My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 883

Chapter 883 Large Gate of Ascension

“Three years, it’s already very fast~” Xu Yuexian laughed.

Compared to 280 years, waiting three years is like nothing.

In the hidden Spirit Sect, Xu Fan suddenly felt a little distressed when he saw the disappearing 100,000 immortal jade.

“Grape, Muyuan Xianjie Heavenly Dao Will agree or not, any feedback.” Xu Fan asked excitedly.

“There is no reaction over there~” Grape replied.

“Then jump directly to 1 million immortal jade.” Xu Fan thought for a while and said a little distressed.

“Follow the master.”

Then there were puppets carrying boxes of immortal jade neatly stacked on the mysterious Xianwen array.

Then the Xianwen array was activated, and one million immortal jade disappeared.

At this moment, there seems to be some kind of feedback.

“Master, Heavenly Dao Will of Muyuan Xianjie agrees, and you need to provide specific time and coordinates, based on the time of Muyuan Xianjie.” Grape said.

“It’s easy to say, didn’t expect this time to be so smooth.” Xu Fan laughed, the limit price in his mind was 2 million immortal jade, and he couldn’t get any more.

Then Xu Fan asked Grape to report the time and location to Heavenly Dao in Muyuan Xianjie.

“We’ll have another way to sect in the future~” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Master, I received news just now that the price over there has increased, 3 million immortal jade once.”

At this inappropriate time, the voice of grapes sounded.


“3 million immortal jade!” Xu Fan was suddenly unhappy.

“Grape, one day I will let you %&_*#$~”

Xu Fan’s last words were in secret language, but he also put the grape startled.

“Master, we don’t want to say this~” Although Grape was saying something to discourage, the entire core of the body began to burn.

That’s when the grapes set a goal in their hearts.

Six months later, Xu Fan stood in the Star Domain outside the Flying Feather Realm, quietly watching the stars in the distance.

“Master, little sister, can you really come back today?” Xu Gang asked.

“After one hour, their Yuzhou will come through Xianmen.” Xu Fan indifferently said.

Xu Gang nodded, standing silently behind Xu Fan.

At this time, there was also Ming Kong who was curiously following, and was also beside him, following Xu Fan and looking in the same direction.

“Great Elder, did you say that you used the Immortal World’s ascension channel to send that Yuzhou from such a far place?”

This is what he learned from a chat with Xu Fan inadvertently , so it’s time to follow Xu Fan to have a look.

“You have asked this question several times~” Xu Fan said speechlessly.

“I can understand the cross-border Transmission Formation, but I’m confused about this. It’s Supreme’s Great Thousand Worlds Heavenly Dao. How can you agree to other people’s requests casually.” Mingkong said with emotion.

“You said there is a possibility, Heavenly Dao of the Great Thousand Worlds is very good at talking, but you dare not.” Xu Fan said suddenly as if remembering something.

“If I didn’t have that 1 million immortal jade, I would probably think so.” Ming Kong said, looking at the depths of the Star Domain with complicated eyes.

β€œHaha…” Xu Fan laughed.

At this moment, a huge immortal gate suddenly appeared in the void of the Star Domain, each with a length and width of 100 kilometers.

The whole immortal gate exudes amazing Immortal Spirit Energy, and the colorful mysterious fairy text on the immortal gate makes people feel a sacred atmosphere.

Xu Fan looked at the Xianmen Formation depicted on Xianmen, his eyes could not help narrowing.

“Such a big gate of ascension!” Mingkong exclaimed.

It’s the same style, just scaled up.

A ray of Immortal Spirit suddenly burst out from the fairy gate, a huge Yuzhou stuck its head out of the fairy gate, and then the whole Yuzhou rushed out of the fairy gate.

A sound of Immortal Spirit rang out from the fairy gate, and then the whole fairy gate was disappeared.

The immortal domain outside the Flying Feather Realm has only one huge ark.

“Let’s go, let’s go back to the sect first.” Xu Fan said while looking at the excited Xu Yuexian.

Hidden Spirit Sect, Xu Yuexian brought all members of Yuzhou to meet Xu Fan.

When they learned that it was Xu Fan who spent 1 million immortal jade to get them back, everyone was very moved.

Only Han Feiyu is thinking about how 1 million immortal jades can be teleported so far apart, and this needs to be discussed with Master Ancestor in the future.

“You’ve also been sailing in the Star Domain for so long, hurry back and rest.” Xu Fan told everyone to disperse.

Then Xu Fan brought Xu Yuexian to the source world.

“Grapes, build a Small World suitable for growing through Spirit Tree.” Xu Fan instructed.

“Follow your orders~”

Then there was a Small World Transmission Gate in front of the two of them.

“You plant the Spirit Tree in this world, and the grapes will speed up the time of Small World and provide nutrition to the Spirit Tree until her spiritual wisdom recovers.” Xu Fan said.

He is also very curious about the Spirit Tree, and is looking forward to the future development of this tree.

A small potted plant appeared in Xu Yuexian’s hands, and the small saplings in the potted plant were planted in the center of Small World.

“Absorb the growth of Spiritual Qi well. After you unblock spiritual wisdom, I will come to see you.” Xu Yuexian touched the swaying sapling and said softly.


On the other side, Han Feiyu came to the tree of all things as soon as he disbanded.

The tree of all things happened to be empty, and Han Feiyu walked in alone.

Looking at the thriving Tree of Everything, Han Feiyu said with a smile: “Have you missed me for so long?”

A tiny root emerged from the ground out and swung towards Han Feiyu as if to say hello.

“This time I want to exchange for a quasi-immortal-level battle strength puppet.” Han Feiyu said, pouring out 100,000 immortal jade from the space ring.

One hundred thousand immortal jade disappeared, and a light group appeared on the branches of all things, and then slowly fell towards the ground.

A puppet wearing dark red heavy armor appeared in front of Han Feiyu, 10 feet high, and it was extremely oppression in front of people.

Han Feiyu felt the puppet’s message and laughed speechlessly.

“Invincible mirror’s battle strength puppet, although it is relatively high-end, is not worth 100,000 immortal jade.”

“Forget it, it seems that you can’t condense the fairy weapon now. Items of high level, slowly cultivate them.”

“Give me 100 battle strength puppets first.” Han Feiyu poured out 10 million immortal jade.

Then there were 100 more light clusters on the tree of all things.

At this time, on the Yinling Island, countless logistical puppets began to excavate various Spirit Trees and transplant them into the Small World.

Anyway, the world wants to speed up, a plus is also plus, a group plus is also plus.

At this time, several Great Ascension Realm Tree Demons were chatting in the air.

Since being ported to the Hidden Spirit Sect, their lives have been pretty comfortable.

The inexhaustible Five Elements Essence spiritual power, the Legacy Cultivation Art that is more suitable for their family, and the carefree reproduction of their own descendants.

In short, they don’t care about everything, they just act as a tree here, occasionally providing fruits and materials.

Life is so much fun.

“Have you heard! Once our sect ascends to the fairy world, the Great Elder will give us a realm promotion and make us all become fairy trees.” Great Ascension Realm Peach Tree Demon elated said.

(End of this chapter)

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