My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 895

Chapter 895 Encryption Formation

“This Avatar can have a few percent of your battle strength, so you value it.” Avatar No. 1 asked in confusion.

“With 90% of my battle strength, if I were a little bit unwieldy with him, I might have been abused.” Xu Fan laughed and said.

“Ninety percent of battle strength! The main body, your Avatar, isn’t from Soul Source, right?” said No. 2 Avatar.

Xu Fan told him about the strangeness of Spirit Tree.

“So we will have two more brothers in the future~” No. 2 Avatar touched the chin and said, he just finished refining a fairy accessory, just in no hurry.

“You think too much, the next one will have to wait a million years.”

“And one person can only use it once.”

“Passing Spirit One tree is born, one is mature, and one is peak.” Xu Fan explained.

“Does the other Spirit Tree in the Intermediate Thousand Worlds have such innate talent?” No. 1 Avatar asked beside him.

“No, this kind of bug can make you get stuck.”

“With No. 3, the overall upgrade speed of Yinling Island will also be accelerated. Let’s work hard and strive for a hundred years. Complete the upgrade of Yinling Island.” Xu Fan said.

“That’s ok, go to Immortal Realm as soon as you can advance, and we can step into a higher level.” Avatar No. 1 said.

Then in the underground space, Xu Fan and three other Avatars started working overtime to upgrade the Yinling Island.

Yunqiu immortal domain, a tea house in a big city.

Wang Xiangchi is having tea with a man.

“Senior brother, our master has another Avatar, and we can meet in another hundred years.” The man said laughter.

Since Li Xingci was promoted to the invincible Venerable realm, he can possess the body of a man who reports information to the outside world and communicate with Wang Xiangchi, who is far away in the fairyland.

“Very good, I can finally meet the master and you. How are my parents doing?” Wang Xiangchi asked excitedly.

“They’re okay, going on a scenic tour fishing.” The man said with a smile.

“Everything is fine.” Wang Xiangchi’s eyes were a little lonely.

“What’s the matter, brother, has sister-in-law not been by your side recently?” the man asked curiously, looking at the look in Wang Xiangchi’s eyes.

“Dai Er began to retreat and impact the Golden Immortal mirror. It is estimated that it will take at least several thousand years.”

“I am not even a quasi-immortal. I have delayed her Cultivation before.” Wang Xiangchi is lonely. said.

After Mu Dai retreated, he was completely alone in the fairy world, without friends or relatives.

“Senior Brother Cultivation’s progress is very fast. It is estimated that it will not be long before you will come to the Great Ascension Realm again. It will take a long time in the future. As long as you follow the master, our cultivation realm will improve sooner or later.”


“Just as I was with Tian’er back then, she was Integration Realm, and I have been suppressed for hundreds of years.”

“But look now, Tianer. It is the Great Ascension Realm, but I am invincible.” Li Xingci said with a smile, quite a thrill of counterattack, but this feeling was hidden deeply.

“Don’t tell me your cultivation base is high, so you won’t be suppressed by your younger brothers and sisters?” Wang Xiangchi looked at Li Xingci strangely. He still knows the specific situation of the sect.

“It doesn’t feel the same.” The man laughed.

“Senior brother, you have to work hard and strive to advance to the Golden Immortal Realm within 50,000 years.”

Wang Xiangchi waved his hand and said, “Let’s meet you first, 5 Ten thousand years is too long.”

“If we meet again in the future, come to the Immortal Spirit Secret Realm that I brought, Dale retreats, and I am currently in charge there.”

“Okay. “

After chatting with Wang Xiangchi for a while, the man returned to the outside world of Samsara.

On the huge lake of hundred thousand li, Wang Yulun and Xing are fishing.

Li Xingci’s silhouette appeared not far from them, standing on the lake.

“This is a letter from my senior brother~”

A flash of light shot towards Wang Yulun.

Wang Yulun took the jade slip with the other hand and said to Li Xingci with a smile: “Thank you, would you like to fish with me for a while.”

The voice is kind Soft and hopeful.

“No, sect still has something to deal with.” Li Xing resigned, changing into a cloud of smoke and disappearing.

Wang Yulun looked at the direction in which Li Xingci disappeared and couldn’t help laughing, everything was going for the better.

“Godfather, you are so troublesome. If you want him to call you dad, I can help you beat him up.” Xing was beside him and said naively.

“How can you do this? You can’t hit someone casually, and it’s not sincere to say that he succumbed to your fists.” Wang Yulun shook his head and said, but the smile on his lips didn’t stop.

“Then beat him to be sincere,” said Star, waving his little fist.

“If you do this, Uncle Xu will be angry.” Wang Yulun said with a smile, he looked towards the lake with a smile, every time Li Xingci said a word to him, it would make him He was happy for a long time.

At this moment, the fishing rod sank slightly, and another celestial magic bead was caught.

Wang Yulun looked at the Sky Magic Pearl in his hand, and then let the grapes open a Transmission Formation leading to the underground space.

“Oh, you caught this thing again.” Xu Fan, who was refining the weapon, said with a smile.

β€œYes, so hurry up and want to share with Brother Xu,” said Wang Yulun.

“Good brother!”

Xu Fan split an Avatar to replace the work in his hands.

He took Wang Yulun to a secret Small World.

“Okay, let’s open it up and watch it together.” Xu Fan said with some anticipation. He saw the highest scene of the Great Zhou Xian Dynasty last time, which left a deep impression on Xu Fan.

Wang Yulun refused

and began to input spiritual power into the Sky Magic Bead, but then he was embarrassed to discover that he himself was the Sky Magic Bead.

“Brother Xu, look, why can’t this be opened?” Wang Yulun handed the Sky Magic Pearl to Xu Fan.

“This is encrypted, wait for me to crack it.” Xu Fan looked at the encrypted Formation and said easily.

Can a small encryption Formation grieve his Formation Great Grandmaster?

One hour later, Xu Fan’s face was also slightly embarrassed.

“This encryption Formation is not simple, it can stun me.”

“Yulun is giving me two hours, when the time comes we should appreciate this encryption together. What’s in the Sky Magic Pearl.” Xu Fan said.

Three days later, Xu Fan was sighed in relief, and the encryption Formation was finally cracked by him.

A huge light curtain was cast not far from the two of them.

“Although the time is a little longer, I feel that the content inside is definitely worth it.” Xu Fan said to Wang Yulun next to him.

At this time, what appears in the light curtain is a Small World vassalized in the fairy world, just like the Small World where the original teacher exhibition was located.

“If I guess right, this should have happened before the Great Zhou Xianchao.” Xu Fan looked at the words of the Great Zhou Xianchao engraved on the Sky Magic Pearl.

The perspective in the light curtain is projected to the Small World in the fairyland, at this time an Integration Realm wearing Battle Armor looks a bit like Wang Xiangchi.

He brought a man and a woman to the Immortal Realm as if they had escaped.

(End of this chapter)

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