently.

A crystal clear and near-transparent, jade-like leaves of all things appeared in Xu Fan’s hands.

Finally transformed into a sapphire-colored ring.

“This is a ring to reduce Heavenly Dao’s attention. There is also a trace of Heavenly Dao Will’s origin in it. He can protect you in Intermediate Thousand Worlds from being too outstanding by Heavenly Dao Will’s attention.”

One gets the benefit, but the price has been paid , this ring consumes a small half of the original energy of the tree of all things, but Xu Fan believes that it will be recovered soon.

“many thanks to Ancestor Master, but this thing can be exchanged for immortal jade.” Han Feiyu took the ring and said gratefully.

“No amount of immortal jade can be exchanged for you. This is what I exchanged for you with the source of the tree of all things.” Xu Fan said.

Xu Fan left, Han Feiyu was still moved, at this moment he felt warmer than usual in the sect.

As soon as he returned to the small courtyard, Xu Fan met Li Xuandao.

“Master, Disciple is about to ascend to the Immortal Realm ahead of schedule.” Li Xuandao said with some reluctance.

“Is there something important that must be ascended to the Immortal Realm?” Xu Fan asked.

β€œAfter ascending the Great Thousand Worlds, the recipe needs to go to other Great Thousand Worlds to retrieve some things.”

(End of this chapter)

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