My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 931

Chapter 931 is right!

Xiong Li brought a team of quasi-immortal Disciple to Jinqicheng.

“Meet the guards of True Immortal, I have been ordered by the Great Elder to open the gate of immortality to recruit Disciple.” Xiong Li said with a straight face.

He was very happy to be able to do tasks for sect, but unfortunately it was all such tasks that didn’t need to be done, and he was also a little disappointed.

After the quasi-immortal cultivator is solid, it’s not fun to just play with the Junior Brothers.

“Welcome, I hope you have been together for a long time.” Shang Ling said with a wide-eyed smile.

30 million became 50 million, and the Millennium Assessment was not only not punished, but even rewarded.

Why doesn’t this make him happy?

So early in the morning, Ling Ling brought the representatives of the Great Influence in Jinqicheng to welcome Xiong Li.

Outside the city of Jinqi, the grasslands that had no one to care about were now crowded with people.

All are parents who bring their children to the test.

At this time, countless mortals or low-level knowledge of cultivation base looked up and looked towards the two groups of people gathered in the sky.

“Is that the immortal who came to recruit us?” said one of the children expectantly.

Cultivation and immortal are not mysterious for mortals in the fairy world, and even some simple cultivation techniques can be seen everywhere.

But generally those who are desperate and aptitude will go to cultivation those cultivation techniques.

The proper way for most people to cultivate is either to join the sect or to join the Cultivation Family.

“Yes, when the time comes these immortals will test you. As long as you perform well, you can be like them in the future.” A middle-aged and ordinary man said expectantly to his son.

“Don’t worry, Dad, I will definitely behave well, and I won’t embarrass you.” The child nodded to the man sensible.

“Is it convenient to wait for a child with spirit root to test?” Xiong Li said politely.

“Yes, these children can take your sect’s quiz at any time,” said Shang Ling.

Xiong force nodded, and then tapped into the distance.

Two huge bronze gates appeared in the sky, and then fell into the earth.

The two bronze gates are thousands of zhang in width and three zhang in height, exuding a mysterious and unfathomable atmosphere.

Then one bronze door lit up with azure aura and another with red aura.

“Any child who takes the test will enter the azure aura bronze door. After the test, it will be directly transferred to the hidden Spirit Sect. Those who fail the test will come out from the red aura bronze door.”

in the sky Xiong’s strong voice sounded, and the deafening sound traveled thousands of miles.

“Your sect is a good means~” said True Immortal, with admiration.

This hand alone is hundreds of thousands of times stronger than those small sects.

“This is the Spatial Teleportation door specially refined by sect to recruit Disciple.” Xiong Li said with a smile, and then directed Disciple behind him to go to the bronze door to maintain order.

At this moment, Xiong Li discovered that none of the children who first entered the bronze gate had passed, and then received news from grapes.

It is said that most of these children are arranged by those forces in Jincheng City, with bad intentions, trying to disintegrate the hidden Spirit Sect.

When Xiong Li received the news, his face was angry.

“Which is the representative of the Xiao family?” Xiong Li raised his head and looked towards the group of people behind Shang Ling.

“I am, what is the order of the messenger of Xianmen?” A man in a blue robe stood up and said.

“Xiao Fei, Xiao Peng, Xiao Lingyun, Xiao Hong, each of these names sounds more atmospheric, but the intention of joining my sect is one more disgusting.” Xiong Li looked at the idiot His eyes looked at the representative of Xiao Family’s strength.

Xiao Family’s strength represents a small look in his eyes, and he said calmly, “I don’t understand what the envoy of Xianmen means.”

“Steal my sect cultivation technique and seduce my sect. Chief Disciple, you have found out the information and plan to unite with the Great Influences in the city to break my immortal gate and take my immortal boat.” Xiong Li’s expression gradually became angry.

Shangling’s face changed, and he looked back angrily towards the representatives of these family forces.

He thought that even if these families were careful, they would at most use the hidden Spirit Sect to cultivate their children.

But absolutely didn’t expect, they wanted to dig deep.

“Impossible, how can you find out? I specially asked the Array Grandmaster to engrave the phantom Formation in their minds.” A representative of the family power said in a voiceless voice, with a little horror in his eyes.

“Don’t be so angry, the messengers of Xianmen, these are what you said, but we didn’t do the same, and they are just a group of children.”

“There are all possibilities in the future, So I hope Guixianmen can give these children another chance and let him join your sect.”

A family force representative of the True Immortal Peak cultivation base, exuding an imposing manner, pressed Xiong Li body.

In the end, representatives of several other forces exuded imposing manners.

At this moment, those True Immortal who exuded imposing manner, suddenly complexion big change, retracted their imposing manner one after another, and looked in the direction of the hidden Spirit Sect in horror.

For a moment just now, they felt terrified, as if they would fall into a land of eternal damnation in the next second.

“Grape, I will handle this matter.” Xiong Li secretly gave the grape bunch a hand.

“Okay, I’ll be watching at any time. As long as there is an unexpected situation, I’ll activate the killer.”

Hearing Grape’s reply, Xiong Li showed a hint of Smile.

“The messenger of Xianmen, this time is my negligence, you don’t need to worry about those children who have been eliminated.”

Shang Ling looked behind him again, and said angrily: “Before I I warned you, I really don’t dare to attack you!”

The True Immortal escort in the Golden City began to move closer to the representatives of the family power.

At this time, a group of guards wearing various Great Family costumes appeared outside the golden city gate.

Shangling still wanted to speak, but was stopped by Xiong Li.

“You want me to take this group of eliminated children into the sect.” Xiong Li suddenly asked with a smile.

“Yes, the Xianmen messenger finally figured it out.”

“As long as you recruit these children into the Inner Sect and teach the core cultivation techniques, then we will be an alliance in the future. Only the Spirit Sect is the main thing.” True Immortal, who threatened Xiong Li just now, said with a faint smile.

The moment of terror just now made him feel that this sector is not simple, so he speaks a lot softer now.

“I want to get these children into the Inner Sect, easy!”

Finally, Xiong Li pointed to the distant mountains.

“In a fight, as long as your clan forces can beat me, I will accept these Disciples into the Inner Sect, I don’t know if you dare.” Xiong Li suddenly said with a big white tooth, his body was radiating Out of the ancient atmosphere, fighting intent Ling Ran.

“It’s not good, it’s based on the cultivation base of the messenger’s quasi-immortal, all accidentally,…”

“Don’t worry, it doesn’t matter whether you live or die, you just need to be bold.” Xiong Li Fierce eyes swept across the group of family power representatives.

“As far as I know, your sect is the Great Elder, why don’t you ask him to be a witness.”

After the hidden Spirit Sect fell into the Jinqicheng area, those shrewd The family has spent a lot of effort exploring the hidden Spirit Sect’s information.


“Better than my sect chief, I promise your terms.”

Xu Fan’s voice resounded in the sky.

(End of this chapter)

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