My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 921

Chapter 921 The Lightless Realm

Xu Fan points to the place between the two giant cities.

Pang Fu looked at the location where Xu Fan pointed, looked left and right, but couldn’t feel anything special there.

Zhang Xueling next to it is expression changed.

“Is there any special feature of this place, the intimacy of Immortal Spirit, location, resources, and even that kind of wild city are few.” Pang Fu said.

“It’s not easy for others to pay attention when you hide in the most ordinary places.”

“When the time comes, I will set up a Transmission Formation to connect to the Golden City, Yinling Island. The location is completely blocked.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

At this moment, the Yinling Island that was sailing suddenly vibrated, and finally fell into darkness.

“We are passing through the realm of no light, and it is estimated that it will take three days.” The voice of grapes sounded.

At this time, Yinling Island was surrounded by a pure black protective array, preventing the light of Yinling Island from revealing a little.

“It said that there is a Dark Immortal Beast here, is it true?” Xu Fan said while looking at the information of the Lightless Realm.

“I detected traces of Immortal Beast in the Lightless Realm when I first came in. Would you like to grab one for the owner to see.” Grape said.

“Forget it, get out of here quickly.” Xu Fan shook the head.

At this time, a sword light suddenly came from the darkness and slashed heavily on the shield of Yinling Island.

A crack under the sword mark spread from the area where the shield was hit.

β€œGolden Immortal!” said Xu Fan frowned.

Suddenly a shadow with a fairy sword stood on the shield of the hidden Spirit Sect.

“A Golden Immortal can also be captured by the Lightless Realm.” Xu Fan sighed.

The information he read in the realm of no light said that this is the forbidden place of True Immortal. As long as you go deep into it, you will become an unconscious puppet in the realm of no light for a long time.

True Immortal and above can be worry-free in the realm of no light.

The realm of no light has existed since the birth of Muyuan Xianjie. It is said that only the existence of the cream of the crop in the fairyland cannot erase this realm of no light.

The shadow on the shield disappeared, and then a sword light slashed towards Yinling Island.

The cracks above the shield are a little more.

“Master, there are not many Golden Immortal puppets in the realm of no light, and the chance of encountering them is very low.” Grape whispered.

“So we’ve won the jackpot?” Xu Fan said, looking at the crack where the sword light fell.

At this level of attack, Yinling Island can defend itself for decades, but it only takes a little immortal jade.

“Accelerate, ignore it~”

“Follow your orders~”

That’s it, the sword light is about to go out of the lightless realm until the Yinling Island just stopped.

But just as Yinling Island is about to leave the Lightless Realm, to be exact, half of it has already emerged, and another sword light is slashing towards Yinling Island.

It’s just that the formidable power of this time sword light is very large, and it directly smashes the First Layer shield and chops it onto the Third Layer shield.

After the sword light disappeared, a space ring was embedded in the defense array of Yinling Island.

Xu Fan waved his hand lightly, and the space ring appeared in his hand.

“Is this compensation?” Xu Fan said with a smile.

In the end, everything in the space ring was poured out.

A glowing jade slip floated in front of Xu Fan’s eyes as if it had spirituality.

Gently click on the jade slip, and the content will be projected to in midair.

It turned out that the Golden Immortal, who was holding the fairy sword, was chased and killed in the realm of no light.

But before he became a puppet, his consciousness was sober for a moment, and he acted as a backhand for it.

“Halloween Fairy Gate, sword dao peak, 67th generation Eldest Senior Brother, Xie Wuhen.”

“There is also a lovely Little Junior Sister, who traveled to the fairyland and discovered After getting a chance, he was seriously injured by sneak attack, and then entered the realm of no light.”

“I just want to send his token to the Xianmen of All Saints and inform him of the situation, and only someone will give him a heavy thank you. .” Xu Fan said looking at the content in jade slip.

“Play this carefully in front of my Formation Great Grandmaster.”

Xu Fan took out the token in Xie Wuhen’s space ring, released the seal array directly, and sealed it inside.

“On this little cultivation, I want to learn from other people’s rebirth.”

A trace of True Spirit sealed in this token, as long as the right person touches it, can trigger the gods Yu released that trace of True Spirit body possession.

The above said that all the Halloween Xianmen and Xie Wuhen are fake, just to let them relax their vigilance.

Xu Fan wanted to put this token in the treasure house.

After thinking about it, I have nothing to do anyway, so I might as well have some fun.

Xu Fan stepped out and came to the Small World with Spirit Tree.

Xu Fan took out 100 immortal jade and threw it under the Spirit Tree root.

“Help me cultivate an asexual body that is suitable for body possession and has no spirit root.” Xu Fan said.

Through the Spirit Tree, I swayed the tree slightly, because the glowing fruit quickly condensed, and then grew bigger and bigger.

Finally, the fruit burst open, and a featureless body fell to the ground.

Xu Fan took out the sealed token and introduced a trace of True Spirit into the body.

It didn’t take long for the body to slowly open its eyes.

Then looked around, and finally set his eyes on Xu Fan.

“Fellow Daoist, please spare my life!!”

The body knelt down without any discipline, and kowtowed to Xu Fan.

“Sorry for mercy, I’ve been bored recently, tell me your story.”

Heaven and Earth spun, and the two of them appeared in the Xu Fan small courtyard in the blink of an eye. middle.

The body was also put on a normal daoist robe.

“I wanted to send the space ring out of the lightless realm, but didn’t expect to be picked up by Fellow Daoist.”

“Fortune plays with people fell into the hands of Fellow Daoist, It can only become meat on the board.” The body sighed said.

“There is generally nothing wrong with your plan, but it’s just that you were unlucky enough to meet me.”

“Let’s get to the point, please tell your tragic story.” Xu Fan Some gossip looked towards the man.

“Halloween Immortal Sect is fake, but my identity as Golden Immortal is real, Huanxianmen, Luo Sheng.”

“My friends were chased and killed together and entered Wuguang. He was seriously injured, so I sealed the True Spirit in the token for a little bit of life,” Luo Sheng said.

“Why are you being hunted down? It’s a chance, or something good.” Xu Fan asked with interest.

β€œAn Immortal Spirit Secret Realm, the Great Firmament Saint Land of the Fallen, in which we found an acquired Spirit Treasure, Akabane’s blood light map.”

β€œ He sealed himself in the Spirit Treasure the day after tomorrow and couldn’t break the array. He had no choice but to go outside and ask the Formation Great Grandmaster to break the array.”

“But after the Immortal Spirit Secret Realm came out, we ran into the enemy. , and then he was chased into the realm of no light.” Luo Sheng said helplessly.

A very popular little story, and Xu Fan can’t fault it.

But in the eyes of Xu Fan’s faint smile, Luo Sheng was defeated.

“What I said about Fellow Daoist is true. I can tell Fellow Daoist the location of the Immortal Spirit Secret Realm.” Luo Sheng said firmly.

“This story can’t satisfy me~”

“And your level of storytelling is very poor. Tell me when you think about it.”

Xu Fan drank tea and looked at Luo Sheng.

Luo Sheng is just Golden Immortal. He said that there is no sense of surprise in Spirit Treasure the day after tomorrow, and even the name is very poor.

So Xu Fan just listened to it as a little story.

(End of this chapter)

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