My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 891

Chapter 891 Menghua’s request

Main peak No. 3 small dojo, Xu Fan looked kindly towards his two good disciples and grandchildren.

“Meet Ancestor Master.” Han Feiyu and Jian Wuji said excitedly.

You should know that the small dojo before the main peak No. 5, the Disciple with excellent performance in the top 1000 of the Points List, has a place every three years, and only 10 days at a time.

The two of them received the Ancestor Master preaching here, equivalent to three places for one person for free, which of course excited them.

“Get up.” Xu Fan laughed and said, still looking at the two disciples and grandchildren carefully.

“That’s right, you’ve all made great progress in this period of time. When you reach this level, there’s actually nothing to teach in this world.”

“So this month Time, this Ancestor Master will smooth out the Great Dao Path for you in the future.” Xu Fan said while looking at his two disciples.

Han Feiyu and Jian Wuji suddenly nodded, isn’t that what they want to hear here!

“Let’s talk about you and cultivate the sword way first. Although the branches are different, they are of common origins.”

“Then let’s start with the sword array first~”


Xu Fan said, the entire dojo began to change.

The stars all over the sky appeared on the dojo, exuding a sense of the avenues of the sky.

Then there are endless sword intents, from God.

“Pay attention to the changes between the stars.”

While the two were addicted to the sword intent between the stars, Xu Fan reminded.

He was afraid that the two smelly brats would directly fall into the state of sudden enlightenment and waste this month.

The two hurriedly woke up from their addiction and began to seriously watch the evolution of the stars in the sky.

“Three Thousand Great Daos, endless side paths.”

“If you get one of them, at the end of the cultivation, the path can become the Golden Immortal, and the big road can become the Great Firmament saint.”


With Xu Fan’s voice, the two opened a New World.

A month passed quickly, but the two people who listened to the sermon in Dojo No. 3 changed a lot.

There is a strong spiritual pressure on both of them, and there is a shit-holding expression on their faces. The feeling of wanting to release but not daring makes Xu Fan feel quite funny.

Two small Transmission Formations emerge from the void.

“The land of Transcending Tribulation has been prepared for you, hurry up and go.”

“You will have to practice your concentration in the future, I can’t hold back this feeling. How can I become Supreme Dao in the future.” Xu Fan laughed and said leisurely.

After they bid farewell to Xu Fan, they hurriedly set foot on their own Transmission Formation.

When the two disappeared, Xu Fan smiled and looked the head.

He also wanted to reminisce about the old days with his Feiyu disciple and grandson, and talk about what was in his heart.

“Master, the Spirit Sect Great Elder has come to visit and has been waiting for two days.” The grape’s voice sounded.

“Why is this guy here, please come to the Welcome Hall.” Xu Fan said.

β€œAs you bid.”

In the welcoming hall, the Thousand Spirit Sect Supreme Great Elder is drinking tea.

β€œIsn’t the Supreme Great Elder within the age of ascension?” Xu Fan asked curiously.

The purpose of the Thousand Spirit Sect Supreme Great Elder this time is to say goodbye to Xu Fan.

“Thousands of spirits have advanced to the invincible realm, and it happens that the sect in the fairyland is also short of people.”

“Now that the cultivation world is stable, it is meaningless to spend it here. , it is better to fly to the fairyland ahead of time.” Qian Spirit Sect Supreme Great Elder said.

“Also, staying in a realm for a long time is not conducive to Cultivation, it is better to fly to the immortal world as soon as possible.” Xu Fan said with a nod.

“This is the main reason I’m here to meet the Great Elder.”

A Star Domain compass appears in the hands of the Supreme Great Elder.

“I heard that the Great Elder wanted to smuggle from the Star Domain to the Immortal Realm, and it happened that my sect had a senior in the Immortal Realm who often wandered in the Star Domain.”

“This is what he said. The Star Domain map recorded wherever I went, which marked many places of danger and disaster, I only thought of this thing after thinking of the Great Elder some time ago.”

“Great Elder, I hope to help you.” Qian Spirit Sect Supreme Great Elder said earnestly.

Xu Fan found the lucky compass and said thank you.

When he left, Xu Fan personally delivered it to the door, and he remembered this favor in his heart.

After returning to the small courtyard, Xu Fan looked at the Star Domain compass in his hand and gently input spiritual power to turn on.

Then, the Star Domain map centered on Muyuan Xianjie appeared in the sky, and the location of Flying Feather Realm was also marked in the star map.

Xu Fan couldn’t help feeling a little fortunate when he saw two dangerous places that were separated from each other.

“If this guy really broke in, the Great Firmament would be really hard to save.”

“There are only five locations in the Golden Immortal-level Star Domain giant beast, Golden Immortal level Star Domain giant beast. There are eight dangerous places that Immortal can’t save.” Xu Fan touched the chin, he had never felt so many dangers in the Star Domain before.

“Grape, take the data in this star map into account and re-plan the route.” Xu Fan said.

“As you order, master.”

In the underground space, Xu Fan joined the team of refining tools again.

“Why don’t you rest for a while.” Avatar No. 2 next to him asked with a smile.

“There is no good place to rest, upgrade the Yinling Island as soon as possible, and go fishing in the fairyland as soon as possible.” Xu Fan said.

“Haha, it’s rare for you to have such an awareness.”

Avatar No. 1 laughed and threw a jade slip at Xu Fan.

“This was something I stumbled upon to double the speed of a sect in the Star Domain with just a few changes to the external guardian array,” Avatar No. 1 said.

Xu Fan took the jade slip and looked at it carefully, and couldn’t help but praise: “It’s amazing!”

“With the blessing of this Space Array, the speed of Yinling Island is not only faster, When you encounter a critical situation, you can also limit the Space Jump to escape from danger.”

“No. 1 did a good job, I want to reward you, what do you want?” Xu Fan’s tone was a little excited.

“Do you know about my discipline who only knows how to forge irons?”

“Teach him when you’re free, I’ve received the hidden Spirit Sect and haven’t finished master yet. I haven’t taught him well.”

“It can be regarded as your honorary disciple anyway, just give some pointers when you have nothing to do.” Avatar No. 1 said.

“That’s all, nothing else?” Xu Fan asked in confusion.

“Then I and No. 2 want to rest for several decades, you agree.” No. 1 Avatar squinted at Xu Fan and said.

“Haha, isn’t it just teaching the discipline, it’s a piece of cake.” Xu Fan quickly said with a smile.

You can do anything now, as long as you don’t delay the progress of the project.

No. 1 Avatar rolled his eyes at Xu Fan, and then started his life of making tools while watching dramas.

“After we set off from Yinling Island, you can rest.” Xu Fan comforted.

As a result, No. 1 and No. 2 share the same white eyes.

At this time, in the world of reincarnation, Li Xingci looked at Menghua in front of him with an embarrassed expression.

“Senior, my master is in retreat, you still don’t want to go back with me.” Li Xingci said helplessly.

“It’s okay, isn’t Wan Dao the Great Elder of a small sect?”

“I’ll go back with you and visit the head office of your sect.” Meng Hua looked expectantly. Looking at Li Xingci said.

“Senior, you know, the master and I are both from the Intermediate Thousand Worlds, please forgive me for not being able to reveal the coordinates of our Intermediate Thousand Worlds.” Li Xingci looked at Menghua and said bronze oneself.

(End of this chapter)

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