My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 933

Chapter 933 Kill!

At this moment, a Formation large enough to cover a radius of 10,000 miles fell.

The Formation also incorporates the Yang Power spell of the Moon Yin Saint, and there are more than 10,000 pieces.

More than 10,000 pieces of Yang Power spells, which can destroy them 10 times.

“Give you a chance, let’s shoot together, I die, Formation disappears, it’s all over.”

“Except for guarding True Immortal, the rest of you will die or I will die. .” The expression on Xiong Li’s face was a little crazy, and the flame of fighting intent was burning wildly in his eyes.

The Great Elder told him that being able to kill these people means that he has surpassed his own limits, and his battle strength and realm will rise to another level.

as the saying goes

“One person to challenge all of our patriarchs, the chief of your sect is really arrogant!”

“Don’t think that you can challenge all of us by killing the Xiao Family patriarch!”

Both the patriarch and the family representatives were angry, feeling insulted by a quasi-immortal.

“Shangling True Immortal, it’s not that we don’t talk about martial arts, it’s the one who said it first to challenge our group.” Because patriarch looked at the contemplative Shangling and said.

“Ah! You can do whatever he says, anyway, after this incident, your family will be finished.” Shang Ling said in response.

He was just thinking about how to recycle these families.

Converting the family property of these families into immortal jade is 37 points or 46 points with the hidden Spirit Sect.

Those patriarchs just glanced at Shang Ling and didn’t say much, and then launched an imposing manner to kill Xiong Li.

Heaven and Earth sounded for a while, and the earth in this area began to tremble suddenly.

The aftermath of the battle strikes again and again to trap their Formation.

This area flickers on and off like a light bulb, tinting the sky in a variety of colors.

“Eldest Senior Brother is happy this time~” said the hidden Spirit Sect Disciple who maintained the order, looking at the changing color of the sky in the distance.

“Eldest Senior Brother is itchy for a while, not because the four-armed Shinra is in the sudden enlightenment, otherwise the fighting intent of Eldest Senior Brother would not be so strong.” Another hidden Spirit Sect Disciple said with a smile.

As the two of them spoke, the earth suddenly shook again.

“Don’t panic, there are immortals discussing in the distance, and it won’t affect us here.” The hidden Spirit Sect Disciple who spoke, waved his hand to comfort the mortals participating in the Sect Examination.

A crisp bell rang, and the gentle bell seemed to be in a dream.

All the children who were scared to cry by the vibration just now stopped crying and listened to the crisp ringtone attentively.

“Soothing the Gods, this kind of Lesser Divine Ability, my brother has practiced well!” The Spirit Sect Disciple said with a smile just now.

“My Dao Companion gave birth to a pair of little cotton jackets for me some time ago, which was specially designed to coax them into learning.” A gentle smile appeared on his face.

“I shouldn’t have asked~” The single dog fed by one sentence was a little angry.

At this time in the Formation, Xiong Li, who is fighting, is not good.

That thousand zhang Five Elements Chaos Gold was covered with all kinds of scars.

The body in the Five Elements Chaos Golden Body was also impacted and suffered some internal injuries.

But these are all within the bear’s range.

Xiong Li’s fighting intent is getting higher and higher, and his consciousness is getting clearer and clearer.

In the one-to-many melee, his battle awareness seemed to be sublimated.

The many True Immortals seem to have become a cage, as long as you can break it, you can see a new world.

He swung his hammer with all his might, directly forcing back the patriarchs who came forward.

In the end, another hammer was unexpectedly unexpected and hit a family representative who wanted to sneak attack behind him.

“Fourth!” Xiong Li’s dull voice resounded in the Array Space, putting enough pressure on the patriarch and family representatives.

“Don’t keep your hands, or we will all die!” a patriarch said, and then Human and Sword Unity turned into a thousand zhang giant sword and slashed at Xiong Li.

Finally, those patriarchs have inspired the Divine Ability with the strongest formidable power.

Xiong Li looked at these True Immortals who were shooting with all their strength, with a strange look in his eyes.

“Incarnate the world with one’s body, and trap all spirits.”

With the angry roar of Xiong’s power, the chaotic golden body of Five Elements burst open.

The exploding golden body directly opened up a new Small World, trapping all True Immortals like him attacking.

Then endless chains of Chaos emerged from the void, winding towards the representatives of the patriarch family like serpents.

“Break this Small World, or we’ll all die!” a patriarch said angrily, a group of True Immortal Peaks was forced to this point by a quasi-immortal.

But the patriarch tone barely fell and was entangled in endless chains of chaos.

Xiong Li’s real body appeared, holding a chaotic color ball in his hand, which was the Small World condensed by his Five Elements chaotic golden body.

At this moment, his face was pale, and he couldn’t stop spitting out a mouthful of blood.

But after spitting up blood like this, he still had a triumphant smile on his face.

He looked towards the small ball in his hand that was condensed by the Five Elements Chaos Golden Body, and then grabbed it suddenly.

“From the first full meal I had at the age of 6, I swore to guard the sect gate to the death.”

“Those who commit my sect will be killed!”

The sound of “peng”.

The Small World shatters, and the True Immortal trapped in it all perish in the shattered space.

A dozen fairy artifacts and dozens of space Dao Items fell from the sky, these are the magic weapons represented by the patriarch and family forces.

“As far as I know, there are still three patriarchs who haven’t come, so I’ll have to guard the True Immortal.” Xiong Li said politely.

“No problem, I will press them to appear in your sect in three days.” Said the spirit slowly recovers, who had been stunned by Xiong Li’s sturdy battle strength.

He looked towards Xiong Li in shock.

“Emissary of the Immortal Gate, did you advance from the Supreme Realm to the Quasi Immortal?” Shang Ling couldn’t help but asked curiously.

He had heard of this kind of legend before, from breakthrough to quasi-immortal, True Immortal, killing the same level is like killing a dog, skipping grades to battle is as simple as drinking water and eating .

“Of course not, otherwise it would be so hard to kill this group of True Immortals.” Xiong Li shook his head and said.

This kind of battle is a matter of waving if the Peak Masters of the Great Elder go into action.

Xiong Li vomited a mouthful of blood after the internal injury swelled up. He couldn’t help but took out a bottle of medicine pill from the space ring, took it as much as he could, and said in his mouth, “It’s the first time. I’m so seriously injured.”

“Guard True Immortal, I’m going there to maintain order, you can do what you want.” Xiong Li finished speaking and released a message from the space ring. A small spirit boat.

The strongest Divine Ability was used just now, consuming all his power, and he was no longer able to move in space.

“Understood, I’ll go back to the city to deal with the follow-up.”

Seeing Xiong Li’s performance, he decided to split the account.

He is three, and the hidden Spirit Sect is seven.

At this time, the Disciples watching the live broadcast in the Spirit Sect were all applauding Xiong Li.

“Grape, I will arrange more tasks like this in the future.” Xu Gang told Grape secretly.

(End of this chapter)

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