My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 941

Chapter 941 The Holy Lotus of Ten Thousand Poisons, the Sand of the Wheel of Life

There is light flashing above the sky.

Then a golden thunderball hit Xiong Li with a thunderous momentum.

I saw that Xiong Li’s huge golden body was directly penetrated and hit Xiong Li’s body.

For a moment, Xiong Li only felt that he was surrounded by lightning, and even if his body and Divine Soul defended against lightning, they also felt the feeling of thunder paralysis.

Just when he thought that the attack of this fairy weapon was also merely this, he suddenly felt several Power of Thunder burst out from his body, which directly caused him to lose his mobility and slumped on the dojo.

“Please describe its formidable power.” The grape’s voice sounded.

“I have lost the ability to resist, and my body is in a state of paralysis,” Xiong Li said quickly.

A turquoise aura turned into a little starlight and fell on Xiong Li’s head.

The paralyzing texture of Flesh and Divine Soul has been reduced, and the grounded bear force has regained his mobility.

“The single-body experiment is completed, you can retire, and the reward is the giant shield in your hand.” Grape’s voice sounded.

Xiong Li looked at the giant shield in his hand and couldn’t help but be satisfied that this exclusive mission was not done in vain.

“Grape, I can use this body refinement in the future. There is no suitable pressure environment for body refinement recently.” Xiong Li asked. After the experiment, he suddenly had a thought. Using this body refinement, he can exercise both. fleshy body, but also can forge spirit refinement soul.

“At present, there is only one cannon of the Holy Thunder, and it is planned to install the sect in the future. It is expected that after 10 years, it will be able to meet your body refinement needs.” Grape replied.

“Is this called the Holy Thunder Cannon? 10 years, remember to notify me when the time comes.” Xiong Li said.

He just took a shot just now, and his body, Divine Soul, felt a little bit stronger when he recovered.

“The request is reasonable, it is allowed.”

Xiong Li waved at the group of iron-eating beasts Junior Brothers, the task is completed, ready to leave, there are still a group of children waiting in the Academy He goes to teach.

“Eldest Senior Brother take a slow walk,” said a group of iron-eating beasts saluting.

After Xiong Li left, not long after that, the entire temporary island became a masterpiece of rays of light.

Then the entire island resounded with the sound of the wailing of the iron-eating beast.

For the injured iron-eating beast, the grapes not only rewarded the giant shield, but also several jars of Immortal Wine.

Three days later, it was still the temporary island.

Xu Fan stood in the center of the island, with a thousand-handed phantom behind him, and 20 layers of defense Divine Ability.

Then two rays of light were lit in the sky, no more than a breath before and after.

Two groups of golden thunderballs hit the Divine Ability of Thousand Hands Illusory’s defense successively, and finally only broke the 18th floor.

“The formidable power is okay, but it’s a bit flawed. I’ll change it after I go back.” Xu Fan said after removing the virtual image of the Thousand Hands.

“Grape, if using Immortal Spirit Energy only, how many immortal jade will the Holy Thunder Cannon use once?” Xu Fan asked.

“It is expected to be between 20 and 25 immortal jade.”

“Let’s go to Yang Power for nothing.”

“In the future, get some pure absorption. Putting the magic weapon of the power of the wind on it, it is like wind power.” Xu Fan laughed.

“Master, when the Holy Thunder Cannon is in order, it can also act as a medium to collect the power of the wind and transmit it to the sect.” Grape said.

“It’s a professional, it’s almost a problem, but it can be modified a little to increase the speed of collecting the power of Gangfeng.” Xu Fan said with a nod.

Xu Fan will never miss out on free prostitution.

The holy sun in the sky, the astral wind above the sky, various disasters above the Nine Heavens, these are all in Xu Fan’s collection plan.

If it weren’t for the fact that the Sacred Sun was too large and there were too many big shots in the fairyland, Xu Fan would have to get a Dyson ball.

But the current plan can only get a weak version.

“Master, Li Xuandao is back, but the situation is not good.” Grape reported.

Outside the Golden City, a man with a weak breath stepped into the Transmission Formation temporarily condensed from the void.

Pill concocting peak, Xu Fan dragged a green ball of light and gently pressed it into Li Xuandao’s body.

“The power of the curse of cause and effect, where did you get targeted?” Xu Fan said while looking at the cursed chain on Li Xuandao’s Immortal Spirit.

“Master, the disc is incompetent, and someone was staring at him when he was taking things.” Li Xuandao, who looked pale, spat out a mouthful of blood again.

“You’ll be home when you return to the sect, don’t be afraid.” Xu Fan comforted gently.

Three thousand discs emerged from behind Xu Fan, and then a pointer appeared and began to rotate in the disc.

First of all, it refers to the square of the curse one.

A trace of black smoke floated out from Li Xuandao and gathered on the Taoist plate.

Finally, the pointer turns to the grid of cause and effect.

A transparent silk thread was pulled out from Li Xuandao and sucked into the Taoist plate.

Then the pointer turned to the poison, and many green poisons were drawn out.

“It’s really not simple to have someone following you. In general, the Golden Immortal who doesn’t know how to do it can’t save you.” Looking at Li Xuandao, whose complexion had returned to ruddy, Xu Fan said slowly.

“Master, the person who is eyeing me should be a Golden Immortal. He wants to let me go and lead to more things. We can’t help but guard.” Li Xuandao looked a little ashamed, but he also There is no way, I will lose my life if I don’t return to the sect.

“Don’t be ashamed, Golden Immortal is just Golden Immortal, nothing at worst, when the time comes to catch up for the master to vent his anger for you.” Xu Fan said very calmly.

The Golden Immortal Xu Fan, who is especially good at fighting, is really afraid, but the Golden Immortal who got up through this kind of unorthodox way cultivation, Xu Fan is really not afraid.

If there is a Golden Immortal with body refinement and a hidden Spirit Sect, Xu Fan will take out a small notebook and record it, and then immediately run as far as the sect goes.

But this kind of Golden Immortal who plays curse poison and karma, Xu Fan can play with them until the end of time.

“Your breath is a little weak now, so you should rest for a while.”

“This Golden Immortal is for the teacher to deal with, and the dirty one can kill him.” Xu Fan smiled said.

“I’ve caused trouble for the master~”

Hearing Xu Fan’s words, Li Xuandao was relieved.

In the small courtyard, a three-thousand-path disc the size of a stone mill began to analyze these three breaths.

“You have to take your time to play big with small things. It’s only a primary level method to frame the blame, and the mentality of making people is serious.” Xu Fan showed a meaningful smile.

A ray of light flew in the distance and landed in the Xu Fan small courtyard.

“Meet the Great Elder.” Luo Sheng said respectfully, thinking about why his thighs are looking for me today?

“I’m asking you a question, what is the most irresistible thing about the cursed poison of cultivation and the Golden Immortal of fate.” Xu Fan asked.

“The Sacred Lotus of All Poisons, the Sand of Life Wheel, the Golden Immortal of the cultivation way, seeing this thing, can even take his life.” Luo Sheng blurted out.

I feel a little proud in my heart, I have not lived in vain for more than 2 million years.

“I see, you can continue fishing with Yulun.” Xu Fan said flatly.

Luo Sheng returned to his fishing position in confusion.

The source world, the area where the Tree of Everything is located.

“The Sacred Lotus of All Poisons, the simulated origin of the Sand of Life Wheel.” Xu Fan said and scatters more than 10,000 immortal jade under the roots of the tree of all things.

The two light clusters began to condense, and finally slowly landed in Xu Fan’s hands.

“That’s all right, dare to yin my discipline, and be prepared to be played by me.”

(end of this chapter)

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