My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 878

Chapter 878 Unknown Star Domain

In the Star Domain, a Yuzhou is heading towards the small Intermediate Thousand Worlds at high speed.

Han Feiyu and Jian Wuji sit cross-legged in a small dojo by the window.

“We Ancestor Masters have been working hard for more than 20 years,” Jian Wuji said.

Han Feiyu nod


Due to Xu Yuexian’s reasons, their mission has been postponed for 20 years, and now the little Intermediate Thousand Worlds has determined the location of the beast, and then started to continue this mission.

Some of the news in the sect, they have also heard.

“Combined again, with the calm expression on Xu Shibo’s return, our Ancestor Master must have encountered a major event.”

“Unfortunately, our strength is too weak, we can’t help Why are you busy with Ancestor Master.” Jian Wuji’s tone was a little lonely.

“Yeah~” Han Feiyu is also sighed.

A problem that would give them Ancestor Master headaches, they certainly couldn’t solve.

Han Feiyu saw the scene in the Star Domain through the empty Formation on the wall of the ship. Although he really wanted to help Master Ancestor, he didn’t know what difficulties Master Ancestor encountered?

I don’t know what to give.

β€œDon’t think about it so much, we have hidden Spirit Sect for so many years, and nothing can beat Master Ancestor.” Han Feiyu said.

At this time, Xu Yuexian was looking towards the direction of the Smaller Thousand Worlds on the spaceship deck, and his heart was very complicated.

“must catch the beast of the beast, and cultivate the beasts handed down from the cultivation master.”

“There is only so much I can do.”

Xu Yuexian said sighed.

“Grape, let Yuzhou speed up with all his strength, go to the Little Intermediate Thousand Worlds as soon as possible, and catch the beasts that are pregnant as soon as possible.” Xu Yuexian instructed.

“As per your order~”

“Please go back to the Yuzhou, and it is best to speed up in the cabin.” Grape’s voice sounded.

Xu Yuexian turned and returned to the cabin.

Then the entire Yuzhou began to accelerate at full speed.

At this point, the space energy somewhere in the Star Domain began to scramble.

The spaceship that Xu Yuexian was on just flew into it and started preparing for Space Jump in that area.

The huge Yuzhou disappeared instantly and appeared in an unknown Star Domain.

“Warning warning, step into the unfamiliar Star Domain, stop sailing, stop sailing!”

The sound of grapes suddenly sounded in the entire spaceship.

“What’s wrong?”

“What’s wrong?” said Xu Yuexian frowned.

“Heavenly Stars Revolution is on the wrong track. It has stepped into an unknown Star Domain and is currently deducing the area where it is located, which is a distance from Flying Feather Realm.” Grape replied.

β€œHow long will it take~” Xu Yuexian asked.

“For three days, Yuzhou needs to make a rotating trajectory around this center in order to better deduce the area where it is located.” Grape said.

Xu Yuexian has a trace of Grape Source Power, equivalent to 1% of Grape’s own computing power and logic ability.

“Okay~” Xu Yuexian said noddingly.

At this time, the other Disciples who followed in the hidden Spirit Sect felt something was wrong.

All came to Xu Yuexian.

“Master Xu, why did Yuzhou stop?” Xiong Li asked first.

“According to Grape, Yuzhou just encountered space turbulence during Space Jump, which led to the teleportation to the unfamiliar Star Domain. The location is currently being deduced, and the answer will be available in three days.” Xu Yuexian said.

“You go back to rest first, and I will tell you about the news in three days.”

The few Spirit Sect Disciple nods returned to their rooms.

Three days later, when Grape told Yuzhou where he was, Xu Yuexian was in a bad mood.

“It will take 200 years to get back to Flying Feather Realm!”

“218 years to be exact, this is still at full speed for Yuzhou.”

“It would take 327 years to sail under normal conditions,” Grape said.

“Is there any way to speed up Yuzhou?” Xu Yuexian asked.

“Currently, Yuzhou’s navigation energy is to absorb the energy in the Star Domain by its own Formation, and extract the Five Elements Essence spiritual power from it to maintain the normal navigation of Yuzhou.”

“Currently, the energy of this Yuzhou is at 80%. If it sails at full speed, it is expected to be exhausted within 30 years.”

“Then it will take five years before it can be filled with Yuzhou energy again. The speed breakthrough limit, you need to add immortal jade or other high-level energy to the psionic chamber to accelerate it.” Grape said.

“How much does it cost to add immortal jade all the way?” Xu Yuexian asked.

“It needs to consume 360,000 immortal jade. It is not recommended, because Yuzhou is likely to collapse at extreme speed.” Grape replied.

β€œHow much immortal jade does it take to consume immortal jade at full speed?”

β€œ30,000 immortal jade ~”

Xu Yuexian came to the energy room in Yuzhou , put thirty thousand immortal jade into it without the slightest hesitation.

“Sail at full speed towards Flying Feather Realm, avoiding dangerous places along the way~”

“Follow your orders~”

Yuzhou turned around and headed towards Flying Feather Full speed in the direction of the Realm.

At this point, Xu Yuexian called the Disciples who followed them to his side and explained the situation.

“218 years.” The silent Spirit Sect Disciple fell silent.

This is not very good news for them.

“Master Xu, is there any defense in Yuzhou?” Han Feiyu is most concerned about this issue now. In an unfamiliar and uncontrollable environment, safety must be the first priority.

“There are 100 Yin Power spell shells in the Yuzhou, which can repel True Immortal, and the safety is still guaranteed.” Xu Yuexian said.

There are 100 sheets on Yuzhou, and 500 sheets on her body, all of them are far away, Xu Fan asked her to bring them out, just in case.

“It should be enough~” Han Feiyu felt relieved.

Over the years, he has exchanged a lot of things with the Tree of Everything. Among them, self-protection uses the most disposable consumables, and the strongest one can seriously injure True Immortal.

“Then we will start at full speed now, 200 years is a long time, you can rest assured cultivation.” Xu Yuexian ordered.

“As you order~” said Xiong Li and the others.

Hidden Spirit Sect, in the underground space.

Xu Fan, who was refining the artifact, was suddenly frowned, and then an Avatar was given out to replace him in refining the fairy artifact accessories.

I went to the other side and started to do the math.

“Fu Yun Tianzhao, Divine Beast’s nostalgia, Yuexian has ushered in his chance.” Xu Fan slowly said.

“What’s wrong with Yuexian?” asked Avatar No. 1, who was refining.

“The causal line jumped a bit, and I found that the opportunity from Xu Yuexian had arrived. It is estimated that we will not be able to return to the sect for a while.” Xu Fan said.

“Not bad, after that girl took medicine pill and ruined herself, she finally had her chance to rebuild.” Avatar No. 2 said with a smile.

“Master, the trace of my origin in Xu Yuexian is out of my control.” Grape’s voice sounded.

“It’s fine, it’s not a big problem this time, as long as the thing you carry with your source is fine.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“The things that the master ordered at the beginning are all in that space, and there are many of them.” Grape said immediately.

“That’s good~”

Xu Fan nods and starts to refine the machine.

(End of this chapter)

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