My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 945

Chapter 945 Comprehensive Academy

Xu Fan looked at the double-scissors in his hands.

“The day after tomorrow, Spirit Treasure is very suitable for you. Keep it. After you advance to the Golden Immortal, you will be the legendary High Level Golden Immortal.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

There is such a saying in the fairy world that there is generally no Golden Immortal of the acquired Spirit Treasure, and it is planned to be among the inferior Golden Immortals.

The one with acquired Spirit Treasure is known as High Level Golden Immortal, and its battle strength is generally much higher than that of ordinary Golden Immortal.

“The master is joking, the discipline wants to dedicate the acquired Spirit Treasure to the sect.” Li Xuandao looked serious, he really wanted to dedicate the pair of Jiaojian to the sect.

After all, providing timely help can be more profitable than icing on the cake.

In his eyes, the Master, he will definitely become a master craftsman in the future, and when the time comes, he will also lack this acquired Spirit Treasure.

“You keep it, you won’t be able to use it for your teacher.”

“Your intention is for your teacher.” Xu Fan said with a nod.

“Plot against your True Immortal, the division has already set up a plan, just wait for the Golden Immortal to take the bait.”

“The master doesn’t actually need to provoke a strong enemy for the discipline, it is Disciple is causing trouble for sect.” Li Xuandao said with a humiliated expression, as someone who is actually several thousand years old, it should not have been targeted in such a situation.

“Needless to say, Karma has planted this debt and he must pay it back.”

“Reassured cultivation, for the teacher to guarantee that you will advance to Golden Immortal within 30,000 years, when The time comes to go back and save your mother.”

Xu Fan still remembers the purpose of Li Xuandao’s cultivation IX Golden Immortal.

Li Xuandao was moved when he heard this.

“Master Lao is worried about the discipline.” Li Xuandao knelt down and said sincerely.

Xu Fan raised his hand slightly, and a cup of tea of reincarnation appeared in his hand.

“Drinking this cup of tea before cultivation will help you in the reincarnation of cultivation.” Xu Fan gently put the cup of tea into Li Xuandao’s hand.

Then Xu Fan would wave away Li Xuandao, who was moved to tears.

Then he stepped out and appeared outside the Academy under construction.

“It’s only been a few days, and it has already begun to scale.” Xu Fan praised.

“It was originally expected to be completed in two months, but I didn’t think of the construction of these economic cities. As soon as I heard that it was building an Academy, I immediately started working overtime like I was burning myself. This speed is not enough. In half a month, the golden Academy will be built.” As soon as Shang Ling saw Xu Fan approaching, he hurried over to escort him.

At present, Xu Fan is his father, and as long as the father is satisfied, the Academy can run.

“Not bad.” Xu Fan said, taking out a crystal ball the size of a billiard ball, which contained a trace of the origin of grapes.

This source alone can build a fantasy Small World that can accommodate 1 billion students to learn together.

“Is this the Divine Item in the illusion!” Shang Ling asked excitedly.

In the Immortal Realm, the more partial the fairy, the more valuable it is, especially this Artifact Spirit-type fairy, as long as it appears, it will be madly robbed.

“Yes, as long as you build a Spirit Gathering Array and put it at the core, you can create an illusion.”

“I have left a set of the most in the illusion. The basic instructor, Spirit Physique, can make those students transition to Golden Core Realm smoothly.”

“It’s also a small investment in this Academy.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

He did the math. As long as 100 million students are recruited, and each student pays 1 immortal jade for 20 years, 4 million immortal jade will be credited to the account a year.

As long as this Academy can be recognized by Heavenly Dao Will in the fairy world, it can recruit the second Disciple, and that is the time to earn a lot of immortal jade.

β€œmany thanks Great Elder .” The spirit said excitedly.

“Guard True Immortal, I have a question, do you have a way to get Heavenly Dao Will to recognize this Academy?”

“Educational merit is not so easy to condense.” Xu Fan asked.

“Relax, Great Elder, I already have a well-thought-out plan on how to make Immortal Realm recognize our Academy.” Shang Ling said that an array compass appeared in his hands.

“This is, the phantom spirit array?” Xu Fan w asked.

“Yes, this is one of the Dao Items left by my family.”

“He can test the good and evil of those with spirit root, and he only needs to exclude those who have spirit roots when recruiting students. If you have a bad character xAcademy, even if you have already succeeded for the most part.”

β€œAs long as you pay more attention to the first Disciple, the Academy will surely gather the merits of education.” Shang Ling said confidently.

“Guarding True Immortal has a spectrum in his heart.” Xu Fan nodded.

Then Shang Ling took Xu Fan for a walk around the Academy.

“Yes, really good.” Xu Fan said with a nod of looking at the huge Academy.

The entire Academy is a little bigger than Yinling Island, leaving enough space for future construction.

At this moment, ten True Immortals flew towards the Academy with a Small World.

I was placed in a valley under the command of the spirit.

“This is the training Small World I prepared for the students, which is full of controlled monster beasts and other alien races.” Shang Ling said.

“The preparation is quite complete~” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“It’s all a little rateless doorway, let the Great Elder laugh.”

“No no no, these are all your hard work, I can see that you put your heart into it.” Xu Fan looked at Small World in the previous valley and said.

He can clearly see that this Small World is to allow these students to adapt to the fairy world where no one will protect them in the future.

In Xu Fan’s view, this Academy is from kindergarten to university, and then teaches you how to survive in society.

The investment is small, but it looks extremely hard.

β€œIf the True Immortal guards and promotes this Academy, the cultivator in the Golden City can be considered a bit better.” Xu Fan said.

“This is my destination.” Shang Ling said, looking at the huge Academy from a distance.

At this moment, Xu Fan suddenly sensed something.

“I have something to do, don’t worry about me.” After Xu Fan finished speaking, he disappeared in midair.

In the borderlands of the star Yuexian realm, there is a square True Immortal that is chasing Xu Yuexian.

Thousands of monster beasts were released by Xu Yuexian to stop the True Immortal from behind chasing him.

“I advise you to leave as soon as possible, don’t die for a while without knowing what’s going on.” Xu Yuexian’s voice was very cold, with a strong warning in his tone.

“Hand over your gains at Immortal Spirit Secret Realm, we will give up and leave.”

“You, a little quasi-immortal, can’t hold these spiritual treasures, Spirit Treasure. ‘ said a woman’s voice sharply.

“You can avoid trouble when you hand over things to us.” A rough-looking brawny man swayed a golden light directly.

In the sky, several beams of light suddenly fell, forming an array to control Xu Yuexian.

Xu Yuexian looked at the seal array that trapped him, without a trace of panic.

The True Immortals who were chasing her surrounded her.

One of the True Immortals, looking wretchedly at Xu Yuexian.

“Have you ever experienced the bliss of the little girl?” said True Immortal wretchedly.

β€œWhat does bliss in this world feel like? I don’t know.”

β€œBut I’m sure you’ll know what it means to live rather than die in a while!” Xu Yuexian looked coldly towards that Bit True Immortal.

(End of this chapter)

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