My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 868

Chapter 868 The Eight-Month Biography Dao Insight

“It happens that the Immortal Realm of Muyuan is not far from the Immortal Realm where I have hidden things.”

“When I get it back , it is estimated that the sect will also reach the fairyland.” Li Xuandao said.

He couldn’t help but have some emotions in his heart. He thought that this life had been stabilized, that he could be reincarnated quickly after becoming True Immortal, and his last life would be Golden Immortal.

I never thought, I started with a huge thigh.

As long as you follow your master thighs, Golden Immortal seems like a small problem.

“There are all the Spirit Treasures that I have collected since I ascended to True Immortal in my previous seven lifetimes.”

“There is also a luck fairy weapon, which is to be taken back and presented as a gift. Give sect.” Li Xuandao looked at Xu Fan with sincere admiration.

No matter what the master thinks about his thighs, he has already regarded Xu Fan as the real master.

Desperately want to hold this thigh tightly, hold it sincerely.

“Go ahead, since it’s the plan of the previous life, I won’t stop you.”

A small Transmission Formation appeared in front of Li Xuandao.

Three celestial tools, one shoe, one shield, and one Spirit Bead, are all excellent tools for escape.

“You have experience in previous lifetimes, so I won’t say much as a teacher. Take these three fairy weapons and take good care of them.” Xu Fan said softly.

Li Xuandao saw the three immortal artifacts, and the corners of his eyes became moist.

Since the time of cultivation, I have been intriguing and plotting every possible way, just for the slightest possibility of achieving Golden Immortal.

The warmth that was only felt in the mother tens of thousands of years ago is also felt in the master.

“After the Disciple comes back, may he serve the master forever!” Li Xuandao knelt down and kowtowed.

“It doesn’t have to be like this, you and I have the fate of master and disciple, you will never leave me or give up.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

At this time, a space ring appeared in Xu Fan’s hand.

“You went to the fairyland just to help me with an errand. I gave you this space ring to the Third Senior Brother.”

Xu Fan felt that he had to give that good discipline in Warm Countryside Some support, just spending the money of the daughter-in-law, is not a long-term solution.

“Follow your orders, Master.” Li Xuandao assured.

“Let’s go, see you in the immortal world.”

Three days later, an immortal gate appeared on the huge lake of hundreds of thousands li, and the immortal jade platform stretched directly to the foot of Li Xuandao.

After kneeling three times and nine times in the direction of the hidden Spirit Sect, Li Xuandao stepped onto the fairy jade platform and entered the fairy gate.

In the underground space, Xu Fan watched the endless spirit ore enter the large fairy furnace.

After the ultimate fusion and forging of Shenhuo, plus the special alloy primer made by sand sculpture.

A piece of fairy alloy with the same shape comes out from another outlet of the large fairy furnace.

“It’s running normally, and it’s a little more efficient than expected, thanks to the Great Elder’s superb refining technique and the ratio of Immortal Formation.” The sand sculpture said with a smile.

“It’s fine if it works, thanks to Senior Brother Sha’s ideas.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

According to the latest calculation of Grape, it only takes 480 years to complete the refining upgrade of the entire Yinling Island.

Xu Fan asked the grapes to take out some special spirit ore, and he was going to make a fairy furnace for the sand sculpture.

In the underground space Refiner Palace, the sand sculpture watched Xu Fan smelting spirit ore excitedly.

“Senior Brother Sha, do you have any other requirements?”

“If not, I will start fixing the spirit ore.” Xu Fan said.

“If possible, can you add a Shenhuo core to it.” The sand sculpture said a little sorry.

In fact, the spirit fire he currently holds is enough for him, but as the Great Grandmaster, a scientific research tool, he has to have some things to match with his own noodles.

“What’s wrong with this? Song Ming bought two kinds of divine fire cores from Chunhua Chamber of Commerce.”

“Earth core fireworks and Dongli fireworks, which one do you want.” Xu Fan asked with a smile.

“Dongli Shenhuo has relatively peaceful characteristics and is suitable for studying some spirit ore alloys.” Sand sculpture Hehe said, thinking that he would have a fairy furnace for himself, and he was all excited.


A small Transmission Formation appeared at Xu Fan’s hand, and the grapes teleported the Dongli Shenhuo core in the treasure house.

“It takes 8 months to refine the fairy artifact furnace. Third Senior Brother, go back and rest, and I will send it to you when the refining is finished.” Xu Fan said while fusing the fairy artifact spirit ore.

Phoenix Shenhuo is extremely smooth and smooth in the hands of Xu Fan, as if a sword dao Great Grandmaster is using an iron sword, and various moves have reached the limit that the iron sword can bear.

“No, I’m here to watch the Great Elder refine the immortal artifact, and chat with the Great Elder by the way.”

The sand sculpture didn’t want to leave, he wanted to watch his own Fairy step by step molding.


So, Xu Fan chatted with the sand sculpture while refining the fairy furnace.

“The sect is about 400 years away from the immortal world. Do you want to bring your daughter-in-law and family?” Xu Fan asked with concern.

“I’ll discuss this with them. I want them to fly with me to the immortal realm with the sect, but based on what I’ve known about them for many years, I don’t think they’ll go with me.” Sand Sculpture said.

“That should leave them with enough cultivation resources, at least to ensure that they can fly to the Immortal Realm.” Xu Fan said.

“Many thanks to the kindness of the Great Elder, father and younger sister are both Alchemist Grandmasters, and there will be no shortage of resources.” Sand Sculpture said.

“That’s fine~”

Xu Fan chatted while refining the weapon, and eight months passed in a blink of an eye.

These eight months are also the happiest eight months for Sand Sculpture.

Because Xu Fan had no topic to chat with Sand Sculpture, he used Dao scriptures to enhance Sand Sculpture’s perception and explained Refiner Dao for him.

The Refiner Dao, from deep to shallow, from thick to thin, from complex to simple, repeatedly explained the sand sculpture biography.

It makes the sand sculpture feel like he can now control the spirit fire to refine the fairy.

After the sand sculpture got the fairy furnace, it quickly closed down to digest Refiner Dao’s insights during this time.

Attempts to become the Great Grandmaster of serious refiners.

3 months later, the sand sculpture looked at the newly refined Dao Item Spirit Sword in a bit of disappointment.

“Why is it different from what I thought, it’s so hard to train this Dao Item Spirit Sword.” Sword, could not help being deeply sighed.


“It feels good to rest after work.”

A calm boat floats on the huge lake of hundreds of thousands li, Xu Fan was lying on the lonely boat, looking at Xiong Er’s clouds in the sky.

“Master, Yuzhou, who went out to probe, is back.” Grape’s voice sounded.

“Have you found anything~”

Xu Fan squinted his eyes and basked in the sun.

“I discovered a newly formed Intermediate Thousand Worlds, the Great Dao Law has just been established, and the strongest alien race in it is only the Invincible Realm.” Grape said.

“What’s special about it?”

“There are a lot of different races in the Intermediate Thousand Worlds, and it is very advocating for body refinement.”

“Except for mining spirit ore Besides, it has no value,” Grape said.

“If there is no accident, Mingkong should be here soon.” Xu Fan sat up and said.

β€œThe Great Elder is in good spirits, and a slanted boat floats on this huge lake of hundred thousand li, with the wind and at will.”

(End of this chapter)

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