My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 875

Chapter 875 You and I are destined to be the ninth Disciple under the door

Zhang Weiyun took Xu Fan’s arm and watched Xuanqing Venerable step by step to the fairy gate among.

In the cultivation world, the only cultivator who can make him have such resentment and live a comfortable life is Venerable Xuanqing who runs around the cultivation world with his wife and daughter all day long.

The key is that I can’t say that my daughter-in-law has been accepted as a discipline by Venerable Xuanqing since she was a child.

At that time, it was considered a high level. Disciple and his master, it is also necessary to roam the cultivation world.

“Go to Immortal Realm, Weiyun will leave it to me at ease.” Xu Fan waved at Venerable Xuanqing, who took one step and turned back three times.

He has already thought of a better life in the future, and now he is still a little excited.

Just when Venerable Xuanqing is about to enter the fairy gate.

A woman in fairy armor suddenly walked out of it.

The woman looked at Xu Fan indifferently, and finally turned her attention to Zhang Weiyun.

“You and me are destined to be my ninth Disciple.”

The illusory voice of the woman seems to come from the depths of ancient times.

Only at this moment, Xu Fan felt that a side World was instantly suppressed, and time was frozen in a special space.

It’s as if the entire Flying Feather Realm has been pulled into another dimension where there is no concept of time.

The woman wearing Battle Armor waved gently, Zhang Weiyun seemed to fly towards the sky uncontrollably.

Zhang Weiyun’s whole body was unable to move, only his eyes revealed fear of the unknown and reluctance to leave Xu Fan.

“Senior, being a disciple is what you love and I want.”

“It’s too much for you to take my wife as a disciple so forcefully!”

Xu Fan stepped out, his eyes filled with anger.

I finally met my daughter-in-law, but before my hands were warm, I was about to be taken away by another powerhouse.

Tigers don’t show their power, you treat me as Hello Kitty!

This space has no concept of time, Xu Fan stepped out, and the cultivation progress has reached True Immortal Realm.

For a time, various avenues manifested behind Xu Fan.

This invisible force anchored Zhang Weiyun in the sky, trying to pull her back to Xu Fan.

The woman in the fairy armor just looked at Xu Fan indifferently, unemotional.

The Great Dao Phenomenon behind Xu Fan completely collapsed, and his body was bent slightly by an inexplicable pressure.

All these efforts were suppressed by the fairy armor woman with one glance.

“It’s not over yet!”

Xu Fan took another step against the pressure, the long river of time and space appeared behind him, the cultivation base directly entered the Golden Immortal stage, and the imposing on his body manner is still on the rise.

I saw a huge illusory shadow behind Xu Fan standing in the long river of time and space.

illusory shadow stared at the fairy armoured woman lightly, with Heaven and Earth in her eyes.

I saw him slowly lift one foot to leave the long river of time and space.

“I won’t hurt your wife~”

The fairy armoured woman raised her hand lightly and directly pulled Zhang Weiyun to her side.

Then we will enter the fairy gate.

“Don’t go!!” Xu Fan said angrily, one of the feet of the illusory shadow behind him was about to step out of the long river of time and space.

But the subsequent actions of the fairy armor woman made all Xu Fan’s efforts in vain.

I saw that the entire Flying Feather Realm instantly returned to the original space, but at this moment, the power of the system went online, directly pressing Xu Fan back to the original realm.

Between Heaven and Earth calmed down, Venerable Xuanqing disappeared, and so did Zhang Weiyun.

Looking at the immortal gate that has dissipated more than half, Xu Fan felt powerless for the first time.

He stared blankly towards the sky.

After a long time, the anger and powerlessness in my heart all turned into a sigh.

“Is my daughter-in-law so fragrant? I want to accept her as a discipline one after another.”

“I don’t even have a warm hand, you should wait for a while before appearing again. Ya!”

Xu Fan took out a small book while talking, looked at the Five Clawed Golden Dragon on the cover, and added another page to him.

Then the cover was condensed with spiritual power. A woman with a blurred face and wearing immortal armor stood in front of the immortal gate, next to her daughter-in-law who was sealed by her.

The Way of Destiny manifests a complex form behind Xu Fan, surrounded by endless avenues of scriptures revolving around the manifested form of the Way of Destiny.

There are countless fairy blessings on its appearance.

And a lot of merit and luck condensed into a base, which appeared at the bottom of the manifestation of the way of destiny.

The Dao of Destiny manifested and began to spin madly, and the scriptures of the Dao’s scriptures, Xianwen, and the base of merit and luck also began to exert force.

Xu Fan is to deduce the cause and effect behind his daughter-in-law and the location.

“If you can’t get it back, you have to know where your daughter-in-law is.” Xu Fan said through gritted teeth.

But then, the Destiny Avenue Xianxian Manifestation seemed to have reached a critical point, and it exploded directly, turning into stars and dissipating in the air.

“At least the existence of the Great Firmament or above shielded Weiyun’s destiny.”

After some investigations to no avail, Xu Fan returned to the hidden Spirit Sect in a depressed mood.

As soon as Xu Fan returned to the hidden Spirit Sect, he plunged into the underground space.

“Grapes, the speed of collecting the spirit ore is doubled. After 300 years, the entire hidden Spirit Sect will go to the fairyland.” Xu Fan instructed.

Now he thought of a sentence, that is, all anger comes from lack of strength.

“What’s wrong?” No. 1 Avatar looked at Xu Fan and said, he felt something was wrong with his real body.

“When Weiyun’s master ascended, a fairy armor woman appeared from her fairy gate, and took Weiyun away with the Supreme to the expert section.”

Xu Fan He took out the small book and let No. 1 and No. 2 look at the cover, and they all understood in an instant.

“I will refine and upgrade the Yinling Island with you, and strive to ascend to the Immortal Realm within 300 years.”

“After arriving in the Immortal Realm, I want to improve my strength as soon as possible to find Weiyun. “Xu Fan said.

“You really…” Avatar No. 1 said before he could speak.

β€œLet’s get to work~” Xu Fan clapped his hands and said.

At this time, under the notice of grapes, click Star Realm, Bloodfiend Realm, Nanshanjie, and start mining the spirit ore.

All Disciples of the Hidden Spirit Sect have received the news that the sect will ascend to the Immortal Realm within 300 years, so be prepared in advance.

At the same time, Disciples discovered that the Great Elder, who used to like to hang out in the sect and had nothing to do fishing, disappeared.

According to the gossip, the Great Elder is refining and upgrading the Hidden Spirit Island so that he can ascend to the fairyland as soon as possible.

Although they didn’t know the inside story, Disciples also felt an inexplicable sense of crisis.

So the entire sector began to accelerate cultivation in a strange atmosphere.

There has always been a legend in the Hidden Spirit Sect that when the Great Elder gets down to business, it proves that the sect is facing a crisis they don’t know about.

In this situation, the only thing you can do is to work hard on cultivation, and in the future, you can stand up to the hidden Spirit Sect.

In the underground space, Xu Gang, Li Xingci, and Zhou Kailing looked towards Xu Fan with some distress.

The master actually started to work on his own, that must have been something bad happened.

“Master, the Disciple is incompetent, unable to relieve the Master’s worries.” Xu Gang knelt down and said with several other Disciples.

Looking at the calm expression, Xu Gang knew that something must have happened to the major event, otherwise the master would not be like this.

(End of this chapter)

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