My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 913

Chapter 913 is not big enough~

In the safe waterway of the Star Domain, the huge Yinling Island attracted the attention of all the nearby Starship and Fairy fleets.

In a huge Immortal Spirit ship, a True Immortal pointed to the distant Yinling Island and said enviously: “Give me another 10,000 years, and when I upgrade to the Great Commander, I can also ride this A fairy boat that can cross borders in Star Domain.”

“Not to mention, just being so big, people will feel not to be trifled with at first glance.”

Tears of envy flowed from the corner of the mouth of the little supervisor of the chamber of commerce next to him.

In his eyes, this level of fairy ships traverses those dangerous positions in the Star Domain, and it is certainly no problem to trade with those strange Intermediate Thousand Worlds, which all symbolize a lot of immortal jade.

In Yinling Island, Xu Fan, who is drinking tea, has received applications from countless friends.

“Master, within the detectable range, a total of 103 chambers of commerce fleets have sent us messages to apply for transactions, and there are three Intermediate Thousand Worlds and two Small Worlds nearby to invite us.” Grape reported.

“didn’t expect Yinling Island is so popular here.” Xu Fan took a sip of the fragrant tea and said with a smile.

“Great Elder, just our Yinling Island like a fairy ship can attract their attention.” Pang Fu said beside him.

“Grape, which Intermediate Thousand Worlds are we going to now?” Xu Fan asked.

“Master, there is a relatively large small fairyland nearby, which is specially used to entertain the past chambers of commerce in the fairyland. As long as the vehicle you ride reaches the level of the fairy ship, you can enter for free, and there will be accommodation there. “

“I have already reported our information, and we will arrive in three days,” Grape said.

Xu Fanp nods, and then said: “Those chambers of commerce who applied for the transaction have called over. Recently, the immortal jade of the sect is not enough.”


You must know that Yinling Island is sailing at full speed. Under the condition of jumping space, but immortal jade needs to be consumed, Yinling Island has not made any immortal jade income for more than 40 years.

“Follow your orders~”

After a while, Yinling Island extended a small island for those Chamber of Commerce fleets to dock.

It didn’t take long before four or five starship fleets landed on that small island.

The shopkeepers looked at each other after coming down, with a hint of hostility in their eyes.

“I have been trading in the Star Domain for 30,000 years, and I have never seen such a peculiar immortal boat, which is as large as the main ship of the Tianding Chamber of Commerce. This power must have a great background, and it is estimated that it is from other sources. The fairy world came across the Star Domain.” A shopkeeper wearing an azure robe said.

“I got the approval of the transaction application and I came over immediately. There must be good things. I hope you will only take the fields that you are good at, and don’t break the rules.” Another shopkeeper wearing a yellow robe Said, his eyes looked vigilant towards the other shopkeepers.

“Get rich with anger, and other things will collide with each other before they come out, so it’s not good to spread it out.” Another shopkeeper laughed.

At this moment, Pang Fu’s silhouette appeared on the island.

In an instant, the shopkeepers looked towards Pang Fu.

The breath of the peers, but also the peers majoring in the avenue of business.

Just feeling the breath of Pang Fu, the shopkeepers let go of their little tricks.

Pang Fu looked at his other colleagues with a smile on the corner of his mouth.

With a wave of his hand, a small meeting place emerged from the ground.

A screen of light appeared in the midair, above which are all kinds of magic weapons that can be traded in Yinling Island, spirit ore, fairy Dao Item, puppet Spirit Pill, it can be said to have everything.

“Please take a seat, you can send me a list of things that your chamber of commerce can trade, and I will contact you shopkeepers if necessary.”

Pang Fu exudes that old man The breath of profiteer makes those shopkeepers feel that this is another fierce battle.

As Pang Fu’s voice fell, more than a dozen starship fleets landed on the island.

Five more immortal boat fleets are ready to land on this island.

The whole venue became lively for a while.

There is a small light curtain in front of all shopkeepers, which is used to check and watch the quantity and quality of tradable goods in Yinling Island.

A group of puppets walked out from the interior of Yinling Island, holding tea trays in their hands, making tea for the Great Chamber of Commerce shopkeepers who were seated in the venue.

A short while later, a strange aroma of tea filled the entire venue.

“The spirit tea made by the Great Accomplishment of the Tea Ceremony!”

The shopkeepers present are all knowledgeable people, and they are all amazed by the great generity of Yinling Island.

Spirit tea is not uncommon. What is rare is that these spirit teas are made by the tea ceremony Great Accomplishment.

Spirit tea like this alone can be worth hundreds of immortal jade in Xianwai Star Domain.

A shopkeeper who was familiar with the tea ceremony took a sip from the teacup, and his eyes lit up instantly.

“How about the shopkeeper, what level can this tea get into?” asked the little supervisor next to him.

“The eternal azure spirit tea tree, plus the tea ceremony Great Accomplishment, is a top-grade spirit tea, and one tael is worth at least 240immortal jade, as long as we keep the price below 200immortal jade.”

“We will make money if the quantity is large, but if the quantity is small, we will give it away as a favor, no matter how you look at it, it will not be a loss.” The shopkeeper said looking towards the huge light curtain in midair, and began to look for the spirit tea item. The result was not found.

“Excuse me, why is there no spirit tea for sale? My chamber of commerce has to pay a high price to buy it.” The shopkeeper said to Pang Fu in the air.

Pang Fu just glanced at the shopkeeper, and then said, “The spirit tea you are serving is my sect specially for entertainment. If you want to buy it, please bring your own price.”

Feeling the smell of the old profiteer on Pang Fu, the shopkeeper left a hand and said, “How about a tael of 120immortal jade.”

This price space is enough for him to pull behind him.

“220immortal jade is the best price, and the quantity is large, so we won’t sell the second one.”

In just one sentence, the shopkeeper who had a little tea ceremony on the side was defeated.

“How can he lock the reserve price in my heart so accurately, the younger generations will surpass us in time!” This message hit the shopkeeper directly in the heart, destroying his defenses.

“Two thousand catties, immortal jade will be paid on-site.” The shopkeeper clenching one’s teeth and said, these immortal jade are self-funded by him preparing to trade in Star Domain for a hundred years, and now they are all taken out.

“Shopkeeper, we won’t earn much in this way!” said the supervisor next to him quickly.

“Fujiya, this batch of spirit tea can become a bonus product of our chamber of commerce, and the money can be earned from other places.” The shopkeeper said with wishful selfish calculations.

Who knows, Pang Fu just replied with a smile.

“The amount is not big enough~”

“How big is big~”

“5000 jin~”

At this moment, then The little head of the shopkeeper, who had a little knowledge of the tea ceremony, began to run rapidly.

At this time, there were three other shopkeepers who asked Pang Fu for spirit tea.

In the venue, Pang Fu was the only one who could easily deal with all the shopkeepers present.

The atmosphere of the home game plus profiteer made all the shopkeepers who came to trade looked towards Pang Fu’s eyes with a hint of awe.

“What kind of power is this, to have such a shopkeeper!”

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