My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 947

Chapter 947 Four-eyed Monkey

“It turned out to be the Small World seed containing the sand of life wheel!!”

“Could it be that my great opportunity has come?”

The excited expression on the Golden Immortal man’s face continued unabated.

The city house, which has been cultivated for more than 1 million years, is also breaking its defense at this moment.

“The Small World that contains the Sand of Life Wheel, if this news spreads out, even the Great Firmament saints will not be able to sit.”

The Golden Immortal man looks like a rare treasure look. The sparkling Small World seed hidden in space.

The Golden Immortal man couldn’t help being intoxicated when he felt the Source Aura exposed from the sand of the wheel of life.

“Saint Great Firmament, didn’t expect I haven’t been to the Golden Immortal Peak yet, but I have such a chance.” tears.

He recalled this rough life, the tragic childhood experiences, and he fell into the hands of a body-fitted poison repairer at the price of being a slave.

To please the master at the cost of the highly poisonous body refinement, and near the Nascent Soul Realm, it will be refined into a poisonous body by the master.

I was betrayed time and time again by the people I wanted to be close to.

It was not until his heart was as stone as iron that his lust did not invade before he realized the true face of the fairyland.

His whole life was the embodiment of tragedy, and he never felt any warmth in his life.

And now he looked at this sparkling Small World seed, and suddenly felt a touch of warmth in his heart.

This touch of warmth comes from Heavenly Dao and the Great Dao Law of Cause and Effect.

“It will take some time for this Small World seed to germinate and become Small World.”

“In order to guard against the unexpected, just guard here, even if millions Years, even thousands of years, I can wait.”

“The Great Firmament saints who were aloof and remote, one day I will trample you underfoot.”

At this time, the expression of the Golden Immortal man was a little crazy, combing his own cause and effect over and over again to patrol the million li area to prevent any mistakes.

On Yinling Island, Xu Fan, the overseer of the underground space, showed a smile on his face.

“Subject, are you overly pit peoples ~” No. 2 Avatar said looking at Xu Fan’s expression.

“That body laughs so much, it must be plot against a great character, at least the Golden Immortal start.” No. 1 Avatar said beside him.

Only the 3rd Avatar not say a word muffled to work there?

“Yes, the main body, the giant beast, you are not afraid of overturning~” said Avatar No. 2.

“What kind of car rolls over? Our body is full of aptitude attribute points. Not to mention the giant beast, the winning rate of fighting the sky is also 100%.” Avatar No. 1 said.

Xu Fan glanced at them.

β€œHurry up and work hard, you guys will laugh and add another 100 years.” Xu Fan laughed.

At this moment, Xu Gang returned to the hidden Spirit Sect in a state of embarrassment.

“Is the boss going to plow again?” Xu Fan asked the grapes.

“When Xu Gang was exploring the surrounding area, he encountered a group of four-eyed monster monkeys, and his methods were just restrained.” Grape replied.

“Let the Cannon of Holy Thunder stare at the point, and don’t let the boss overturn.” Xu Fan urged.

“Follow your orders.”

At this time, a group of four-eyed monkeys were thousands of miles away from the hidden Spirit Sect.

The True Immortal Peak four-eyed monkeys headed by them looked towards Yinling Island, and there seemed to be a trace of fear in their eyes.

“Stop chasing, then Human Race’s sect cannot afford to offend.” The four-eyed monster monkey headed away after saying that.

“No, don’t we just forget about the territory we finally built up!” One of the four-eyed monkeys said angrily.

“The Human Race sect is stronger than us, so we can only endure it.”

The four-eyed monster monkey leader still doesn’t understand why this Human Race is so idle. Plough with the Divine Ability.

“No, the female monkey I just married died like this, I must retaliate!” said the angry four-eyed monkey.

“Then be careful, don’t drag down the entire group, and don’t get close to those Human Race giant cities.” After finishing speaking, the four-eyed monkey headed away with the rest of his subordinates.

This scene is all under the surveillance of the grapes above.

At this time, Xu Gang, who was in a state of embarrassment, was recovering from his wife’s complaints.

“When you encounter an enemy that you can’t resist, just call Grape for support. Why do you have to be brave alone.” Xu Gang’s wife said.

“When I saw monkeys, I couldn’t help but want to catch a few for the master.”

“didn’t expect that four-eyed demon monkey to be so cruel to me, wait for me to think of a way , when the time comes, find the place back.” Xu Gang scratched his head and said.

“When you go back next time, take the Lingtai with you. I think our son is no weaker than you.” Xu Gang’s wife said.

“That smelly brat has already surpassed me, but every time I compete, he thinks I don’t know.” Xu Gang took out the healing medicine and stuffed it into his mouth. one.

“That four-eyed demon monkey is really powerful. It can’t invade anything, it can break mountains, and it can smash my 8-layer defense Divine Ability with one punch. If it wasn’t for my protection fairy and inner armor , I guess I have to let the master come to save me.”

Xu Gang was suddenly a little scared, and then he couldn’t help but admire the master’s brilliant.

The words the master taught him when he was a child are still vivid in his mind.

“A mage, the premise of output must ensure its own defense security. When fighting, it must at least have a defense Divine Ability above the fifth layer.”

“defensive magical artifact, Defense Inner Armor, Soul Conditioning Orbs, Soul Conditioning Orbs, true and false Avatars are all indispensable.”

Because of these words, Xu Gang must be fully equipped with the defensive Divine Ability before every battle.

Half a month later, in the small courtyard, Xu Fan and Xu Gang are drinking tea.

“Four-eyed monster monkey, eye-breaking method, Vajra Physique, all methods are invincible.”

“This thing is designed to defeat you, just run when you see it, and it also Be tough.”

“Half a month more than your character, how many punches were punched by those monkeys.” Xu Fan asked with a smile while looking at the blood energy magic in the sky road.

“That group of monkeys are very powerful. They can rush to me with the Dongfeng Divine Ability. They are so fast, strong as an ox, that they almost smashed my breastplate.” Xu Gang is speaking now of which had a dull pain in his chest.

“I wanted to catch a few for the master, but they almost chased them to the door.” Xu Gang said with some shame.

“Interesting, this Qiu Wei Shi will not help you to report it. Let the body refinement Disciple of the sect go there to practice hands when there is nothing, and treat it as a trial ground for our sect.”

At the time Xu Fan was speaking, several holy thunder cannons had already flown over the territory of the Four-eyed Monkey.

“Master, I suddenly want to ask you what should I do if I encounter such an enemy in the future.” Xu Gang asked.

“According to your approach, all unhappiness in battle can be solved with Dongfeng Divine Ability.”

“You just need to practice Dongfeng Divine Ability to the highest realm, and deal with this group of people. The four-eyed demon monkey is still very simple.”

Immortal Spirit Energy began to condense, Five Elements Great Dao of Yin-Yang manifested, and then it was included in Dana’s newly condensed Dongfeng Missile Divine Ability.

The Power of Yin-Yang in the Dongfeng missile began to fuse, and finally became distorted, forming an extremely irregular state.

Xu Gang couldn’t help gulping when he saw the staggered and twisted Power of Yin-Yang in the Dongfeng missile.

If he had released Dongfeng Divine Ability formidable power at 1, he would start at 1000 at least.

(End of this chapter)

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