My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 917

Chapter 917 Advancement to Quasi Immortal

Hurricane Valley has strange winds all year round, like ice and fire, sometimes like the spring breeze in April, sometimes more like the destruction of space, the collapse of Heaven and Earth .

There are strange beasts in the valley, transparent like flying fish, swimming in the hurricane valley like the sea.

But these were all gone the moment they came to Yinling Island.

Because Xu Fan made Yinling Island directly block the eye of the wind.

“Grape, give me Time Acceleration, I want to be promoted to the immortal.” Xu Fan said in the Small World dedicated to Time Acceleration in the source world.

His tone was expectant, a quasi-immortal would be an immortal anyway.

is the conversion of mortal dao to immortal dao, which represents a side world again.

“As you bid.”

At this moment, the True Immortals gathered together with solemn expressions in the giant city of Tianli.

“For better or for worse, there are foreign forces entering the giant city at this time,” said a True Immortal with a sigh.

“Whether it’s good or bad, we will definitely face what we should face.”

“It was really reckless for us to have enmity with the Dimu clan.” The woman in the peach-colored dress said, with a hint of sadness in her expression.

“Being interested, we Old Guys who have been in the True Immortal Realm world for hundreds of thousands of years, seeing such a glimmer of hope, how can we not do our best.” The True Immortal headed by a tall stature , The body under the heavy armor seems to have endless power.

β€œThe inheritance of the Great Firmament saints is just in line with the way of our majors. Even if our Old Guys have poor aptitudes, we can still produce a Golden Immortal.”


“Whether it’s in public or in private, those True Immortals of the Dimu clan should all be damned, but it’s a pity that one ran away in the end.”

“Now the Dimu clan army is approaching, Opposite is the Golden Immortal powerhouse, we can’t stop it,” said True Immortal, a woman in a peach-colored long dress.

“Like other giant cities asking for help, we can’t keep the inheritance of the Great Firmament saint.”

Speaking of this, the True Immortals had sad faces.

Just as the True Immortals were discussing, the sky above Yinling Island was shrouded by a compass.

On the compass, there are various manifestations of the Great Way.

Five Elements, yin and yang, reincarnation, chaos, time and space, time…

On the compass of the avenue, it is divided into three thousand areas by the scriptures of the avenue.

Some areas are fuzzy, and some areas have the shape of avenues manifesting.

At this time, all the sect disciple looked up towards the sky, all mouth opened wide.

Because they felt that there were hundreds of manifestations of the Dao that began to change sharply toward the immortal dao.

The breath emanating from the many avenues made all Disciples shiver coldly.

At this moment, the three thousand compass sounded Sound of Great Dao, as if to start from the ancient times of Heaven and Earth.

Above the three thousand compass, the area representing one grid of Chaos Avenue lights up.

All Disciple as if drunk and stupefied looked towards the sky, guided by the Sound of Great Dao, they seemed to have comprehend through chaos.

Then the time and space lights up, the Sound of Great Dao changes, and the journey of time and space is all in this Sound of Great Dao.

In the sect, a few Disciples majoring in space suddenly lit up with aura, and then a beam of light rose from their bodies, rushing towards the three thousand compass, just rushing to the space on the avenue of space. .

10 days later, the column of Great Dao of Reincarnation lights up, and Li Xing resigned and raised a gray beam of light.

Subsequent time passes, and every 10 days, the Sound of Great Dao will be changed, and the corresponding avenue will be displayed at the same time.

Every Disciple involved in the relevant avenues had beams of light pouring out of their bodies, and then their consciousness seemed to enter a fantasy space.

In the space, they are the incarnations of the Great Dao. From the beginning of their birth, from weak to strong, they are all immersive.

It went on like this for three years before the Sound of Great Dao in the sky stopped.

The three thousand compasses covering the entire Yinling Island returned to Xu Fan’s body.

A huge Immortal Spirit Energy surged from Xu Fan.

A formidable power that seems to have a shattering space between raising hands and feet.

“Grape, how long did it take me to break through?” Xu Fan, who was sitting in the small dojo at the main peak, opened his eyes and said.

It seems like an instant, and it is like an eternity, which makes Xu Fan somewhat forget the concept of time.

“There is only a quarter of an hour outside, and the entire Yinling Island has been subjected to Time Acceleration for three years.”

Xu Fan raised his hand lightly, and a compass with three thousand shriveled compass lines appeared in front of him. hands.

“Three thousand compasses, didn’t expect was really condensed by me.” Xu Fan’s eyes flashed with a hint of joy.

When you advance to the quasi-immortal level, you must condense the manifested things of your own avenue. The greater the formidable power condensed, the deeper the mystery, and the greater the future potential.

Originally, Xu Fan only wanted to condense a small compass with three hundred and sixty paths, which is completely sufficient and can be controlled.

But when he was condensing, he made a little mistake, he put out a trace of his True-Spirit Origin sacrificial offering, didn’t expect to automatically form a three thousand compass.

Xu Fan got up and walked to the edge of the cliff, watching the main peak sink up and down into the Disciple in the sudden enlightenment space, and smiled lightly.

“From now on, I will be a fairy!”

Xu Fan’s voice echoed throughout the Yinling Island.

“True Immortal 90,000 years, True Immortal 360,000 years, take your time, I’m not in a hurry.” Xu Fan said softly as he looked at Disciple on Yinling Island.

Arriving in the Immortal Realm, it is considered that he left the Novice Village and came to the big map. Here, he is not tall and can completely find a place outside the world.

360,000 years of talking more, more, less, less, no matter whether there is a Time Acceleration method, Xu Fan is sure to cultivate a few Golden Immortal and even Great Firmament, because he has seen where the scenery.

Xu Fan waved his hand lightly, and in an instant, more than 100,000 members of the Disciple and outer sect demons returned to their Cave Mansion.

His 3,000-track compass Sound of Great Dao is so powerful that anyone who has heard it probably won’t wake up for several decades.

At this moment, a voice sounded.

“Disciple congratulates the Great Elder on becoming a quasi-immortal.” A Disciple wearing a white robe appeared in front of Xu Fan through sect Transmission Formation.

“Zhang Xueling, didn’t expect you to wake up!” Xu Fan said in surprise.

This Disciple with a very low sense of existence, Xu Fan felt that he was about to forget.

“The way of majoring has reached Peak, and there is nothing to comprehend.” Zhang Xueling said respectfully.

“Then you don’t want to comprehend the other avenues.” Xu Fan looked at Zhang Xueling and said with satisfaction.

“Disciple doesn’t dare, for fear of accidentally sinking into it forever.” Zhang Xueling’s tone was a little fortunate.

“Know how to advance and retreat, yes, in the future sect, Golden Immortal, you will have a seat.” Xu Fan said with a nod.

“many thanks to the Great Elder for the compliment.”

“Since you are the only one sober now, the task of going out to explore is left to you.”

“I haven’t followed you for so many years, didn’t expect a big surprise for me.” Xu Fan said, feeling Zhang Xueling’s imposing manner.

At this time, Zhang Xueling stepped into the Great Ascension Realm with the opportunity of Sound of Great Dao.

Although it is just a first entry, it is enough to protect yourself in this area without Golden Immortal.

This is why Xu Fan gave him the task.

There are only two people in the sect who can move up and down. As the Great Elder, how can he do the task himself.

(End of this chapter)

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