My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 897

Chapter 897 The World of Blood Peak

Under the urging of Xu Fan, the good brother went to hundreds of thousands of li giant lakes to work hard for the sequel.

And he continued back into the underground space, where the hard work began.

Just as he was about to get to work, the unfathomable mystery looked towards the void.

“What’s the matter?” No. 2 Avatar asked, usually this is the expression when the ontology encounters the sudden occurance.

“The Avatar jade talisman that I placed in Star Domain to patrol Yuzhou has been activated.”

“It is estimated that I have encountered something that cannot be escaped with Xingzhou.” Xu Fan said.

“You don’t have to worry about this. In this barren Star Domain, there is nothing that Avatar jade talisman can’t solve.” Avatar No. 2 said.

Even if the strength of the main body is 70%, it is still a pinch to deal with a True Immortal.

Xu Fan nodded, but at this moment, a sense of crisis emerged in his heart.

Then that Avatar jade talisman, the memory before being shattered was passed into Xu Fan’s brain.

“They actually encountered a small fairyland in the Star Domain, or an independent small fairyland without the support of Intermediate Thousand Worlds.” Xu Fan’s expression was a little solemn.

In the memories that came back, that Avatar, who had 70% of his battle strength, took Yuzhou to break through surrounded by more than a dozen True Immortals, and after he was broken, he was defeated by those more than a dozen True Immortals. Immortal teamed up to defeat.

But it’s not easy to feel over there either. Before dying, he was pulled by his Avatar for three backs.

“Little Immortal World, it would be terrifying without the support of Intermediate Thousand Worlds.” Avatar No. 2 said, he is the Avatar that integrates the Great Grandmaster and the Formation Great Grandmaster.

Know what the situation would be if only the fairy world existed in the Star Domain.

“It’s terrifying. When Probing Yuzhou saw that Xiaoxianjie is run by the Human Race Sovereign, he wanted to visit it. How could he know that more than a dozen True Immortals would take action directly.” Xu Fan said, and he I feel that I can’t refine the weapon in the underground space, and there will always be problems after a long time.

“Now don’t even think about refining weapons. If you are bullied, you should find the place and destroy that little fairyland by the way. There is nothing good in it.” Avatar No. 2 said.

“Of course I know.” Xu Fan nodded, and there was a killing intent in his eyes.

He then left the underground space with No. 3.

No. 1 and No. 2 look at each other.

“What’s the matter with finding a place to find a place and pulling away a strong laborer.” Avatar No. 1 said dissatisfiedly.

“It is estimated that there is something in the Little Immortal Realm, and the main body is afraid that one person will not be able to handle it.” No. 2 Avatar explained.

“It’s a pity that the creatures of the Intermediate Thousand Worlds.” No. 1 Avatar sighed said.

“With the entire Intermediate Thousand Worlds as a sacrificial offering, even if it becomes a small fairyland in the end, there is no hope of promotion, it is just a cage.” Avatar No. 2 sighed.

“What you said is right, there isn’t a good thing in there, and they should all be destroyed.”

“Sacrificial offering of the same clan Intermediate Thousand Worlds, sublimating the small fairyland, they The way to go is here.”

At this time, Xu Fan and No. 3 Avatar rushed out of the Flying Feather Realm in an Immortal Qi spirit boat, and rushed towards the direction of the patrolling Yuzhou.

Half a month later, Xu Fan finally saw Yuzhou, whose appearance was full of scars, and the stern was nearly half destroyed.

Xu Fan teleported to the main control room of Yuzhou.

β€œpay respects to Master.”

β€œMeet the Great Elder!”

The Quanxian and Yin Spirit Sect Disciple who control Yuzhou saluted.

Xu Fan looked towards the Hidden Spirit Sect Disciple directed by him.

“Tell me all about the situation at the time.”

“Also, turn around and go to that little fairyland.”

“I’ll hide the Spirit Sect with Treat each other politely, but they are attacked and killed, and this revenge must be avenged.” Xu Fan said firmly, a little fairyland that didn’t even have Golden Immortal, dared to bump his head into his hand.

“Great Elder, at that time…”

The Disciple told the situation at that time, if it wasn’t for Xu Fan, he left an Avatar jade on Yuzhou talisman, maybe all the Disciples of this Yuzhou will die here.

“You’ve worked hard too. If you weren’t careful, maybe this spaceship would have been brought back by that little fairyland intact.”

“Have a rest after returning this time. Time, go to the treasure house to collect the reward.” Xu Fan comforted.

“It is my duty to serve the sect!”

Finally, Xu Fan comforted the rest of the hidden Spirit Sect Disciple.

Yuzhou turned around and flew towards the little fairyland.

In a small world in Yuzhou, Xu Fan unfolded the star map and began to check the past according to that location.

“Blood Peak, this star map seems to be much more powerful than the entire Flying Feather Realm.” Xu Fan said, looking at the Intermediate Thousand Worlds in the original Little Immortal Realm.

If Flying Feather Realm is equivalent to table tennis, then the Blood Peak world is equivalent to an apple, which is several times larger than Flying Feather Realm.

“I don’t know how many years this little fairyland has existed and how many True Immortals there are.” Xu Fan said.

Although none of these Xu Fans are certain, what is certain is that the culprit behind the sacrificial offering of the entire Intermediate Thousand Worlds sublimation to Xiaoxianjie must be among them.

“Damn you can’t stay, but what to do with this little fairy world, it can’t be reversed back to the Intermediate Thousand Worlds.” Xu Fan said thoughtfully.

“Master, how about letting the source realm devour the small fairy realm.” Grape’s voice suddenly sounded.

“It’s too much trouble, if the source realm really swallows the small fairy world, then the whole Flying Feather Realm can’t hold the Yinling Island.”

“But the Yinling Island soars. When you are in the fairy world, you can pass by the small fairy world, and it is still possible to absorb some sources.” Xu Fan thought for a while and said.

Xu Fan said here, and suddenly looked towards the direction of Xiaoxianjie with interest.

“I don’t know, what is the battle strength level of True Immortal in Xiaoxianjie?”

Of course Xu Fan was not rash this time. According to inference, even if it is to pay homage to the entire Intermediate Thousand Worlds In the sublimated fairyland, there are no more than half a hundred True Immortals in it.

It is completely capable of dealing with it, so Xu Fan dared to come in person, but he was also fully prepared in advance.

Three months later, Xu Fan seemed to see a bright pearl from the distance of Star Domain.

There are essential differences between the stars formed by the rays of light emitted by other Intermediate Thousand Worlds.

The rays of light, no matter how big or small, are like the difference between the stars and the sun and the moon.

Xu Fan got up and squinted at the bright pearl with some mockery in his eyes.

“The pearls condensed by the blood of life and vitality exudes a bloody smell no matter how you look at it, and the Star Domain in that piece is dyed the color of blood.”

Xu Fan’s eyes flashed complex Dao Xianwen.

In the eyes of outsiders, there is a bright pearl, but in the eyes of Xu Fan, the bright pearl is full of blood under the bright appearance.

Just at this moment, the space fluctuation surged, and a huge Immortal Spirit ship that was several times larger than the space where Xu Fan was located appeared in front of Xu Fan.

Like the star whale that swallows everything.

“didn’t expect a location so close to my Blood Peak fairyland, and such a delicious Intermediate Thousand Worlds.”

A voice full of blood-reeking qi sounded, letting As soon as people heard it, they felt that the blood from the whole body was about to be drained.

(End of this chapter)

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