My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 922

Chapter 922 Peak Forces and Race

“Let’s continue editing, I’ll see how many versions of the story you can tell.” Xu Fan laughed and looked at Luo Sheng in front of him.

Luo Sheng felt the body possessed by the body, and suddenly looked towards Xu Fan reluctantly.

It seems that everything is controlled by the quasi-immortal in front of him.

Although I am a little unwilling, I have to accept my fate.

“I was originally named Golden Immortal Disciple as a follower of a Great Firmament saint.”

“Because my master fell in battle in the outer realm of the fairyland, and was ordered to protect the true Fairy heir from growing in danger. “

“Finally, with the inheritance left by the Great Firmament saint, my Junior Brother advanced to the Golden Immortal, but was found by the enemy again.”

“Finally relying on The acquired Spirit Treasure left by the Master hid in the realm of no light, the Junior Brother became the puppet of the realm of no light, and I met the Fellow Daoist by chance by virtue of the token that controlled my origin.” Luo Sheng looked at Xu Fan said.

Although he is no longer a golden immortal cultivator, his eyesight is still there.

The owner of the Great Immortal boat in front of him belongs to Heaven’s Chosen, the kind of cream of the crop in the fairy world, and there may be some great character behind him.

So in line with the universality, whoever you follow is not chasing whoever, the one in front of you is a very good target.

“Make it up if you want to, tell the truth.” Xu Fan felt a little bored, but he found one important piece of information.

“Where is Spirit Treasure now~” Xu Fan asked.

“After repeated use by the new Old Master, it was not properly maintained. It was hunted down and finally damaged. It was discarded in the foreign domain of the lightless.” Luo Sheng said that if he wants to repair the acquired Spirit Treasure, he needs to find a master craftsman. , then there is absolutely no need to fix it.

“Where did you throw it away! Bring me back now!” Xu Fan frowned said, the damaged acquired Spirit Treasure is also the acquired Spirit Treasure, and it can still be used after it is repaired.

“In a Sea Territory in the Foreign Domain of the Lightless Domain, not far from here.”

A light curtain appeared in front of Luo Sheng, which was the map around the Lightless Domain.

Rason points to a Sea Territory.

β€œTizi, go to this location~” Xu Fan said.

“Follow your orders.”

“Fellow Daoist, your Artifact Spirit is truly extraordinary, and the Spirit Tree that nurtured my body.” Luo Sheng said with a smile .

Xu Fan nodded and ignored Luo Sheng.

“Fellow Daoist, after I help you find the damaged Spirit Treasure, can you let me go.” Na Luosheng said tentatively, following Xu Fan is only one of his choices, of course Freedom is more important.

“You asked me if I could let you go.” Xu Fan looked at Luo Sheng and narrowed his eyes with a smile.

The person in front of him was once a Golden Immortal, a Golden Immortal who followed the Great Firmament saint, and he must know a lot of secrets in the fairy world.

So Xu Fan intends to keep him by his side for now, he he tea chat.

Xu Fan waved his hand, Heaven and Earth Great Dao of Five Elements condensed.

Two cups of Dao Tea appeared, Xu Fan pushed a cup in front of Luo Sheng.

“It’s impossible to let you go, you can feel at ease, stay in my sect, nothing to do, he he tea and chat.”

“Maybe I’ll be happy one day. I let you go.” Xu Fan laughed.

“That’s fine, but can Fellow Daoist transform my body into a male body with a spirit root.” Luo Sheng said, after occupying this body, he always felt awkward, although he didn’t reject it, But when he thinks of nothing under his crotch, with his Golden Immortal several millions years of state of mind, he can’t help but collapse a little.

“There’s no rush to drink tea and chat.”

Xu Fan’s smile suddenly made Luo Sheng feel the purpose of this Heaven’s Chosen keeping him by his side.

“The tea of the Great Dao, the last time I drank it was 20,000 years ago.” Luo Sheng said with some nostalgia.

“I first came to Muyuan Immortal Realm. Could Fellow Daoist tell me about the powers and races of the cream of the crop in this Immortal Realm.” Xu Fan’s face was like it’s time for you to act .

β€œThere are only a few of Peak’s forces, Wandao Pavilion, Tianding Chamber of Commerce, Dragon Immortal Palace, Heavenly Demon Valley, Ancient God Mountain, these are all Great Influences that span other immortal worlds.”


“As for race, we Human Race, Monster Race, Ancient God, Dimu, Rakshasa, the Sea God Clan, and others are also powerful, but it doesn’t matter.” Luo Sheng said.

“The Dimu clan united with other races to oppress the Human Race living space, wouldn’t it be the above races?” Xu Fan had some ominous premonitions.

“Except for Ancient God Clan, all others.”

“Once the racial war begins, it will be fought for at least thousands of years.”

” However, both sides understand that no one can destroy the other, and after the fight is almost the same, there will be a tacit understanding of recuperation, which has been the case in the fairy world for billions of years.” Luo Sheng looked like he was not surprised.

“How many years does this kind of battle take place?” Xu Fan asked curiously.

“One to two million years, the time is uncertain.”

“The Dimu clan is stronger than the Dimu clan, the Human Race is stronger than the Human Race, and the Monster Race is stronger than the Monster. Race.”

“In these millions of years, Human Race has been beaten for the second time.”

“The two sides will at most pull out the Great Firmament saint, and the level will go up. All of them are secret games.”

“If nothing else, the open and secret chess of each clan has already been laid out, and it depends on who has the better means.”

” In my opinion, Fellow Daoist is the Human Race Peak Heaven’s Chosen, maybe some big boss secretly used it as a pawn.” Luo Sheng said, what he said was the truth, since he decided to follow the Human Race Peak Heaven’s Chosen in front of him, in his words, He no longer hides.

Xu Fan was stunned for a moment, and suddenly felt a sense of being manipulated, as if there were a pair of invisible hands behind his back to provoke him.

“Take me as a pawn?” Xu Fan smiled slightly, not very concerned.

“If the Fellow Daoist just ascended to the Immortal Realm, the probability is still a little lower.” Luo Sheng laughed and said.

β€œHow powerful is Dragon Clan in this fairy world?” Xu Fan asked.

“The Dragon Immortal Palace is the Dragon Clan Converging Ground. According to the previous owner, there is only one True Dragon guarded by the Great Firmament mirror, and the rest have returned to the original fairyland of Dragon Clan.” Luo Sheng said.

“Grape, let the Spirit Tree condense the male body of one or five spirit roots, and let Luo Sheng have body possession.” Xu Fan smiled and waved Luo Sheng back to the source world Small World.

“As soon as I came to the Immortal Realm, I was exposed to a war on the level of ten thousand years, which is really enough.” Xu Fan said speechlessly.

At this time, Yinling Island has come to Sea Territory, and a Space Jump appeared in another sea surface and stopped on the sea surface.

“As expected of a fairyland, a Sea Territory alone can hold half a Flying Feather Realm, but I don’t know what treasures are in this Sea Territory.” Xu Fan looked at this vast Sea Territory said.

“Does the master need to investigate?” The grape’s voice sounded.

“Send some cheap puppets.” Xu Fan said, looking at the rough sea.

β€œAs you bid.”

Swarms of Integration Realm puppets burst into the sea.

Not long after, an ordinary-looking man came to the Xu Fan small courtyard in a spirit boat.

β€œFellow Daoist, how about I join your sect as an Elder.” said Luo Sheng, who has changed gender.

(End of this chapter)

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