My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 946

Chapter 946 The ecstatic Golden Immortal

As soon as Xu Yuexian finished speaking, the True Immortals surrounding the array laughed weirdly.

One of the women with a sharp voice, True Immortal, took out a teleportation compass.

A larger Transmission Formation immediately surrounded their area, and Xu Yuexian as well.

The aura lit up, and the True Immortals took Xu Yuexian and teleported to a temporarily created Small World.

“How could our brothers have no means to do business outside.”

“This Secret Realm isolates cause and effect, and can even defend against the weaker Golden Immortal.”


“Guess someone will come to rescue you later.” A pink jade bottle appeared in the hands of True Immortal with a wretched smile.

“Whether you hand over the harvest in the Secret Realm first, or the bliss first,” said True Immortal, who smiled wryly.

“Does it make any difference~”

“You may be willing to hand it over after reaching bliss~”



At this moment, Xu Yuexian took out a stack of Moon Yin Sacred Sun Charm in the array.

All of the True Immortal’s eyes were immediately caught.

“If you want to perish together, you underestimate us~”

The moment Golden Immortal, who was the leader, finished saying these words, Xu Yuexian was instantly suppressed.

The Moon Yin Yang Power Charm was also taken away.

There was a sneering look in the eyes of True Immortal,

At this time, everyone did not know that there was a pair of eyes watching them outside their temporary Small World.

“It looks like you’re not good~” Sisi’s teasing voice sounded.

Right here, Xu Yuexuexian looked up towards the sky.

“Master, don’t shoot at the last second, kill yourself early, there is something good for you to see.” Xu Yuexian’s cold voice sounded in this temporary Small World.

In an instant, the entire temporary Small World seemed to freeze in time.

A Void Transmission Gate appeared and Xu Fan walked out.

“I just want to see what you can do in the end.”

Xu Fan didn’t look at Xu Yuexian trapped in the array, but looked towards the woman in it True Immortal.

In an instant, the woman’s True Immortal’s face changed into that of Xu Yuexian.

“I had already figured out how to proceed, but when the master arrives, let’s call it a day.” Xu Yuexian said with a smile.

Xu Fan flicked his fingers, except for the True Immortal who wanted to be wretched Xu Yuexian, all the others were annihilated in the space, leaving only the space storage magic weapon that he carried with him and his dull expression. Immortal Spirit.

“What do you want to do with this True Immortal?” Xu Fan asked with interest.

“Give it to Junior Brother Zhou as experimental material, and repeat the experiment.” Xu Yuexian has long thought about how to deal with this obscene True Immortal.

In her eyes, smashing corpses into thousands of pieces, melting bones into ecstasy, turning souls into oil lamps, and turning meat into cakes are all trivial things.

Send him to the Divine Ability fifth junior brother who likes to experiment with novelties. There is the highest respect for those who want to molest her.

“The place is good, let him be Xiao Wu’s experiment.” Xu Fan waved his hand, and instantly controlled the wretched True Immortal.

Keep him awake and control only his body.

“Grapes, send these Immortal Spirits and this True Immortal back to the sect.” Xu Fan ordered.

“Follow your master.” The grape’s voice sounded.

A Transmission Formation appeared, and it was directly sent to the hidden Spirit Sect with the temporary Small World.

“Master, when did Grape become so powerful!” Xu Yuexian asked in surprise, looking at the familiar scene of sect.

Be aware that an immortal domain is much larger than the Flying Feather Realm.

“Through the teleportation station between the giant city and the giant city, the coordinates can be teleported anywhere in the same immortal domain.” Grape replied.

“I knew I wouldn’t be doing Transmission Formation in Jinqicheng~” Xu Yuexian said, and took out a jade teapot engraved with Sun, Moon and Stars.

“Master, this is the Sun, Moon and Stars teapot I got.”

“It absorbs the corresponding Immortal Spirit Energy and converts it into high-quality Immortal Liquid.” Xu Yuexian Treasure said.

Xu Fan took the teapot and looked at it, and gave it back to Xu Yuexian.

“Yes, this thing is enough for you to use in the real Immortal Rank segment. It can be regarded as a Spirit Treasure.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Master, can’t this be used as the core of our sect Transmission Formation?”

Xu Yuexian knew that the master was looking for the core of Spirit Gathering Array.

“This kind of small Spirit Treasure is fine for personal use. If you put it in the sect, even if it runs at full strength, it won’t solve the fundamental problem.” Xu Fan said with satisfaction.

“Then this will work~”

Xu Yuexian said and took out another Spirit Treasure.

“Just keep it for yourself, don’t worry about the sect side.”

“Under normal circumstances, Spirit Treasure will not appear in the ruins.” Xu Fan explained.

“Okay, master.”

Right now. Zhou Kailing, who was looking for inspiration in a giant city in the star Yuexian domain, was suddenly notified by grapes.

“The master is going to send me a True Immortal experiment, and it’s the unlimited one!”

Hearing this news, Zhou Kailing was immediately excited.

Immediately, they used the gathered Transmission Formation as a medium to send directly back to Yinling Island.

First I went to Xu Fan’s small courtyard to thank me, and then I couldn’t wait to go back to my Cave Mansion.

Before getting to the door, I saw an unfamiliar True Immortal standing there.

The look in his eyes was extremely frightening, but his body still stood there meticulously.

Zhou Kailing knew at a glance that this True Immortal was only controlled by his body.

“Grape, what major event did he commit, and will he be sent by the master?” Zhou Kailing asked curiously.

“I’m trying to molest you Second Senior Sister.”

The originally pitiful Zhou Kai spiritual eyes of True Immortal suddenly turned sharp.

He looked towards the True Immortal with a perverted smile at the corner of his mouth.

The pupils of True Immortal, who were originally afraid, instantly widened, and he thought of the various punishments circulating in the fairyland that made life worse than death.

Zhou Kailing opened the door of Cave Mansion and led the True Immortal inside.

“Come on, let’s experience my newly revised Immortal Palace feast first.”

It didn’t take long for Zhou Kailing’s Cave Mansion to make a mournful cry, and finally came to an abrupt end After a while, the voice rang again.

After a while, the entire sect knew that Zhou Kailing had obtained an experimental body.

It is said that Xu Yuexian Peak Master was sent there because he offended him.

At this time, an ordinary-looking True Immortal man appeared in a certain border area of the star Yuexian domain.

“Where you would rather die, let me see what little secrets you hide.”

The man made the seal, and suddenly one after another special detection wave was emitted. .

In the end, the Great Dao Law condensed, and Li Xuandao’s silhouette appeared.

“It turns out that you put the acquired Spirit Treasure in your small sect master, but you’re really loyal.”

When the man wanted to make fun of him, his face suddenly changed dramatically. .

Then the body exudes a terrifying Golden Immortal aura, blocking all the million li around.

Probing your surroundings over and over again, then turning on the Path of Cause and Effect and starting to sort yourself out over and over again.

The Golden Immortal man’s face did not show ecstasy until he was sure that he was safe and that no one was plotting against his back.

(End of this chapter)

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