My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 872

Chapter 872 Four-armed Shinra

Han Feiyu and Jian Wuji quickly returned to the sect and grabbed the task quota at a very fast speed.

“We really signed up!” Jian Wuji said in surprise.

β€œThis registration is limited, only Disciples with profound Good Fortune and good luck can apply.”

β€œThe entire section is not more than 10 eligible, of which Just the two of us.” Han Feiyu said with a smile.

Said that he may not recognize others, but Good Fortune is so deep that this label is almost posted on his forehead for others to see.

The whole sect knows that Han Feiyu has many opportunities and is the richest among the sect disciples.

“Heavenly Pregnant Beast, it is estimated that Xu Shibo asked for it.” Jian Wuji (the female is also called Shibo, and the pork has been checked.)

“With the Heavenly Pregnant Beast, it is estimated that Some strange things will happen later.” said Han Feiyu, who had seen the Divine Ability that Xu Yuexian had recently learned in the sect Hidden Scripture Pavilion, and the name alone felt a little perverted.

“As long as my uncle doesn’t harm us, it’s fine.” Jian Wuji said with a smile.

Those who received the mission were asked to gather at the dojo under the main peak.

Xiong Li, Li Leihu, Han Feiyu, Jian Wuji, Shadow Thorn, a total of 5 Disciples received the task.

β€œEldest Senior Brother, when are we leaving?” Li Leihu asked.

“Wait for Master Xu Peak to come over, we will set off together in the Yuzhou that went out to explore.” Xiong Li said.

He was picked for this mission purely because capturing the Celestial Beast requires a body refinement powerhouse.

In this way, it is not easy to hurt the beast.

β€œWhy is Senior Brother Qian not with Eldest Senior Brother.” Han Feiyu asked, usually the two of them are inseparable.

“That kid is still ordering Star Realm to encircle and suppress bloodfiend, and he won’t be able to make it in a while.” Xiong Li said.

At this moment, several people suddenly felt the earth shake.

Then found a giant beast, a crystal wolf with a height of only 30 feet, outside the arena.

Xu Yuexian sat cross-legged on the head of the crystal wolf.

“When everyone’s here, let’s go with me~” Xu Yuexian sat cross-legged on the wolf’s head and said while looking at a few people.

Several people felt the imposing manner of the Great Ascension Realm on the crystal wolf giant beast, and couldn’t help but have some doubts. Some time ago, wasn’t this little wolf still breastfeeding?

“In order to catch the beast, I used Time Acceleration to cultivate it.” Xu Yuexian said with a smile.

“Yuzhou has docked on the huge lake of hundreds of thousands li, you follow me.” After Xu Yuexian finished speaking, the crystal wolf giant beast catapulted to start, flew into the sky and then teleported directly to the huge lake of hundreds of thousands li. outside.

Several people looked at each other, and then directly followed space fluctuation to teleport.


In Star Domain, Wan Xingzhou is moving fast in the direction of Flying Feather Realm.

On the Wanxingzhou, there is a four-armed Demon Race whose strength has been sealed, looking at the Star Domain outside with a face of humiliation.

“There is such a vast Heaven and Earth outside the world, and the existence in this world can really suppress me at will.” The four-armed Demon Race’s tone was extremely unwilling.

“Why don’t you give us more time for the four-armed Demon Race, just give me another 5,000 years, no! Just give me another 3,000 years, and I’ll have a chance to fend off the race.”

Four-armed Shinra is the strongest being in the four-armed Demon Race, just when he intends to make a grand plan to unify that chaotic world.

A group of powerhouses named Human Race suddenly came to their world.

Just at first, the strongest Human Race can barely tie him.

Then the group of Human Race powerhouses also retreated, he didn’t care, but didn’t expect a stronger presence after a few years.

Four-armed Shinra wanted to bring his own race together with the Human Race powerhouse perish to defend the glory of the four-armed Demon Race.

But who knows, when he concentrates the strongest existence in the race and charges against Human Race.

The mysterious Human Race just stretched out a hand lightly.

At that moment he felt the sky falling and he and his clansman were all casually crushed by the Human Race powerhouse.

“Follow me back and serve a powerhouse, and your whole clan will survive.”

“If not, your four-armed Demon Race will not exist.”


“You four-armed Demon Race, it is your choice whether to live or die.”

The indifferent eyes of the four-armed Shinra influence the Human Race powerhouse know that in the Human Race powerhouse The eyes are only the ants themselves, and there is no right to choose.

The last Human Race powerhouse picked out the 20,000 Clansman with the highest cultivation base from the four-armed Demon Ape Clan, and rushed out of the world on a giant boat.

Because of his cultivation base, he is sealed, so there is no harm. He is also the leader of the four-armed Demon Race, so he can roam in the public area of Wanxingzhou.

An Elder Council number Elder walked up to Four-Armed Shinra.

β€œLooking at your expression just now, you seemed a little unconvinced.” Elder Council serial number, Elder laughed.

“No, no, I just feel bad luck.” Four-armed Shinra said quickly, now that the life of his own race is in the other’s hands, he is not as domineering as he used to be.

“Let me tell you, the one who suppressed you with one hand is the elder who is number one in our Elder Council, whose name is Ming Kong.”

“The one he made you serve. powerhouse, is the most powerhouse of our Flying Feather Realm, a powerhouse with a benevolent heart.” Elder said with a smile.

“Slave us, do you have kindness?” Four-armed Shinra couldn’t help asking.

“I’m still not convinced, let me tell you something we encountered at Human Race some time ago.”

“That Zhongtian world is called Point Star Realm, and there is a supreme powerhouse “…” The serial number Elder was very bland, and recounted what happened to the Star Realm Human Race.

Although his tone was flat, he was shocked by the sweat of the four-armed Shinra.

He asked fearfully: “Without any hatred, the bloodfiend clan directly devoured an entire Human Race!!” Four-armed Shinra’s tone was extremely frightened.

“That’s right, because at that time, the bloodfiend family was strong and the Human Race was weak.”

“The most powerhouse of our Flying Feather Realm was accidentally teleported to the Star Realm. , angered the three Bloodfiend Races, and then killed all the powerhouses above the Integration Realm in the entire Bloodfiend Race.”

“Now we Flying Feather Realm are all working together to encircle and suppress the remaining bloodfiends.” Elder said softly.

“Bloodfiend Race is still like this. Isn’t it a kind of happiness to be enslaved by the four-armed Demon Race, which is even worse than an ant in front of the Human Race?” said the serial number Elder.

“I see.” Four-armed Shinra sighed, the weak have no right to choose.

At this moment, the Flying Feather Realm in the distance came into view of the four-armed Shinra.

“Your world is much stronger than mine.” There was a weakness in the tone of Four Arms Shinra.

“Don’t feel emotional about this, you still think about how to behave when you see the supreme powerhouse later.”

“His attitude towards you is related to your family Attitude,” said Elder Council serial number Elder.

“many thanks reminder~” Four-armed Shinra said thanks.

“It’s all to prevent you from being rude in front of that supreme powerhouse.”

“It doesn’t matter whether I thank you or not, you just need to remember one thing, you four-armed Demon Race’s Fate is in the hands of that supreme powerhouse.”

(End of this chapter)

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