My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 950

Chapter 950 True Immortal Arena

5 months later, 10 days before the opening of the Immortal Spirit relic world in Tianlan City.

“Grape, how much immortal jade does it cost to construct this Transmission Formation and send it back and forth.” Xu Fan asked.

“Because of the coordinates, it only takes 24,000 immortal jade to go back and forth.”

“Put it on the account, and send the bill to my good disciple and grandson after returning.”

“As you bid.”

At this point, all the disciples and grandchildren who are going to the Immortal Spirit ruins world are in place.

Xu Fan first looked at his two good disciples and grandchildren, and then made up his mind.

The gluttonous swallowing of the sky~

This is the posture of eating and cleaning.

Seeing that there was nothing wrong with the divination, Xu Fan set foot on the Transmission Formation with his disciples and grandchildren.

Xingbei immortal domain, Tianlan City.

As soon as the transmission came over, several people seemed to be in the downtown area, all kinds of cultivators came out of the Transmission Formation.

There are also a few silhouettes of alien cultivators.

Xu Fan suddenly had the feeling that he was crowded on the bus and subway in his previous life.

Because it is a transmission center, there are forbidden spirit arrays. If you want to leave the scope of Transmission Formation, you must go out yourself.

At this moment, the cornerstones of dozens of Transmission Formations suddenly cracked.

“Fortunately, it came early, otherwise it will take at least three months to teleport to the next city and come here again.”

“I said earlier that it is best to limit the flow, but now the number of teleporters is overloaded. It’s broken, those poor Fellow Daoists who are still in Transmission Formation, don’t know where they will be sent.”

“It’s broken, there are fewer people watching the fun~”

When there is time, the entire teleportation great hall is like water boiling, wu wu is roaring like a group of frogs.

Xu Fan glanced at it casually, and there were more than 3,000 people crowded in this teleportation hall, most of whom were real immortal cultivators.

“Let’s go out of the city to find a place first. During this time, the fish and dragons are very mixed here, and a lot of interesting things will definitely happen.”

Xu Fan rushed out of the teleportation hall with the crowd, Then he directly broke through the space and went outside Tianlan City.

The location of the Immortal Spirit ruins is 20,000 miles away from the Northern Part of City. For a normal True Immortal, you can teleport to it with just one step.

At this time, the entire Northern Part of City to the Immortal Spirit relic world is filled with True Immortals stationed in the wild.

Among them, the major mountain peaks and lakes with better positions are all occupied by the Great Influence of the nearby immortal domain.

Wanxian Saint Sect, Tianding Chamber of Commerce, Jiuxing Zhengfazong, Tai Profound Immortal Gate, Jade Immortal Valley…

There are palaces and immortals located in it, and it is even more unscrupulous Released the Golden Immortal imposing manner, showing that he is determined to win the Immortal Spirit relic world.

β€œThe Tianding Chamber of Commerce will open the True Immortal arena in the palace on Heavenly Jade Mountain. As long as you defeat our defenders, you will receive your own Spirit Treasure.”

β€œ My Tianding Chamber of Commerce has no intention of competing against the Immortal Spirit ruins Small World, the purpose of coming here is only to see the Human Race Heaven’s Chosen of the Great-Immortal Domain, and to set up a ring here, not for anything else but to make friends~”

A sound that makes people feel good when they hear it sounded, like a clear spring flowing into a dry river bed, making people feel very comfortable.

“Don’t you just want to recruit the members of your Waifengtang, you say it so grand.”

“I don’t like you guys the most, and smash people with Spirit Treasure immortal jade. Chamber of Commerce.”

A rough voice sounded from in the sky.

Xu Fan suddenly regretted not taking Luo Sheng with him when he saw this scene. Otherwise, he would definitely be able to quickly understand the relationship between the two.

It looks quite interesting.

“Master, the person who speaks is the meteorite immortal domain, the person who speaks Immortal Sect.”

“Because of the special environment of that immortal domain, it is easy to have some aptitude against the sky. But most of them were taken away by the Tianding Chamber of Commerce.” Li Xingci briefly explained, making Grape stop searching for information.

“Understood, the rich chamber of commerce and the poor Sect ~” Xu Fan nods.

“There are still a few days before the Immortal Spirit ruins world opens. If you have nothing to do, you can go and pick up the wool of the Tianding Chamber of Commerce.” Xu Fan looked towards a giant palace that appeared in the sky in the distance. .

Just by visual inspection, the palace was more than three times larger than the entire Yinling Island.

“Follow your orders, master ~” said the four disciplines and two disciples.

The giant palace of the Tianding Chamber of Commerce opened the immortal gate, and after entering the immortal gate, it was an extremely huge dojo.

There are tens of thousands of space arenas in the entire dojo.

In each space arena, there is a guardian of the Tianding Chamber of Commerce, True Immortal, sitting in town.

“As expected of the chamber of commerce in the cream of the crop in the fairy world, the True Immortals who are guarding the arena are very high-level.” Xu Fan glanced around and praised.

Now the entire ring dojo is extremely lively, with nearly 100,000 True Immortals all in the dojo, so this is not the first day it has been held.

Some are ready for challenges, while others are just for fun.

At a cursory glance, nearly 70% of the arena are in a state of battle.

According to Xu Fan’s observation, less than one hundred can conquer the ring.

“Master, I’m going to challenge~” Xu Gang said excitedly, the fighting intent in his eyes began to condense.

“Go, if you don’t get the wool, you will be punished to travel abroad for thousands of years, and you won’t be allowed to sect.” Xu Fan said softly.

Hearing about Xu Gang’s complexion changed, this is what worries him the most about otaku like him.

A huge spiritual pressure imposing manner emanated from my brother Xu Gang, causing all the True Immortals in this area to look towards Xu Gang, their eyes filled with amazement.

“Xiang Chi, Xing Ci, you must at least fight to a tie.”

“Fei Yu, you need to conquer the arena. Wuji, a tie will do.” Xu Fan casually dispatched said.

“Master Ancestor, can you use your own fairy weapon?” Han Feiyu said nervously.

β€œWhatever you refining, the fairy can use it.”

All those who were named by Xu Fan began to look for their opponents, only Xu Yuexian was still by Xu Fan’s side.

“Master, if I listened to you and followed the cultivation step by step, would I be able to reach the level of a big brother.” Xu Yuexian said.

“Everything is uncertain, everything is your own choice, don’t worry about it.”

“Isn’t it a good road for you now.” Xu Fan said and looked at Jump to the distance.

Xu Gang has chosen his opponent, a True Immortal who is proficient in body refinement.

That True Immortal body exudes the breath of a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood, and under a blood-red giant knife, it seems that there are countless aliens whining.

“Hidden Spirit Sect, Xu Gang.” Xu Gang paid respect.

“Tianding Chamber of Commerce, Waifengtang, suppress and kill army, Li Yun.” Li Yun, who was holding a blood-red giant blade, looked towards Xu Gang coldly said, and did not underestimate Xu Gang because he was just an immortal cultivator. to him.

Xu Gang looked at this space arena, the length and width are huge, which is enough for the general True Immortal, but for him, some Divine Ability really can’t be used. .

The duel started, and a blood-red giant blade appeared in the sky, directly facing Xu Gang.

A violent fighting intent locked on Xu Gang and prevented him from evading.

Thousand-hand avatars are dispatched, and the hundred-handed at the same time will be equipped with 10 layers of defense Divine Ability in an instant.

Then Five Elements Great Dao of Yin-Yang condensed and turned into several giant arrows and shot directly at Li Yun.

(End of this chapter)

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