My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 916

Chapter 916 Tianli Giant City

Xu Fan looked at the immortal boat fleet coming out of the Star Domain Transmission Gate, and could not help but curiously asked: “Like this kind of 5 ships and 10 ships Immortal boat fleet, how much immortal jade they need to send each time.”

“Master, according to the information collected from this area, a normal immortal boat fleet will cost between 50,000 and 100,000 immortal jade to transmit once, But the premise is that you don’t carry a super-large space fairy.” Grape’s voice sounded.

Tizi is a little unhappy on the side, the database is synchronized, he can also answer these.

“Between 50,000 to 100,000 immortal jade, it seems to be okay.” Xu Fan touched the chin and said.

“According to the information in the database, this is just a transfer fee. You need to pay 10% of the goods you carry or immortal jade when you leave the immortal world, which is still a relatively low price in the Human Race immortal domain.”


“10% is a bit too much, and I don’t think there is much profit to go out of bounds.” Xu Fan suddenly understood the disadvantages of those countries that did not go to sea in his previous life. This is a point that geography teachers couldn’t understand.

At this point, after a period of queuing, it was finally Yinling Island’s turn.

Pang Fu took a Dao Item spirit boat from Yinling Island to find the supervisor who guards the Star Domain Transmission Gate here.

At this moment, Xu Fan suddenly felt an extremely mysterious and abstruse breath, and his eyes instantly became alert.

Xu Yuexian, who was playing chess with Xu Fan in the small courtyard, felt the strangeness of Xu Fan.

β€œWhat happened to the master?” Xu Yuexian asked, waving away the little White Dragon who was about to kick him for the next step.

“Didn’t expect such a Star Domain Transmission Gate to be guarded by the Great Firmament.” Xu Fan said with a light breath.

The Great Firmament Divine Sense swept over just now, and the entire Hidden Spirit Island, except for the source world, was almost seen as bits and pieces by him.

This is no different from walking naked and walking in front of others. Xu Fan doesn’t like this feeling very much.

“Master, have our Yinling Island been seen through?” Xu Yuexian said with a cipher plus a pattern password sound transmission.

She knew that there was something on Yinling Island, even the Great Firmament Venerable, that might be tempted.

“Almost, but fortunately, things in the source world are not exposed.” Xu Fan replied in the same way.

Xu Fan thought of this when he first went to Xianjie, and made great efforts to make a top-level anti-peep Formation for Yuanjie.

“Don’t worry, according to the records of grapes, this Transmission Gate has existed here for tens of millions of years, and its reputation is still guaranteed.”

“It will be destroyed at a glance. Take a look~” Xu Fan said.

At this time, not far from the huge Star Domain Transmission Gate, there is an auspicious cloud holding an Immortal Palace temple, which is hidden and secretly waiting for the Star Domain Transmission Gate.

A tall middle-aged man with fair skin and elegant temperament.

He took his eyes back from Yinling Island and shook his head laughed.

“It’s interesting to be able to detect my existence~”

“Although they didn’t understand the secret method of sound transmission just now, they must be trying to hide something.”

“This saint has been guarding here for more than a million years, and I have never seen what kind of immortal boat and what kind of treasure,” the middle-aged man chuckled.

“But that kid aptitude is really good, the Great Ascension Realm is the supreme powerhouse.”

At this point, Pang Fu has completed the formalities and returned to the hidden Spirit Sect.

The entire Star Domain Transmission Gate slowly expands until it can just accommodate the passage of Yinling Island.

Tizi controlled Yinling Island and flew into the Star Domain Transmission Gate.

The outer wall of a huge immortal world that can’t see the edge, the whole Yinling Island is like an ant under the high wall.

“Master, the director of the Tianding Chamber of Commerce, the director of the Star Domain Transmission Gate, sent us a message.” Grape said.

“What news.” Xu Fan said through the transparent protective cover, looking at the outer wall of the immortal world that could not be seen.

From the star map, it’s one thing, and it’s only when you really walk in front of you that you feel the grandeur of the fairyland.

“No wonder even if True Immortal wants to traverse the fairyland, it has to fly for hundreds of thousands of years.” Xu Fan said with emotion.

“The supervisor suggested that we enter the fairyland from area 32, and other places are not very peaceful.” Grape said.

“We’ve listened to people’s advice to have enough food, let’s stabilize for a while and see where the other boats come in.” Xu Fan said casually.

Xu Fan will definitely consider the suggestions given by others, but the premise is to determine whether they are true or false.

The Yinling Island flew towards the fairyland and disappeared into the Star Domain.

At this time, three more immortal boat fleets came out of the Star Domain Transmission Gate and flew in directly towards the No. 32 area marked by the Tianding Chamber of Commerce.

After Xu Fan saw several immortal boat fleets entering in the dark, he let Yinling Island fly in with confidence.

At this point, all the Disciples in the entire sector are gathered on the main peak dojo, just like a glimpse of the real fairyland.

“I don’t know the difference between the fairy world and those small fairy worlds~” said many Disciples looking forward.

The Hidden Spirit Island easily passed through the outer wall of the Immortal Realm, Xu Fan thought that it would appear in an environment similar to the extreme sky.

But who knows, it appears directly above the sky tens of millions of miles from the earth.

A round of glorious holy sun stood in the sky, illuminating the entire fairyland.

At this moment, Yinling Island made a direct Space Jump without warning, and this time it appeared in the sky hundreds of miles away from the land below.

“Master, I just noticed a strong wind that was enough to destroy the protective array of Yinling Island, triggering the early warning system.” Tizi quickly explained.

“It’s fine, let’s check which immortal domain it’s in first,” Xu Fan said, looking at the giant city in the distance.

β€œWhat happened to the grapes just now?” Xu Fan asked.

“When we passed through the outer wall of Immortal Realm, we were randomly placed in the sky of Immortal Realm because we didn’t have an effective Immortal Realm coordinate transmission.” Grape explained that this is the result he just got.

“It’s alright, it’s ok, once it’s born again.”

“Check the surrounding situation first.” Xu Fan said.

The location of Yinling Island is 100,000 kilometers away from the giant city, but this has also attracted the attention of many forces.

Before Xu Fan could send someone to investigate, seven or eight True Immortals appeared not far from Yinling Island.

They looked towards Yinling Island, both eager and a little wary.

“Dare to ask which forces come to my Tianli Giant City.” True Immortal, the leader, asked, with a wary expression.

Xu Fan’s silhouette appeared outside Yinling Island, looking at those True Immortal said with a smile: “I first came here, can you give me a place to stay and leave soon.”


He needs to find a quiet place to advance to the quasi-immortal.

Hearing Xu Fan’s words, those True Immortal relaxed.

“30 million miles east of here, there is a hurricane valley where your forces can settle down.”

“We will visit later and talk to Fellow Daoist about Tianli Giant The matter of the city.” True Immortal, headed by him, saluted.

“Okay, when I settle down in the valley, welcome the Fellow Daoists to visit.”

Xu Fan’s silhouette disappeared, and a Space Jump from Yinling Island flew towards the destination.

(End of this chapter)

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