My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 902

Chapter 902 Trials

In the underground space, Xu Fan’s Avatar No. 1, No. 2, No. 3, and Xu Fan himself are all refining and upgrading Yinling Island.

“Ontology, now the entire body of the hidden spirit Island Lord is almost finished, do you want to take it to the Star Domain for a walk.”

“By the way, drag that little fairyland back.” Avatar No. 2 said .

Xiaoxianjie is not big as a whole. If Flying Feather Realm is a table tennis ball, then Xiaoxianjie is at most a little bigger than sesame, and Yinling Island can barely drag it with full horsepower.

Xu Fan, who was refining the artifact, pondered, and after thinking about it, he said, “It’s not impossible. It would save time by stealing that little fairyland in advance.”

” Then when do we leave~” Avatar No. 2 said suddenly excitedly.

“You seem to be looking forward to it?” Xu Fan said, looking at Avatar No. 2.

“It’s equivalent to traveling by car. I’ve been in this place for many years. It may feel a little fresher if I change it.” Avatar No. 2 said.

For some reason, Xu Fan suddenly felt a little sad when he heard this.

“After you reach the fairyland, let you go out to play for a while.” Xu Fan said.

Avatar No. 1 and No. 2’s eyes light up.

“Ontology, although you usually look like an ugly capitalist, sometimes you have a touch of tenderness.” Avatar No. 1 said.

Xu Fan looked at No. 1.


“Don’t say that, Ontology sometimes only acts like a capitalist to us.” No. 2 Avatar added beside him.

Xu Fan looked at it, then looked at No. 1 and No. 2, and there was No. 3 in the quiet refiner.

“Don’t talk nonsense, hurry up and refine the equipment~”

Xu Fan will not admit the defamation of No. 1 and No. 2.

“Then when do we leave~” Avatar No. 2 said.

“Let the grapes go on the next mission. Except for a few who performed the mission for a long time, all the others will be recalled to the sect, and we will set off after everyone is gathered.” Xu Fan said.

At this point, all sect disciples received the message.

“The Yinling Island is going to Star Domain for trial voyages. Except for the long-term mission Disciple, all short-term missions will be terminated and returned to the sect.”

Then the grapes will be carried out according to each In the case of the task Disciple, it is specially guided.

After 10 days, all the Disciples in Hidden Island gather in the Heavenly Dao field on the main peak.

The entire huge Hidden Spirit Island seems to be pulled by invisible forces.

It rises slowly from the huge lake of hundred thousand li.

Disciple in the island didn’t feel any bumps either.

The four people in the underground space who are refining tools are observing Yinling Island from the perspective of God.

“Master, Yinling Island is running normally, whether to send it into the Star Domain.” Tizi’s tender voice sounded.

“Start.” Xu Fan who was refining the device indifferently said.

Then the entire Yinling Island began to accelerate towards the extreme sky.

At this point Heavenly Dao Will of Flying Feather Realm has felt a great force moving.

Its energy volume is extremely huge, and once it explodes, half of the Flying Feather Realm may be gone.

So Xu Fan, who was in the refining process, received three question marks from Flying Feather Realm Heavenly Dao Will.


“Take the sect out for a walk, rest assured, the core energy is very stable and won’t explode easily.” Xu Fan knows this Heavenly Dao Will What are you worried about?

Hearing Xu Fan’s assurance, Heavenly Dao Will also felt relieved.

At this time, the main peak revealed that Heavenly Dao’s Disciple was all stunned by the speed of Yinling Island.

“If you don’t teleport, it’s faster than Xingzhou!” A Disciple who had followed Xingzhou far away said shocked.

At this moment, a huge Transmission Formation appeared in front, and Yinling Island directly entered it and was disappeared.

In an instant, Yinling Island came to the Star Domain.

β€œDon’t use Space Jump first, drive fast in Star Domain for a while to test where the extreme speed is.” Xu Fan said.

“Follow the master.”

Grape looked at the speeding Yinling Island, and his heart was slightly sighed.

If he had been a little more perfect back then, he might be driving Yinling Island now.

Jealousy is jealousy. Bring grapes and do the rest of the auxiliary work dutifully.

Tizi runs Yinling Island independently for the first time, his old big brother needs to take care of him a little.

Countless Disciples looked at the scene in the Star Domain with fascination.

“There is an open-air Star Domain environment experience space dojo, and Disciples who want to experience the Star Domain environment can sign up.” The voice of grapes sounded.

Xiong Li in the dojo heard Grape’s words and was the first to sign up. Although he went to Star Domain many times, he had not yet experienced what it was like to be in Star Domain.

A Transmission Formation connected to the Star Domain space dojo appears on the main peak dojo.

Xiong Li teleported directly.

From the Star Domain, it looks like a whole continent of Yinling Island, in a state of dexterity and stability that does not belong to him, flying at extreme speed, like a ray of light.

“How long will it take to reach the Little Immortal Realm with extremely fast flight and teleportation?” said Xu Fan, who was refining the device.

Although he has an approximate time in his mind, he does not know the specific data very well.

“It will take 10 hours to reach the Little Immortal Realm.” Tizi’s voice sounded.

Xu Fan nods, a little faster than he expected.

“Let’s go, we can speed up the teleportation now,” Xu Fan said.

“Follow your orders!”

Raisin began to increase the core energy output excitedly. This was his first time running Yinling Island, and he felt a strange pleasure.

The Hidden Spirit Island began to accelerate, jumping continuously in space.

“It’s a pity that there are not many enemies in the Star Domain, otherwise you can try our ultimate weapon.” Avatar No. 1 said with some regret.

“In a barren area like this, it’s all that kind of starships, at most like the Immortal Spirit.”

“To deal with this kind of guy, use the ultimate weapon , what’s the difference between that and the star destroyer cannon hitting mosquitoes.” Xu Fan said beside him.

“The Star Domain giant beast Jin Shiling, the closest to our Flying Feather Realm, should we go and give him a shot.” No. 2 Avatar suddenly suggested.

“After a shot, what if you can’t kill him? Lacking hatred and enmity, bullying other people’s little rare beast.” Xu Fan rolled his eyes at Avatar No. 2.

“After you arrive at Xiaoxianjie in a while, you can go and set up the Formation that drags Xiaoxianjie.” Xu Fan arranged.

“It will take 5 months for this fairy accessory to be refined. If you want to move the body,” Avatar No. 2 said tentatively.

“This large array of physical labor is still up to you, and I will let Avatar take over your job.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

After 10 hours, Yinling Island stopped outside Xiaoxianjie.

The body of the grape looked at Xiaoxianjie with drooling eyes.

“Wait, wait until Flying Feather Realm Heavenly Dao Will wipes out this little fairyland Heavenly Dao, and then you devour these origins.” Xu Fan said to the grapes, because he just felt the desire of the grapes .

“It will take a year to arrange and drag the array of Xiaoxianjie, and let those Disciples move freely in Xiaoxianjie.” Xu Fan said to Grape.

“As you bid!”

(end of this chapter)

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