My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 899

Chapter 899 Blood Peak Immortal Sect

The True Immortals on their knees seemed to be waiting for something.

There is fear and a hint of joy in his eyes.

Xu Fan looked at their strange eyes and understood the root cause in no time.

In Divine Soul’s consciousness space, the pair of blood pupils suddenly appeared.

In an instant, Xu Fan’s entire consciousness space was filled with a sea of blood, and a pair of huge blood pupils straddled the sea of blood.

“Good body, really good body.” Xue Tong made a strange sound.

Xu Fan’s silhouette stood above the sea of blood, looking at the excited Xuetong, he couldn’t help but also laughed.

“The talents of this body are all cream of the crop. As long as you have it, it will not be a problem to achieve Great Firmament.” Xu Fan’s conscious body raised his lips.

If the blood pupil did not enter his consciousness, it would be really troublesome to deal with, after all, it was promoted from Great Ascension to True Immortal.

“Indeed, if I had occupied this body, I would have to sacrifice to a world of beings to achieve the highest achievement True Immortal.” Xue Tong said.

Just when Blood Eyes was about to completely occupy Xu Fan Divine Soul, a long river of illusory shadow appeared not far from the sea of blood, exuding an unpredictable aura.

“What is this!!”

Before Xue Tong finished speaking, an illusory shadow appeared in the long river.

I saw the illusory shadow slowly looking towards Xuetong, with a smile in his eyes.


The blood pupils that were so frightened burst open, and the sea of blood in the consciousness space also disappeared without a trace.

At this time in the Star Domain, Xu Fan had a pair of blood pupil stones in his hands, exuding a trace of blood-reeking qi.

“You are waiting for your master to come, don’t wait.” Xu Fan finished speaking, nodding to Avatar No. 3.

A Flying Sword seemed to cross the void, instantly passing through the Immortal Spirits of the True Immortals.

At this point, all the True Immortals on the Immortal Spirit ship have been destroyed.

As for the others, they all fell to their knees and couldn’t move because of Xu Fan’s breath.

“Grape, notify the Disciple on Yuzhou, and let them all get on the Immortal Spirit boat.” Xu Fan said, and stepped out to the deck of the Immortal Spirit boat.

The whole Immortal Spirit ship is like an ancient building ship, which looks very classical and luxurious.

A Transmission Formation appeared on the deck of the Immortal Spirit giant boat. Quanxian who drove Yuzhou led the hidden Spirit Sect Disciple to the Immortal Spirit boat.

“From now on, this will be your Yuzhou patrolling the Star Domain.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

In Xu Fan’s opinion, this Immortal Spirit ship can barely reach the level of a fairy ship, and its speed defense is several times stronger than that of Yuzhou.

“many thanks Great Elder!” All Disciple said excitedly, although he did not visit the Immortal Spirit boat, just by looking at its appearance, he knew how luxurious the Immortal Spirit boat was.

At this point, all the cultivators on the Immortal Spirit ship came to the deck.

He knelt down facing Xu Fan.

β€œWhich of you is the lead?” Xu Fan asked.

No one spoke, and after a while, a cultivator who looked at an older man dared to say: “The leaders are all those True Immortals, which have been destroyed by you.”

Xu Fan looked at the cultivator kneeling on the ground, and at a glance, there were tens of thousands.

“No. 3, kill those who deserve to be killed, and the rest will continue to serve the Immortal Spirit boat.” Xu Fan thought for a while and said.

His style has always been revenge for injustice and revenge for revenge. Under normal circumstances, innocent people will not be implicated.

“Okay.” Avatar No. 3 was disappeared after speaking, and then on the Immortal Spirit ship, one after another cultivator lost its vitality and fell to the ground.

The way Avatar No. 3 is very rough, directly search for souls collectively, and then quick sword cuts through tangled hemp.

“You go to drive the Immortal Spirit giant boat, and the other Yuzhou you use Avatar to drive behind the giant boat.” Xu Fan said to the quasi-immortal.

“Follow your orders.”

“Go to that little fairy world first according to the coordinates to see if there are any good things.” Xu Fan said.

The Immortal Spirit boat turned around and flew towards the small fairyland.

Because the Immortal Spirit ship was very fast, it only took 10 days to reach Xiaoxianjie.

The Immortal Spirit giant boat gently passed through the small fairyland, and suddenly everyone seemed to feel that they had come to another space.

All the Spirit Sect Disciples on the ship shuddered.

It’s like suddenly coming from the World of Ice and Snow to the greenhouse that is like spring all year round.

A Disciple took a deep breath, and Immortal Spirit Energy suddenly flowed through the body, and the feeling of Su Shuang and numbness welled up in my heart.

“Is this the little fairyland? It’s so comfortable~”

“It’s like eating and drinking, the cultivation base has broken through.” Another Disciple said with a stretched waist.

“The quality of this Little Immortal Realm is quite high, much better than the one I went to.” Xu Fan said after feeling the Immortal Spirit Energy of Little Immortal Realm.

“The only thing that is close is that the mark of the Three Thousand Great Daos is very weak. It is easy to reach True Immortal from cultivation here, and it is better to go directly to Star Domain cultivation.”

After Xu Fan finished speaking, he let the Immortal Spirit ship directly land on the core area of Xiaoxianjie.

“No. 3, all the cultivators above the Integration Realm will search for their souls, kill those who should be killed, let those who should be released, and those who should be slaves will be slaves.” Xu Fan said bluntly.

“I know.” Avatar No. 3 disappeared.

“Grape, how is this little fairyland.” Xu Fan said.

“Very good, only the most basic framework, Heavenly Dao Will of Xiaoxianjie was born not long ago, just like a blank sheet of paper.”

“If you submit If Zirang Yuanjie merges with it, the entire Yinling Island will have another energy reserve world.”

“There are not many immortal jade in the section~”

Grape added at last a sentence.

“Then drag it back and give Flying Feather Realm Heavenly Dao Will a favor and let him sort out this little fairy world.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“As your master.” Grape’s voice rose three degrees.

At this time, Xu Fan had time to observe the environment all around. They landed in a dojo, and in the distance there was a huge immortal gate composed of Immortal Spirit stones.

Above the fairy gate, there are four big characters Blood Peak Immortal Sect.

When the Immortal Spirit ship just landed, there were still True Immortals who came out to check, but then they were suppressed by No. 3.

“Great Elder, is there anything we need to do?” asked a hidden Spirit Sect Disciple of his own accord.

Other Disciples please take a look at Xu Fan.

“One person leads a battalion of puppets, and uses this as the center to detect all around, leaving a signal base station every 10,000 miles.” Grape’s voice sounded, and he began to actively assign tasks to other Disciples.

Xu Fan waved his hand lightly, and each Disciple had 10 more space rings in his hands, which were full of puppets.

“As you bid!”

All Disciples fly in the direction assigned by the grapes to perform their tasks.

After a while, only Xu Fan and the quasi-immortal who controlled the Immortal Spirit ship were left in the entire dojo.

Xu Fan stepped out and came to the treasure house of the Blood Peak Immortal Sect.

“Let me take a look at the good things.”

Xu Fan said, and directly opened the Transmission Gate of the Immortal Sect treasure house Small World.

This thing has some protection for the general True Immortal, but for Xu Fan, it is more convenient than an unlocked door.

(End of this chapter)

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