My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 932

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Many chambers of commerce representatives heard Xu Fan’s voice, and the complexity changed slightly.

They’re all out-of-date families, or they wouldn’t be staying in Gold City.

Xiong Li waved his hand gently, the daoist robe on his body turned into a heavy armor, and a thunderous giant hammer appeared in his hand.

“Let’s go, by the way, let the guardian of True Immortal be a witness.” Xiong Li revealed killing intent in the eyes of those family representatives.

“Let’s go then, we also want to see the battle strength of your sector Chief Disciple.”

“Let’s see if we can kill our group of True with the quasi-immortal cultivator Immortal.” The representative of the leading family force chuckled.

Who does he think he is, chief of those Peak’s Immortal Sect Holy Land?

The quasi-immortal battle True Immortal, or a group of True Immortal Peaks.

Then everyone flew in the direction pointed by Xiong Li.

In front of the huge bronze gate, the thousands of soldiers who were commanding puppets to maintain order glanced at the back of Xiong Li’s departure.

“Eldest Senior Brothers know what they want to be stubborn, and they probably have to die.” Ten thousand soldiers shook his head and said.

“Senior Brother Qian, should we go and help Eldest Senior Brother pick a spot, that’s a group of True Immortal Peaks.” Another secret Spirit Sect Disciple said.

“Don’t go, be careful to be splattered with blood.” Thousands of soldiers persuaded, and then shouted to the crowd.

“Parents who escort do not go over the fence, let the child walk through the bronze gate by himself.”

“Entering the fairy gate will not be a farewell, you can also go home to visit.” Ten thousand soldiers Looking at the parents who want to part with their children said.

“One team of boys, one team of girls!”

While maintaining order, the ground suddenly shook.

On the mountains in the distance, a chaotic golden body of Five Elements with a high zhang, with golden flames burning in his eyes, looked at the representative of the family who was hammered by him to the point where there was no slag left.

Five Elements chaotic golden body closed the hammer and looked at the frightened family representative in the distance and said, “Next!” The courage of the family representative.

This is a fucking immortal!

This battle strength is quasi-immortal! !

Many representatives of family powers were directly suspicious of life by this hammer.

True Immortal Peak, with two immortal artifacts on his body, was directly smashed into slag by a hammer.

The representatives of many families looked at each other, and said in unison: “The messenger of Xianmen, we have served, please give us a little time, and we will come to apologize in the future.”

“I said, next!”

Xiong Li’s eyes were burning with fighting intent, his belief was that anyone who hurt or dared to hurt the sect should be damned.

“Envoy of the Immortal Sect, don’t go too far, it’s not good for anyone to continue.” said a representative of the family power.

At this time, there were a few more people in the mountains, it was the patriarchs of those families.

“A person who doesn’t even have a sect for the Golden Immortal, should our families be afraid of you and say a compliment or two?”

These patriarchs distribute The temperament that came out was obviously stronger than those of the family representatives just now.

They didn’t want to appear at first, but Xiong Li’s hammer made them afraid.

If they don’t suppress Xiong’s power today, they won’t be able to call the shots in this golden city in the future.

“Just now, I was thinking about how to force you out. Now that you’re here, let’s start.”

“It’s still the agreement just now, if you can beat me, I will call back the sects of the eliminated children.”

Xiong Li has been maintaining the Five Elements chaotic golden body, and his imposing manner has become more and more powerful.

“Okay, let me see if you, the quasi-immortal chief of your sect, can take turns to fight against our group of patriarchs.” Xiao Family patriarch stood up and said, with a little anger in his eyes.

The one who was smashed with a hammer just now was the representative of their family.

“You are Xiao Family patriarch!”

“Then please come and die!!”

thousand zhang Five Elements Chaos golden body with hammer Point to Xiao Family patriarch.

“If you want to die, I will fulfill you!” Xiao Family patriarch said angrily, stepping forward.

Then turned into a huge Golden Crow Divine Bird, and the whole area turned into a golden fire field.

A cry resounded for thousands of miles, and the Golden Crow Divine Bird rushed towards Xiong Li carrying the golden fire domain.

“Old Xiao’s Golden Crow has become a master. I think when we were still Great Ascension Realm, this kid entered the Great Ascension Realm invincible in advance with this cultivation technique. He was evaluated by others. The most likely person in our family to advance to the Golden Immortal,” said one patriarch.

“Don’t think about the past, I can’t do what I’m doing right now. If I can’t hold down that sect, all of our families will be unlucky.” Another patriarch frowned said.

The two have already fought. At the beginning, it was the Golden Crow pressing the chaotic golden body of thousands zhang Five Elements.

The imposing manner was so large and the fire field was so strong that the spectators thought that the Golden Crow Divine Bird was about to suppress the golden body.

Xu Fan, watching the battle in the Hidden Spirit Sect, couldn’t help but curl one’s lip.

“Looks like, Divine Beast has only reached 30% of the cultivation, so he dares to come out and show shame.”

“Master, do you want to help Xiong Li, or let me go. Let’s settle down!” Xu Gang said with some itchy hands.

“Help me, watch by my side, this is our first battle in the immortal world, and we must play imposing manner.”

“I gave Xiong Li a moment ago. The order was given, and there was a patriarch behind, and a lot of them all had to be slag.” Xu Fan said.

If it’s just to take advantage of it, it’s okay to come to the sect and steal some resources of the cultivation technique. They can’t enter the sect anyway.

But that group of families wanted to dig up the ancestral grave of the hidden Spirit Sect, and there was a well-planned plan from top to bottom.

How can you spare them like this, how can you prevent thieves for a thousand days.

“Master, this task is too heavy, let me go, I’m afraid Xiong Li can’t handle it.” Xu Gang said eagerly.

“There will be opportunities for you to play in the future. As for whether you can carry it, I don’t know!” Xu Fan said with a smile.

At this time, the Golden Crow Divine Bird couldn’t attack, the imposing manner was a little disordered, and the golden dazzling fire area was also a little dim.

On the contrary, under the attack of Golden Crow Divine Bird, the chaotic golden body of thousands zhang Five Elements, the more imposing manner, the stronger.

Only at this time did the fighting Xiong Li feel the advantage of his cultivation.

Firstly, it is able to withstand the attack, and then counterattack, making the enemy desperate with the strongest defensive power.

“Emissary of Immortal Gate, how are we here.” Golden Crow Divine Bird of attack for a long time without any success said.

“I said before the war that I will do my best, and it will be a matter of life and death.”

A voice like a god and demon sounded, and a giant golden hand suddenly broke open and surrounded the Golden Crow. The fire field around Divine Bird.

He directly grabbed the Golden Crow Divine Bird’s head.

The fire domain broke open, revealing the huge body of the Golden Crow Divine Bird.

“Everyone, patriarchs, get ready and see who will shoot next.”

Then the giant hand suddenly squeezed the Golden Crow Divine Bird’s head.

A scream resounded between Heaven and Earth, followed by a headless corpse in the ground that was burned to the point of crystallization.


Xiong Li’s voice like a god and demon sounded, just now he received a message from the Great Elder.

If you don’t have the strength, you dare to think about the hidden Spirit Sect, you must die.

The patriarchs glanced at each other, and their hearts rose.

(End of this chapter)

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