My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 937

Chapter 937 Wu Gang

Originally the family was still very happy, isn’t this a typical special physique?

As a result, the family exhausted untold hardships and came to a giant city with Immortal Sect.

Found the Immortal Sect where special physiques were recruited, and was told it was the most useless body of all.

In addition to being able to eat and be beaten, cultivation realm is also extremely difficult to break through.

According to the records of the Human Race Wanjun in Muyuan Xianjie, the highest cultivation base is the Great Ascension Realm.

The input and output were obviously not proportional, so it was rejected.

Wu Gang’s parents were not reconciled, and exhausted their family wealth to go to several other Immortal Sects, and the result was the same.

During this period, all their savings were also defrauded.

A good well-off home because he has become like this.

After planting the spirit field, it couldn’t keep up with Wu Gang’s consumption.

So Wu Gang’s father set foot on a professional treasure hunter, thinking about earning more Spirit Stone, at least not letting his child go hungry.

The result backfired, even if his father tried his best, he could only guarantee that he would not starve to death.

Hidden Spirit Sect opened the door of immortality, recruited Disciple widely, and in the attitude of giving medicine to a dead horse, Wu Gang sent him over, and he was really accepted.

Not only that, he also rubbed his life-saving immortal a full meal.

In one meal, 10 cows, 30 roasted lambs, and 15 20-pound roasted fish were cooked.

In the end, Xiong Li was stunned again and performed a crazy show of 100 glasses of juice.

Finally, I ate 20 pounds of after-dinner cakes.

In this way, Wu Gang finally realized the feeling of being 80% full.

Since then, Xiong Li’s Eldest Senior Brother has always been his best Eldest Senior Brother.

In the huge dojo, all the children exuded their own imposing manner and practiced the first set of radio gymnastics of Five Elements body refinement along with the music.

The movements are neat and uniform, and the Power of Qi and Blood on his body are condensed together and soar into the sky.

The qi and blood of more than 400,000 Disciples condensed into a huge qi and blood magic image in the sky. According to the movements of the Disciples, they also began to practice the first set of radio gymnastics of Five Elements. .

At this time in the sky, there are 200 such qi and blood dharmas.

The qi and blood form seems to have self-awareness, exuding a huge imposing manner, trying to suppress the surrounding qi and blood forms, and make himself the strongest and most dazzling one.

A mortal-like old sweeper, lightly swept away the dust on the mountain path with a broom.

He raised his eyes and looked towards the 200 qi and blood condensed dharma, and muttered: “It’s amazing, it’s really amazing~”

He originally went to say goodbye to his Fellow Daoist, As a result, they encountered a fleet of immortal boats along the way. Seeing that it was a high realm, they wanted to recruit it as an Elder of the Chamber of Commerce.

Sweeping old man, how can you agree to this?

The stinky fish and rotten shrimps who have legs and don’t follow you have spent a lot of effort to get out of that immortal boat fleet.

When I arrived at Flying Feather Realm, Yinling Island was just about to take off, so I missed the last train. (I made a patch, I forgot about the pork~)

After one hour, a set of Five Elements body refinement broadcast gymnastics was finished, and it was Wu Gang’s favorite part again.

Because of his huge appetite, he was paid special attention by grapes every time.

When I came to the cafeteria of the Academy, Wu Gang came to his exclusive place.

10 large buckets of green spirit rice, 10 pots of Red Braised Pork, 20 roast lamb racks, 40 roast beef shanks, 5 large pots of broth, 100 bowls of steamed buns, 50 10kg Heavy grilled fish.

This is the eight-point fullness that the grapes have accurately measured based on Wu Gang’s appetite.

Seeing this pile of things, Wu Gang felt something called happiness.

“Actually, Wu Gang can save a little time eating by eating Spirit Pill.” said Wu Gang, who was looking at the dazzling Disciple of a generation.

“That’s for the future. Besides the medicine pills refined by the Alchemist Great Grandmaster, the rest of the medicine pills contain erysipelas, and it’s not easy to eat more.”

” There are no requirements for spiritual food, you eat more to make up for it.” Xiong Li said.

“Eldest Senior Brother, have you made the news about Wu Gang’s news? Wan Jun’s body is not to become immortal, you have to show it to the Great Elder.” said that generation of Disciple, he could be regarded as an immortal Wu Gang’s mentor.

“I already told Grape that the Great Elder is busy recently, and Grape probably hasn’t reported yet.” Xiong Li said, this was never a problem in his mind.

As long as the Great Elder takes action, it will surely be resolved.

After eating, all the Disciples returned to their classrooms and put on the Magical Artifact helmets on their heads.

In this way, you can enter the Small World specially created for them by the source world.

Here you can take classes with 83 million Disciples at the same time.

As the last person to enter the classroom, Wu Gang will start the protection Formation intimately to prevent outsiders from interfering.

Wearing the Phantom Helmet, Wu Gang came to the personal Small World.

“Please select the course you want to study.”

Countless options appear in the personal world, Five Elements Art Basics, Pill Concotion Foundations, Refinement Foundations, Body Refinement Foundations, Five Elements Taoist foundation, sword dao foundation…

Wu Gang clicked the body refinement foundation with ease, and chose Lesson 4.

I saw that the options for the first three lessons were all full marks.

The personal Small World changed, and then Wu Gang appeared in a dojo from the perspective of God.

In the dojo stood a tall, sturdy body cultivator.

“We talked about strength in the first three lessons, and at this moment, we started to talk about the proven use of qi.”

“Qi and Strength are harmonious, and you can use strength to bring strength. , it’s just a superficial usage of body refinement, there is no need to learn it in depth.”

“Today I will teach you the method of energy fusion.”

“This is the fourth lesson. To the learning content of Lesson 8.” Brawny man said to the empty dojo.

Wu Gang first observed it. There were 9 Disciples who could come to Lesson 4 to listen to lectures, and they had all played against them before.

“Next, Disciple, please attach your thoughts to me, and I will show you the feeling of power fusion.” The brawny man said that he released the authority and let people possessed.

There are millions of such classes, and all 83 million Disciples attend classes here.

Grape starts to build real-time update files according to each Disciple’s course and cultivation progress.

Finally, according to the huge computing power, the most suitable cultivation path for that Disciple is deduced.

At this point, Xu Fan, who was deciphering Formation in the small courtyard, opened his eyes helplessly.

“I can’t decipher this space fairy!”

“It seems that the refining of space fairy is not as simple as that of a master craftsman.” Xu Fan looked at the space fairy in his hand device said.

“Grape, set up a plan to crack the formation of consciousness protection on the outer layer of this space fairy.” Xu Fan said.

Through this year’s research, Xu Fan deduced that if he wanted to decipher this protection Formation, it would take him at least thousands of years.

Xu Fan lost his patience and left this shit to Grape.

“As you order, master.”

Then the grapes reported the recent situation.

“Especially edible, the body of Wan Jun can’t be cultivated as a fairy.”

“Okay, you can call that child over and I’ll take a look.” Xu Fan said.

So Wu Gang, who was in class, was brought to Xu Fan.

(End of this chapter)

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