My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 885

Chapter 885 Love Ignoring~

Li Xingci’s expression instantly became serious, he looked towards the man and asked, “What happened over there! “

“Someone offered a sky-high price in Mingyou Pavilion, asking you to take your senior brother’s life, a full 1 million immortal jade.” The man said.

“Can you know who offered the bounty?”

“Don’t think about it, it must be your brother’s rivals.”

” You must know that Mu Dai Fairy is the daughter of Mu Lei Sage, and she doesn’t know how many True Immortals with powerful support behind her have made her plan.”

β€œIt’s very good to investigate, that is, those few. .” The man said with a smile, he was only responsible for inquiring about the news, and by the way, he could eat a melon.

“We will meet with the outside world again in two days and report his news in time,” Li Xingci said.

“Actually, it’s not necessary. Your senior brother rarely shows up, especially after being wanted.” The man said.

“I’ll add 500 immortal jade to you.”

“Hao Le~”

The man didn’t talk nonsense. After finishing the news, he disappeared and returned to this world. .

Xu Fan, who was hiding the Spirit Sect refiner, heard the news and couldn’t help laughing.

“It’s normal. It’s good with a poor fellow and a rich family’s daughter, the Eldest Young Lady. Of course those expensive Young Masters have to find something.”

“100 Wan immortal jade’s wanted is not a major event, your brother can solve it yourself.” Xu Fan said while Qi Refinement.

“What if…” Li Xingci was still a little worried.

“Don’t worry, True Immortal doesn’t have the strength to take on this task, and there is no Golden Immortal who has no brains to offend a Great Firmament saint.” Xu Fan said leisurely.

“However, you dare to offer me a reward, but I want to talk to them.”

“When will you connect with the people who are in contact with the outside world of Samsara, I will go to the fairy world to see .” Xu Fan said after refining the fairy weapon in his hand.

“Two days later.” Li Xingci said.

“Okay, when the time comes, I’ll come with you.”

Two days later, in the world of reincarnation, Li Xingchi met the ordinary-looking man again.

“There is no special news, your senior brother didn’t go out.”

The man didn’t pay attention when he spoke, and a small seed got into the back of his head from behind. middle.

Li Xingci nodded.

After saying goodbye to Li Xingchi, the man returned to the Immortal Realm of Muyuan.

Suddenly, the seed buried in the man’s Divine Soul sprouts.

“It turns out that this is the fairyland, which is almost as expected.” As if the man had never been to the fairyland, he began to curiously send out his perception probe all around.

At this moment, the man felt a little change in Divine Soul, but he was easily suppressed by him.

“Don’t resist. After I finish my work, I will give you benefits and return your body to you.” The man said to himself.

At this moment, Wang Xiangchi’s communication magic weapon, who was cultivating in Immortal Spirit Secret Realm, suddenly rang.

“You can still receive news in Immortal Realm!”

Wang Xiangchi took out the communication magic weapon in surprise, and finally the surprised expression turned into surprise.

“The master came to see me in the fairy world!!” Wang Xiangchi was excited.

He then found Mu Dai.

“Ma’am, my master has come to see us in Immortal Realm!”

Mu Dai was stunned, then came back to his senses.

“Is the benefactor here, please invite him here~”

Then Xu Fan received a message from Wang Xiangchi.

An ordinary-looking man came to Immortal Spirit Secret Realm in Mudai.

“Right, this is what Immortal Realm should look like.” The man smiled and felt the Immortal Spirit Secret Realm, the amazing Immortal Spirit Energy said.

“Master, you are…” Wang Xiangchi asked.

Wang Xiangchi knew it was the master as soon as he heard this tone.

“I miss you, I borrowed someone else’s body to come and see you~” Xu Fan said with a smile, and then looked towards Mu Dai next to Wang Xiangchi.

“Please take care of my discipline during this time.”

“I am Xiang Chi’s wife, these are the things that should be done.” Mu Dai looked towards Xu Fan’s The eyes are kind of friendly.

The one in front of me is not only the master of my husband, but also my life saving benefactor.

“Master, you didn’t come here when you heard the news that I was wanted.” Wang Xiangchi said that when he was wanted, he had already received the news.

The man nodded said: “I know it’s all right, but just in case, the teacher will come to see you.”

“The master is bothered by the disciple.” Wang Xiangchi bowed his head and said ashamedly.

“I’m bored in the sect, and by the way, I can enjoy the scenery in the fairyland.” The man said with a smile.

“You are now recultivating the sword way, and your aptitude is much better than before. The original cultivation technique Divine Ability is no longer suitable for you.” The man said and took out a few jade plates.

“From now on, you should concentrate on cultivating these Divine Ability.”

Wang Xiangchi took the jade plate.

Afterwards, Mu Dai took Wang Xiangchi and the man to have a meal at Immortal Spirit Secret Realm, and gave up the space to the master and disciple.

“Have you seen the father-in-law of your Great Firmament saint.” The man asked with a smile.

Hearing this, Wang Xiangchi’s expression turned bitter.

“I haven’t seen it, but he knows my existence and asks Dai Er to send me something from time to time.”

The man patted Wang Xiangchi’s shoulder and said solemnly: “First I have wronged you for a while, and I will give you space to work hard for the teacher and your two disciplines.”

“When the time comes, let him know that today you ignore my love, and tomorrow I will let you climb high. I’m sorry.”

Xu Fan suddenly thought of a famous quote from his previous life, and couldn’t help but say it with a smile.

Wang Xiangchi also laughed when he heard his master’s words.

“Master, Disciple will definitely work hard to cultivate, and will not let the master be ashamed in the future.” Wang Xiangchi said firmly.

β€œCultivation still has to work hard.” The man said with a smile.

“I’m relieved to see you are so happy here.”

“I still have something to do for my teacher, so I won’t accompany you for now.” The man said and let Wang Xiangchi sent him out, Immortal Spirit Secret Realm.

Three days later, Wang Xiangchi miraculously discovered that the bounty on him had been withdrawn, and a layer of lock was placed there, and no one was allowed to offer a bounty to him.

“Master, how did you do it!” Wang Xiangchi asked in a message in amazement.

“I cast a spell on them, they will all die if you die.”

After the man returned the message, Divine Soul traveled to the outside world of reincarnation.

At this time, Xu Fan, who was watching the drama with No. 1 and No. 2 while refining the equipment, laughed.

“Since a group of Holy Son chiefs of the Great Influence in the Immortal Realm dare to attack my daughter-in-law’s idea, it is simply courting death.”

“You kind of come back from the Immortal Realm, hurry up and say Tell me what news you brought back from the fairyland.” Avatar No. 2 said curiously.

β€œI just watched looked towards Chi and helped him deal with a little trouble.” Xu Fan laughed.

“In my opinion, you can make Xiang Chi lie flat. With you as the master, there are two other Disciples.”

“Even if it doesn’t cultivate in the future, It can also become the existence of the cream of the crop in the world.” Avatar hehe, No. 2, said.

“The master is great, the discipline is great, and of course you have to be a bit skilled, or others will be unconvinced.” Avatar No. 1 said beside him.

(End of this chapter)

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