My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 901

Chapter 901 I want it all

“Then the Fellow Daoist had better come to me within a hundred years.” Xu Fan then told the sweeping old man about the collective ascension of the sect.

“Okay, within a hundred years, I will definitely go to Fellow Daoist’s Intermediate Thousand Worlds.” The old sweeper said, thinking about speeding up, or else this great opportunity won’t catch up.

A huge Immortal Spirit ship left Xiaoxianjie, and before leaving, it took away several Small Worlds in Xiaoxianjie, all of them are the treasure house Small World of Blood Peak Immortal Sect.

Xu Fan, who returned with a reward, looked at the stars in the Star Domain and was in a good mood.

“Old Ancestor’s words really make sense.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

This time, a total of 6 treasure troves of Small Worlds were discovered in Xiaoxianjie, which were excavated by grapes by decomposing the memory of blood pupils.

The harvest of this time alone will be enough to upgrade half of the spirit ore on the Hidden Spirit Island.

“Yes, just the spirit ore in this treasure house Small World can add a few ultimate weapons to Yinling Island.” Xu Fan said with satisfaction.

Half a month later, the Immortal Spirit ship descended outside the Flying Feather Realm.

At first the Flying Feather Realm Heavenly Dao Will refused to allow the Immortal Spirit ship to enter the Flying Feather Realm, and the closer to the Flying Feather Realm the greater the resistance.

Until Xu Fan came forward, Heavenly Dao Will didn’t let it go, just because of one sentence.

“Heavenly Dao Will, who originally had a small fairyland, wanted to share with you. Since you have this attitude, forget it.”

Xu Fan said a few words, and asked Flying Feather Realm Heavenly Dao Will drove through.

A huge Transmission Gate appears in front of the Immortal Spirit ship, and behind the Transmission Gate is the huge lake of hundreds of thousands li.

“It’s the right thing to do~” Xu Fan was nodded with satisfaction. The reason why he shared the origin of Heavenly Dao Will with Flying Feather Realm was to share cause and effect.

Heavenly Dao Will can devour each other, but if a spiritual cultivator destroys Heavenly Dao Will, he will bear its karma, so every time Xu Fan borrows other Heavenly Dao Will to devour Heavenly Dao Will receive the source.

The huge Immortal Spirit ship fell on the huge lake of 100,000, which attracted the attention of many people.

“Looking at the Immortal Spirit boat, you know that Brother Xu has a big harvest outside.” Wang Yulun said with a smile.

Xu Fan saw his good brother as soon as he got out of the Immortal Spirit boat, and of course he had to go up and chat for a while.

“Our sect’s Yuzhou was attacked outside. Of course, we had to find the scene and destroy them by the way.” Xu Fan laughed.

“By the way, have you caught the follow-up Sky Magic Orb?”

“You have caught it, and there are even many standard fairy artifacts from the Great Zhou Dynasty.”

Wang Yulun said and took out a fairy weapon spear and handed it to Xu Fan.

“Good fairy weapon, fairy light condensed, light-breaking spear, simple and pure, very suitable for super large battle formation.”

“There are many combinations of this fairy weapon in Together, as long as there are thousands of them, we can really slaughter the Golden Immortal.” Xu Fan praised while looking at the spear in his hand.

“But you caught this spear, someone is afraid of bad luck.”

Xu Fan saw the number on the spear.

Xianzhou Di Bing Department, behind the Xuanzi Army is a pair of disordered numbers.

“I can only hope that the original owner of this spear will not be punished too much, after all, I will not go back.” Wang Yulun sighed slightly.

At this time, thousands of large spirit boats flew out from the hidden Spirit Sect, and one Small World after another was pulled from the Immortal Spirit boat and pulled towards the Yinling Island.

Han Feiyu, who had just finished the mission, saw this scene and couldn’t help asking about grapes.

“Has Master Ancestor conquered another Intermediate Thousand Worlds?”

“It’s a small fairyland condensed by Intermediate Thousand Worlds, this time the harvest is very rich, these should be What do you need, do you want to exchange it?”

“I can directly open the immortal jade exchange permission for you.” Grape’s voice sounded.

No way, who made the sect lack of immortal jade recently.

A list of light curtains appeared in front of Han Feiyu, on which grapes were selected according to Han Feiyu’s big data, and he might need things.

“Since there is an immortal weapon array sword for the main battle array!”

“Earth blood pill! Heaven and Earth Cosmos Pot! Water Yuexian Realm!”

“Tianyun Guangzhu! Blood embryo!”

Everything in the light curtain list seems to have grown into Han Feiyu’s heart.

Han Feiyu would like to exchange if you know it or not, as long as you read its introduction.

Seeing Han Feiyu’s appearance, Grape was secretly satisfied.

It took him a lot of computing power to pick out these things.

“I want all of these, how many immortal jade!” Han Feiyu said.

“A total of 1.63 million immortal jade is needed, and only 1.6 million immortal jade is needed for fractional erasure.” Grape said quickly.

“As a sect disciple, I naturally have to be grateful to the sect. How can I take advantage of the sect.” Han Feiyu took out a space ring and put 1.63 million immortal jade in it.

A small Void Transmission Formation appeared beside Han Feiyu, and he naturally put it in, like a tip.

“These Spirit Treasures will take three days to organize, and will be given to you when the time comes.”

“I see.” Han Feiyu nods.

Xu Fan, who was chatting with his good brother, knew about the deal, but was stunned for a while before asking in detail.

In the source world, a special Small World, Xu Fan began to crack the celestial magic beads caught by his brother. With the previous experience, Xu Fan only spent a few days to solve the three magic beads. Phantom beads cracked.

I just read it once and realized it was missing something important.

What they see now is the story of the two siblings who became the controllers of the Immortal Sect, began to rise in this fairyland, and conquered the Quartet to become the overlord of the fairyland.

Among them, Yulun’s previous life has fallen after they became the masters of Immortal Sect, the reason is unknown.

“They just joined the sect, and when they control the sect, how come there is no Sky Magic Orb~” Xu Fan said depressedly.

“Yes, I want to know how I died in my previous life.” Wang Yulun was even more depressed than Xu Fan.

“If you can’t catch it, you can only wait until you see your past life wife and ask in person.” Xu Fan said.

“Forget it, it’s better not to meet each other, the past life is the past life, the present life is the present life, it’s best not to disturb each other.”

“What he did, Wang Feng, follow me Wang Feng. What’s the matter with Yulun!” Wang Yulun said with a smile.

“It’s a big deal. As far as I know, there are four or five ways to make your past life’s personality memory dominate. Guess your past life ladies know this method or not. “Xu Fan said in a gloomy tone.

Wang Yulun was startled suddenly, as if thinking of something.

“My past life lady seems to be the cultivation base of the Great Firmament saint. I wonder if Brother Xu can protect me!” Wang Yulun looked at Xu Fan and said.

“Haha, don’t be so afraid, I already have a sure-fire plan, you are my good brother, I will protect whoever does not protect you.” Xu Fan hehe said.

“That’s good. I haven’t seen the eldest grandson yet, and the second eldest hasn’t called me dad, so I can’t leave so early.”

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(End of this chapter)

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