My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 943

Chapter 943 The Dance of Immortal Spirit

β€œHow large an Illusory Spirit World do you want.”

β€œIn other words, how many Disciples can learn the Illusory at the same time. Spirit World.” Xu Fan asked.

“It’s best to accommodate 100 million Disciples. After Academy has become famous in the fairy world, we will upgrade to 1 billion.” Shang Ling said with great ambition, just like when he first came to Jinqicheng , swears to do some major event business scene.

“Yes, the guardian of True Immortal can establish an Academy first, and then I will install the Illusory Spirit World fairy weapon.” Xu Fan said.

So far this is a good deal.

β€œmany thanks Great Elder ~”

β€œBut I have a request that outsiders should not know that this Academy is related to my Spirit Sect.” Xu Fan finally said.

“No problem,” the Spirit assured.

The one who sent immortal jade to negotiate business left, Xu Fan went back and started his feat of giant beast.

Three thousand compasses appeared in front of Xu Fan.

“The Golden Immortal plot against my discipline should be in the immortal domain next door, so let’s put the fake sand of life wheel out first.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

Then Xu Fan expanded Li Xuandao’s path back to the fairyland.

Then a special space puppet appeared in front of Xu Fan.

Xu Fan’s eyes flashed with countless mysterious fairy texts, and a huge causal aura burst out from him.

“Strength is still the most important thing. If you are strong enough, there are thousands of ways to abuse him.”

“Why is it like this.”

“But I think It’s more fulfilling to think about it this way.”

Xu Fan took out a small bag of fake Life Wheel Sand and placed it in the core of the space puppet.

“I’ll give you some temptation first.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

The space golem then disappeared and was teleported by Grape to a mysterious area in the star Yuexian domain.

“It would be great if the Peach Blossom Spring map could be repaired in advance, so that the Peach Blossom Spring map would have the first villager.”

“Grape, did you come back from No. 1 and No. 2, not some time ago? Did you say you’re about to complete an order?” Xu Fan asked.

“No. 1 and No. 2 have been completed, just say goodbye in Xingyue City.” Grape said.

“Final goodbye?”

“They went to the highest restaurant, ordered the most expensive fairy show dancers, and then went to the most luxurious and most expensive in Xingyue City. Physiotherapy place.”

“Currently resting and expected to return to sect through Transmission Formation tomorrow,” Grape reported.

“The most expensive restaurant, the most expensive fairy show dancer, and the best physiotherapy place.” Xu Fan gritted his teeth and said, No. 1 and No. 2 did things that he once wanted to do but dared not do. It’s all done.

In his previous life, he had fantasized about what he would do if he suddenly became rich?

The current No. 1 and No. 2 are what he imagined when he was rich.

“They have let themselves go a bit~”

“Since they have experienced the beauty of the world, they will also experience the dangers of the Human World when they come back.” Xu Fan said sinisterly.

How can I endure the beauty that I have never experienced before, but it was preempted by Avatar?

At this moment, the two Avatars who were completely transparent suddenly shivered.

“No. 1, do you think the main body is monitoring us?” No. 2 Avatar asked, the trembling just now reminded him a lot.

“It goes without saying, for sure, we’ll see how the main body treats us after we go back.” Avatar No. 1 said.

“How about we spend all immortal jade in this Xingyue City?”

“And then~”

“Self-destruct spiritual wisdom, leave two empty shells for the problem.” Avatar No. 2 said suddenly excitedly.

“You are very immature. There are other high-level consumption places in Xinyue City, and we have not been there.”

“Besides, you are willing to give everything you have now. ?” asked Avatar 1.

Hearing this, Avatar No. 2 fell silent.

“Don’t worry about what the body will do to us after we go back. For so many years, I have also done some private work to hide from Grape’s surveillance.”

“As long as I use this Bribe the ontology to get through this difficult time with ease.” No. 1 Avatar’s performance endowed with extraordinary intelligence.

“I’ve saved a lot of things over the years, and I’ve replaced a lot with immortal jade.”

“I’ll give you a little bit to increase our success in getting through this disaster. rate.” Avatar No. 2 said.

One day later, Xu Fan saw No. 1 and No. 2 in the small courtyard.

“The two of you have a million immortal jade in Xingyue City, I don’t know how cool it is.” Xu Fan laughed, his eyes revealing danger.

No. 1 and No. 2 looked at each other and sealed the small courtyard with a light-blocking farray.

A beautiful woman with the beauty of the world appeared and swept over Xu Fan with gentle eyes.

Sweet smile, very seductive.

Then a full moon rose in the small courtyard, and the woman danced with her sleeves under the moonlight.

Sometimes charming, sometimes holy, sometimes cold and sometimes pure.

Sometimes she is like a beautiful girl who has experienced the ups and downs of the world, and sometimes she is a Holy Spirit girl who only witnesses the beauty of the world.

This dance seems to summarize everything in the world.

From the birth of all things to the withering, after the destruction, the rays of light rise in it.

Xu Fan, sitting in the small courtyard, looked like if drunk and stupefied, and the 3,000 dice behind him could not help but evolve.

After the dilapidated rays of light arrived at the pinnacle, the graceful dancer, standing tall and beautiful, saluted Xu Fan.

“This dance is called Reincarnation, I don’t know if the guests will be satisfied.”

The girl’s voice, with a hint of tenderness in the cold, just woke up Xu Fan who was intoxicated.

“Reincarnation, good name.”

“I don’t know the name of this dancer.” Xu Fan asked after sobering up.

“The little girl’s name is Qingyue, and it’s time to retire after dancing for the guest.”

Qingyue said, before Xu Fan could answer, her figure disappeared in the in the small courtyard.

The light-blocking array disappears and everything is back to normal.

Only Xu Fan was still a little confused, thinking about the dance just now.

“How much immortal jade will this dancer spend?” Xu Fan asked after a long time.

“Not much, 300,000 immortal jade come to the door.”

“It is rumored that True Immortal Peak people watch this dance and directly set foot on Golden Immortal, so 300,000 immortal jade is not expensive. “No. 2 laughed said there was a hint of flattery in his words.

Xu Fan looked towards No. 1 and No. 2.

“So I spent my own money to watch this Immortal Spirit dance.”

“Of course not, the 300,000 immortal jade is our carrying grapes Saved family property.”

“This time, take it all out, please watch the Immortal Spirit dance on the main body. We were reluctant to watch this reincarnation before.” Avatar No. 1 said.

“Private house money?” Xu Fan showed a smile on the corner of his mouth. He already knew that No. 1 and No. 2 had it, but he didn’t go into it.

“Originally, I planned to hold you in the underground space for 10,000 years.”

“But you asked me to watch this dance with private money. I am very satisfied. .”

“So 10,000 years becomes 5,000 years.” Xu Fan’s face softened.

“Ontology, we also asked you to bring a gift.” Avatar No. 1 waved and another woman appeared in the small courtyard.

Although not as stunning as the previous woman, it also belongs to Top Grade.

“This is the best physiotherapist in Xingyue City.”

(End of this chapter)

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