My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 934

Chapter 934

After a sigh of anger, Xiong Li comfortably returned to the bronze door to maintain order.

Although he has internal injuries, he still has leisure and elegance, and chooses a good seedling of body refinement among this group of children.

“Eldest Senior Brother, I watched the replay of that fight just now.”

“Awesome, especially when the ball was crushed at the end, it could be regarded as our sect. Famous scene.”

“Those who commit my sect will be killed!”

“This sentence will definitely be the famous saying of our sect~” said Wan Bing with some envy.

The rampage fighting style is not suitable for him, if he is equipped with True Immortal level puppets to deal with a group of True Immortals, he has to stretch the entire battle line to the level of thousands of miles, otherwise it is not good Let him play.

But under that circumstance, there is no way to say such a handsome, so imposing word.

“Is he so handsome~” Xiong Li touched the chin and said after the battle just now.

The more I think about it, the stronger the smile on my face~

At this moment, a thin child who was queuing in the distance fell to the ground.

“Just now, don’t faint when you get up, just hold on, you won’t be hungry after entering the fairy gate!” shouted a thin woman outside the railing.

The child who was planted on the ground seemed to hear the mother’s call and tried to struggle to get up, but tried several times without success.

The child next to him wanted to help, but found that the weak child was unusually heavy, and the three children tried their best to not float up.

“A thousand-point battle body?”

The fallen child attracted the attention of the two, thousands of soldiers looked thoughtful.

“Do you have anything to eat? I know you like to bring spiritual food and jerky.” Xiong Li looked at the thousands of soldiers and said.

Millions of soldiers hearing this took out a small piece of beef jerky and a cup of bamboo spirit water.

“This mortal can still bear it.” Ten thousand soldiers said.

Xiong Li took the beef jerky and bamboo forest water and walked towards the fallen child.

One step across the kilometer, Xiong Li appeared in front of the fallen child.

He lifted up one hand gently and fed the child a little bamboo forest water first.

Until the child had some strength, Xiong Li held the beef jerky in front of the child’s eyes.

“I was just like you when I was dizzy when I was a child. You eat this small piece of beef jerky and try to pass the sect assessment.”

“As long as you enter the sect, you will never I’m going to starve.”

Xiong Li looked at the thin 8-year-old child and said gently.

I don’t know which sentence inspired the child. He took the beef jerky in Xiong Li’s hand and started to chew, with rays of light of hope in his eyes.

Just as Xiong Li was about to leave, the child spoke.

“Immortal, do you still have this beef jerky? I’m not full.” The weak child said humbly.

At this time, a piece of beef jerky that weighed one kilogram flew in the distance, and Xiong Li took it and handed it directly to the child.

As a result, it was eaten up again in a short time.

The child wanted to, but was stopped by Xiong Li.

“It’s almost your turn to take the test. Whether you pass or not, I’ll treat you to a full meal.” Xiong Li patted the boy on the shoulder and said.

“Okay, immortal, my name is Wu Gang, what’s your name?” Wu Gang said.

“My name is Xiong Li, and you may call me Eldest Senior Brother in the future.” Xiong Li returned to the bronze door after speaking.

After half a month, Xu Fan had some troubles in the hidden Spirit Sect.

“didn’t expect that the quality of the mortals in the immortal world is so high that there are 80 million Disciples that passed the First Layer assessment.” Xu Fan said, if they are recruited, the hidden Spirit Sect’s finances will definitely be tight.

“Master, now the 40 million newcomer Disciples have been arranged properly, and the remaining 43 million Disciples are on the way.”

“If all are recruited, the ones in our sect will be The Spirit Gathering Array has to be upgraded, otherwise it is easy to fail to keep up with the consumption.” Grape reported.

“This step is obviously a bit big!” Xu Fan suddenly regretted agreeing to the god’s request.

At this time, academy was built in the previously undeveloped areas of the Spirit Sect.

Some are by the lake and some are inland of the grassland.

Some are on the mountains and some are by the long river.

According to Xu Fan’s plan, one Academy with 500,000 people and 100 Academy directly can handle the 50 million Disciples.

“The Academy will be expanded to 200 seats, and those children will be randomly assigned after they come in.”

“The Inner Sect assessment will be conducted in fifty years.” Xu Fan thought for a while and said.

Speaking of which he doesn’t believe that the 80 million newly recruited Disciples completely meet the criteria for recruiting inner sect disciples at Flying Feather Realm.

To sum up the reasons, Xu Fan feels that it may be because of the atmosphere of the fairyland.

Focus on sect, give Immortal Path, give cultivation technique, and enjoy the benefits of its sect.

When the sect is in danger, give all, even your life, to guard the sect gate.

These are the things that are taken for granted in the ideas of mortals in the fairy world.

“Follow your master.” The grape’s voice sounded.

At this time, there are super-large spirit boats one after another, full of newcomer’s children entering the hidden Spirit Sect.

A hundred miles long and wide, specially designed to land large spirit boats.

Groups of children came down from the spirit boat curiously.

The large spirit boat took off after the children were unloaded, and flew somewhere outside the hidden Spirit Sect.

Leaving only a confused child.

“Stand up, line up, and come to receive your sect rings.” A puppet controlled by grapes appeared, yes, the group of confused children said.

At this time, some older children began to line up in front of the puppet.

“This is the sect ring, and the ring that combines savings, communication, and sect services.”

“The sect ring will be your status symbol in sect and will be with you for a lifetime”

While talking, the puppet handed out the sect ring. After releasing it, he took the group of children to the nearby Transmission Formation.

“All enter the Transmission Formation, and when the time comes, an Academy will be assigned to you randomly, and there will be teachers in the Academy to guide you on what to do.”

The puppet watched the group of children all After entering the Transmission Formation and passing away, it returned to its original position, waiting for the next large spirit boat to land.

There are 999 puppets like him.

At this time, those quasi-immortal Disciples who did not receive tasks in the sect all received random tasks.

Please go to the number of Academy to be a teacher and a dean.

Above the main peak, Xu Fan looked through beyond a thousand li, looking towards the newly built Academy and the energetic child.

“How many grapes have a special cultivation constitution?” Xu Fan asked.

“There are 72 of the 80 million Disciples, 12 of the combat body, 5 of the Saint Physique, and the rest are the Five Elements single spirit root body.” Grape replied.

“It’s alright, although it’s taken away by the Great Influence and the family, but there is always a fish that escaped the net.”

“Distribute these special poses equally among all Among the students, the grand competition between the Academy and the Academy will be launched in the future, so that this group of children will be rolled up for me since childhood.” Xu Fan hehe said.

(End of this chapter)

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