My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 896

Chapter 896 clichΓ©d plot

Wang Yulun looked at the man who looked like him in the light curtain, and his eyes were a little dazed.

The familiarity that emanated from in the depth of one’s soul let him know that this was his past life.

“Yulun, it looks like your past life was more handsome than you are now!” Xu Fan exclaimed.

He had to admit that the man in the light curtain was very handsome.

The temperament on her body is very beautiful, and her face has a press forward imposing manner on her face, giving people a kind of sun-like warmth.

Although his current condition in the light curtain is not very good, the Battle Armor on his body is tattered, and there are several scars deep into the bone.

If it weren’t for the healing Divine Ability to seal his bleeding wounds, Divine Immortal would be hard to save now.

“I was so handsome in my previous life!” Wang Yulun touched the chin.

“Watch the plot with peace of mind, it depends on whether you can eat hard in the future.” Xu Fan glanced at it and said good brother.

At this moment, the three people in the light curtain were caught up by the chasing soldiers behind them.

“Wang Feng, obediently surrender the remnants of the former dynasty behind you. After you go back, you are still the Great General of your town.” meaning.

“Feishuo, let’s do it, there are only two outcomes today, I will die or you will die.” There was no fear in his eyes, like a towering mountain guarding the pair of siblings.

The leader named Feishuo glanced at the deep and firm wound on Wang Feng’s body, one after another, and a trace of unbearableness flashed in his eyes.

“For this pair of siblings, are you worth it!”

“His father has life-saving grace for me and promised to protect this pair of siblings comprehensively.”

“Your character is too indecisive. Just listen to me and stay in the fairy world as a loose cultivator. The intrigues of Wang Imperial court are not suitable for you.”

I saw Wang Feng’s voice not falling. It was a sword cut out, and due to the full force of the shot, the Divine Ability that sealed the wounds on the body collapsed in three places, and blood stained the whole body in an instant.

I saw Wang Feng take the pair of sister and brother to the distance without looking back.

“Brother Xu, look at this sword, did I have a great cultivation talent in my previous life?” Wang Yulun asked.

“If you can score 70 points, this one is at most 80 points, the birds of a feather are not far behind, but the heroic spirit of chivalry exuded from your previous life, the character of a promise of gold is very good. Let me appreciate it.”

With just a few words from the two people in the light curtain, Xu Fan straightened out the whole sequence of events.

It can only be said that it is a story that can no longer be vulgar, but it is reasonable because of vulgarity.

“If there is no accident, the next plot is probably familiar to you.” Xu Fan said, looking at the seriously injured Wang Feng in the light curtain.

“Familiar?” Wang Yulun was a little puzzled.

“You can just watch it next~”

I saw that Wang Feng didn’t fly far with the pair of siblings, so he used the big Teleportation Symbol to directly escape millions of li. outside.

Wang Feng trembled, endured the injury and led the siblings to a cave.

Then he collapsed to the ground.

“Royal General Army, what’s wrong with you Royal General Army?” The former prince became a little flustered when he saw Wang Feng fall to the ground.

“Help me to the flat part of the cave first, I have a few words to explain to you.” Wang Feng looked at the pair of Golden Core Realm siblings said with a smile, even in this state, The sunny smile on his face remained undiminished.

The woman took out a quilt from the space ring, spread it on the ground, and helped Wang Feng up.

“The sword just now took out all my vitality, and now I’m running out of time.” Wang Feng took off the space ring on his hand and placed it heavily on the ring.

into the hands of the former prince.

“I gave your father a life-saving friendship and promised him to protect you all.”

“Now I’m about to die. This is the savings of my life. Let you establish your roots in the immortal world.” Wang Feng said weakly, the blood on his body could not stop staying on the quilt.

“Uncle Wang, you can’t die. I’m still thinking of making you a Great Marshal in the future when I return to the country!” The man from the front said with a crying voice.

“Is this the last time in the light curtain, that Immortal Dynasty…”

Before Wang Yulun finished speaking, Xu Fan covered his mouth.

β€œThat kind of existence is best not to be named,” Xu Fan cautioned.

“I also want to be the Great Marshal, but unfortunately I don’t have a chance.”

“When I die, put me in the space ring in ice, until you have the ability to return When I was in my hometown, just bury me in the ancestral grave of the Heavenly-Spirit City Wang Family.” Wang Feng said with a smile.

At this time, the Dynasty Princess, who had never spoken, looked at Wang Feng’s injuries, gritted his teeth and said with determination.

“Kunyuan, you go out first, I have a way to save the Royal General Army.” The woman said through gritted teeth.

In this situation, Wang Yulun had a long-lost sense of familiarity.

“Forget it, I know what you want to do. In my current state, even if I were rescued, I would be a waste.” Wang Feng shook his head and refused.

“Kunyuan, go out, I want to save the Royal General.” There was a hint of shame in the woman’s firm eyes.

The former prince looked at the woman and then at Wang Feng, turned his head and walked out of the cave without the slightest hesitation.

Then the plot in the light curtain is like fast-forward, skipping this paragraph directly.

Then the plot is that with the help of Wang Feng, this sister and brother set up a foothold in the fairyland.

At the same time, this sister and brother also showed amazing cultivation talent, and was accepted by a top sect in the fairy world.

During this period, Wang Feng and the woman also developed feelings.

The plot ends here, and it gets stuck in a dog-like place.

Xu Fan and Wang Yulun looked at each other.

“Does this feel familiar to you?” Xu Fan looked at Wang Yulun enviously.

β€œI always feel like something is missing.” Wang Yulun said, looking at the disappearing light curtain.

“What’s missing?”

“The plot has changed in the back. I’m going fishing now to see if I can tune the follow-up.” Wang Yulun said.

“You don’t need to guess the plot to know. The pair of sisters and brothers began to develop slowly based on that sect, and eventually dominated the fairyland and became Supreme’s existence.” Xu Fan said indifferently.

“When I was in a dream, the way my wife in my previous life looked at me was not just about this.”

“There was anger, blame, longing, and so on. A hint of helplessness, anyway, that look made me feel that the next plot must not be simple.” Wang Yulun said firmly.

“Really, then hurry up and go fishing and catch the follow-up plot, let’s watch it together.” Xu Fan said suddenly with anticipation.

“Okay.” Wang Yulun said nodily.

The Great Zhou Xian Dynasty, when the Lord of the Xian Dynasty was having dinner with his most respected elder sister, suddenly had a strange expression.

The Lord of the Immortal Dynasty looked towards the deep space, and his eyes seemed to pass through the entire Star Domain and freeze on the Flying Feather Realm.

“Kunyuan, what’s wrong?”

“I seem to feel my brother-in-law’s breath, but it’s very weak.” said the Lord of the Immortal Dynasty.

The woman sighed upon hearing the younger brother’s words.

“I also dreamed of your brother-in-law some time ago.”

(End of this chapter)

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