My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 886

Chapter 886 White Dragon

Cultivation Xu Yuexian in his Cave Mansion suddenly received a message from Grape, saying that Spirit Tree has recovered spiritual wisdom.

“So fast, how long has Time Acceleration been?” Xu Yuexian asked happily.

“30,000 years, consumes a lot of resources. The Tree Demons with spiritual wisdom that entered with her have all grown to the Great Ascension Realm Peak and were moved out in advance to prevent the breakthrough from reaching the quasi-immortal stage. .” Grape replied.

Xu Yuexian got up and flew towards the entrance of the source world.

When I went to the source world, as soon as I entered the Small World where the Spirit Tree was located, Xu Yuexian saw several Tree Demons from the Great Ascension Realm were following the Spirit Tree class, all of which were about the Great Elder and the sect. great.

As long as you stick to the sect with allegiance to the Great Elder, there is an infinite future.

Xu Yuexian drove away the Tree Demons with a speechless expression, for fear of spoiling the pure Spirit Tree.

At this time, the Spirit Tree has grown to a height of several hundred meters, with luxuriant foliage and Spiritual Qi filling, giving it a feeling like an ancient tree.

“Have you restored your previous spiritual wisdom?” Xu Yuexian asked softly when he walked to the old tree.

A group of spiritual light appeared, and a quiet and elegant woman walked out of it, smiling at Xu Yuexian, her eyes revealing incomparable kindness.

The aura woman gently stepped forward and hugged Xu Yuexian, rubbing her cheek.

“didn’t expect us to meet so soon.” Xu Yuexian said happily.

Passing Spirit Tree gives him a very kind feeling, like his elder sister, although he can’t speak yet.

The aura woman pressed Xu Yuexian’s forehead with her forehead.

At this moment, Xu Yuexian is like traveling through the entire 3,000 Great Worlds, quickly traveling through the endless Star Domain.

She has witnessed the process of the birth and destruction of living beings, as well as the prosperity and destruction of one race after another.

When every creature is born, there is more beauty in her heart.

When every creature dies or is destroyed, there is more sorrow in his heart.

As if it was an instant, but also an era, Xu Yuexian slowly opened his eyes and looked at the woman in front of him.

At this time, she had a very strange feeling that the Spirit Tree had become another incarnation of her.

And she also got the inherited memories of Spirit Tree, and the huge inherited technology was hitting her mind.

The aura woman gently supported Xu Yuexian and let her sit under the Spirit Tree, and then turned into an aura that penetrated into Xu Yuexian’s eyebrows.

It took a hundred years to do this. When Xu Yuexian opened his eyes again, the whole Small World had changed.

β€œGrape, how long have I been under the Spirit Tree.” Xu Yuexian asked.

“In 100 years, Great Elder saw you 10 times, Xu Gang saw you 26 times, and…” Grape reported.

Xu Yuexian Form.” said: “Where is the master now?”

“The master is refining in the underground space

A single-player Transmission appeared in Xu in front of Yuexian.

In the underground space, Xu Fan, who was refining the device, looked at Xu Yuexian who came out of the Transmission Formation, and couldn’t help but feel satisfied.

“That’s right, the path you’re going to take in the future must be clear.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Disciple already knows, many thanks to the master who planned for Disciple.” Xu Yuexian said with emotion, after she got through the Spirit Tree inherited memories, she understood that many things were led by the master behind her, Forcibly plot the Great Dao Path for her.

“This Great Dao Path master has not been passed, and you can only slowly comprehend in the future.” Xu Fan said.

“Master has done enough for Disciple. Please give Disciple some time in the future. Disciple will become the strongest shield for master and sect.” Xu Yuexian’s eyes were hopeful, and there was a strong tone in his tone. confidence.

She combined the inherited memories from the previous Ten Thousand Beasts with the Spirit Tree to her, and directly merged it into the Spiritual One. With the Spirit Tree, she is confident to breed the strongest Spirit Beast in the world.

“My teacher has been looking forward to this day~” Xu Fan’s eyes lit up, and at this moment, he remembered the original intention of accepting the discipline.

Xu Fan waved his hand, and a Transmission Formation appeared in the void.

A golden dragon egg, rising from the Transmission Formation.

“This dragon egg hasn’t hatched for thousands of years. If you take it back and try it, you might get a very strong Dragon Beast.” Xu Fan said.

Xu Yuexian took over the dragon egg.

“Then the discipline will not disturb the master refiner.” Xu Yuexian then saluted and walked away.

“didn’t expect that Tong Spirit Tree is bigger than expected, and I will go to Immortal Realm to find out what this Tong Spirit Tree is from.”

β€œ With the help of Spirit Tree, it is really amazing that people can understand the birth of a spirit.”

Seeing that he is so disciple and finally found his own Great Dao Path, Xu Fan is very happy.

“It’s amazing, let the second child develop for more than 1,000 years, maybe we can completely live the life of a retired veteran.” Avatar No. 2 said.

“You think it’s beautiful, the Yinling Island will not be upgraded, and the top fairy will not be refined~” Avatar No. 1 said with curled lips.

Avatar No. 2 thought for a while, and suddenly said to Xu Fan: “Ontology, suddenly you feel like a real dog~”

“???” Xu Fan.

After Xu Yuexian left the underground space, he first visited Xu Gang, Li Xingci, Zhou Kailing and the others.

Then returned to the Small World in the source world.

The golden dragon egg appeared in Xu Yuexian’s hands.

“I clearly felt an exceptionally strong life force in this dragon egg, why did it take thousands of years for the master to hatch.” Xu Yuexian gently stroked the dragon egg and said.

At this moment, an illusory shadow of True Dragon suddenly sprang out from the golden dragon egg.

The whole body is jade white with six claws. The dragon body contains Heaven and Earth holy Yang Power.

“ao wu ~”

The white dragon phantom roared softly at Xu Yuexian, his voice was a little weak, as if it was suppressed by the power of Heaven and Earth’s luck .

Xu Yuexian analyzed a lot of things from the White Dragon’s roar just now. If this dragon egg alone, then this White Dragon may never come out.

Extend the hand gently, let the illusory shadow of White Dragon lie on the hand.

“Little fellow abandoned by Dragon Clan, I can make you change your form and be reborn in this between Heaven and Earth.”

“But I’m the main one, no I know if you want it or not.” Xu Yuexian said, looking at the illusory shadow of White Dragon in the palm of his hand.

The white dragon phantom looked at Xu Yuexian and then at the golden dragon egg not far away, nodded in his eyes.

Xu Yuexian nods

, then waved lightly.

A few vines tied the golden dragon egg and dragged it into the Spirit Tree.

Then the white dragon phantom in Xu Yuexian’s hands also rushed towards the Spirit Tree.

At this moment, the sound of dragon’s roar sounded faintly above the Spirit Sect.

Xu Fan’s silhouette appeared in Small World. He looked up at the largest light group at the top of the Spirit Tree, and it was the only light group on the Spirit Tree.

“It seems that the golden dragon egg was absorbed by this Spirit Tree.” Xu Fan said.

“Master, I feel that the golden dragon egg in the past was suppressed by Heaven and Earth luck and could not be born in this orthodox way.” Xu Yuexian said beside him.

(End of this chapter)

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