My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 951

Chapter 951 Large Acquired Spirit Treasure

The power that erupted in the ring where Xu Gang was. Instantly attracted a lot of True Immortal’s attention.

They all gathered outside Xu Gang’s space arena.

“This is the Disciple from Immortal Sect. It is the True Immortal who dared to challenge the quasi-immortal who retreated from the battlefield outside Xinjiang.” A knowledgeable True Immortal said.

“The defending True Immortal is the Tianding Chamber of Commerce’s Waifengtang suppress and kill army, who has just retreated from the battlefield not long ago and is being repaired, and the battle strength is at its strongest. “

“If this is also Immortal Sect’s Disciple can defeat this, it is estimated that he can get the second-level contract of Tianding Chamber of Commerce.”

When the True Immortals spoke, Xu Fan also came out of the ring.

That blood-red giant blade directly broke through the 10-layer Divine Ability of the Thousand Hands Illusory Image, and blocked it with the next layer on the back.

In the blink of an eye, the Five Elements yin and yang arrows condensed by Xu Gang were about to hit Li Yun.

A huge imposing manner erupted from Li Yun, and a blade light that seemed to be able to destroy World’s All Living Things slashed towards the giant arrow.

The two collided, and in an instant, the shield outside the entire space ring became extremely unstable, and there was a danger of being broken at any time.

The True Immortals who watched the battle all backed away, fearing they would be swept away by the aftermath of the shattered battle.

The huge might burst out from the comparison of the two, forcing Li Yun to take three steps back, his eyes carefully looking towards the virtual image of a thousand hands.

Xu Gang saw the three steps Li Yun took back, and the disappointment flashed in his eyes.

Thousand-hand virtual image knots, hundreds of them in an instant, Five Elements yin and yang arrows condensed all around him.

Then arrow after arrow shot at Li Yun like a giant crossbow.

Xu Gang, who thought the battle was about to end, suddenly felt a blade light with a speed to the pinnacle slashing towards the virtual image of a thousand hands.

That sabre light broke through all of Xu Gang’s defenses and directly hit his suspected body.

In an instant, the virtual image of a thousand hands was shattered, and Li Yun, holding a blood-red giant blade, looked weakly towards the broken virtual image of a thousand hands.

Just when he thought the battle was going to be won, another virtual image of a thousand hands appeared.

It’s still the same method, first set himself a dozen layers of defensive Divine Ability, and then condense the Five Elements Yin-Yang giant arrow, ready to continue to shoot him.

“The tactics are good, and the timing is very accurate. If you get to my real body, you might win.” Xu Gang told a white lie.

If you really hit his real body, first break his body protection fairy, then protect the outer armor and protect the inner armor.

These three fairy weapons are all Xu Fan, defensive fairy weapons carefully refined by No. 1 and No. 2 Avatar.

“I admit defeat~” Li Yun said decisively, the strongest Divine Ability has been used, if you don’t win, you will be a lamb to be slaughtered.

“You joyfully said friend, you have successfully entered the arena.” A Tianding Chamber of Commerce cultivator who looked like a small supervisor came over.

A quasi-immortal weapon, a bottle of Immortal Pill that can promote True Immortal Stage cultivation, and a contract contract.

β€œIf you can use the quasi-immortal cultivator to suppress and kill the army cultivator, which Immortal Sect Holy Land’s Heaven’s Chosen Disciple is the Fellow Daoist?” the little supervisor said politely.

“Hidden Spirit Sect, Xu Gang.” Xu Gang said.

“It turned out to be the first disciple of the Great Elder of Yinling Island. I don’t know where the Great Elder is. I want to visit.” When the little director of the Chamber of Commerce heard the name of Yin Spirit Sect, he first paused, Then he learned about the hidden Spirit Sect information, and suddenly became enthusiastic.

“My master is in the sect. As for the location, it may be inconvenient to tell.” Xu Gang said.

He didn’t lie, Xu Fan’s body was in the sect, and it was only Avatar No. 3 that came.

“That would be a pity, but is Fellow Daoist Xu interested in coming to my Tianding Chamber of Commerce, 50,000 immortal jade a year, and a quota of 50,000 immortal jade that can be exchanged for various cultivation resources?”

“If you complete the Zenith Chamber of Commerce commission, there will be additional rewards.” The little director of the Chamber of Commerce said enthusiastically.

“No, just give me a reward, I don’t like sects.” Xu Gang said, to be precise, he didn’t want to leave the master.

“If this is the case, Xu Gang Fellow Daoist can become a Level 1 distinguished guest of our chamber of commerce. When the time comes, whether it is to buy or sell things in the chamber of commerce, or to take tasks, it will be beneficial.” The director of the chamber of commerce then introduced. For the benefits of being a Level 1 VIP.

Xu Gang felt that there was no harm in becoming a Level 1 VIP, so nodded agreed. In the end, in addition to those rewards, he also got a communication magic weapon the size of a mobile phone, saying that he could use this to contact the Tianding Chamber of Commerce at any time.

After taking the things, Xu Gang returned to Xu Fan’s side.

“Yes, now fighting has a taste of Return to the Natural State, unlike before, I knew how to bombard it.” Xu Fan praised with a smile.

“It’s all well taught by the master.” Xu Gang showed a smile at the corner of his mouth. He was very happy when he was praised.

At this time, the other two disciplines also came back, both ended in a draw, but they still got the B-level contract from the Tianding Chamber of Commerce, but neither of them agreed.

“Master, there seems to be information about our sect in the Tianding Chamber of Commerce.” Wang Xiangchi said to Xu Fan very strangely.

“Is this weird?”

“Human Race, the largest chamber of commerce in the immortal world, doesn’t even have this strength, so it’s more than enough.” Xu Fan as it should be by rights Said, for this, he is not surprised at all.

β€œGrape, are you suppressed here~” Xu Fan laughed.

“No, I had a good chat with Artifact Spirit, Spirit Treasure Cloud Palace, the day after tomorrow. He passed all the basic information about Tianding Chamber of Commerce to me.”

“The database can be updated again.” Grape’s tone was filled with joy and a hint of envy.

“It’s not a loss to Tianding Chamber of Commerce, even Artifact Spirit is so kind and rich.”

The hidden Spirit Sect owes Tianding Chamber of Commerce a small favor.

“Master, I got the information of the Immortal Spirit relic world from this Artifact Spirit.”

“This place should have been an Immortal Sect branch sect thousands of years ago. It was later destroyed by the Foreign Race Invasion.”

“The Immortal Spirit relic world is well hidden here, so it is only now revealed.”

“It is said that the There were four Great Firmament saints in the Immortal Sect Peak period, and there were more than 100 Golden Immortals.”

“So those Great Influences speculate that this realm is likely to have a large acquired Spirit Treasure.”

Xu Fan nods to hear the news, no wonder so many Great Influences are attracted here.

“It is estimated that many people are still hiding now. When the ruins are opened, it is estimated that it will be very lively.” Xu Fan said.

At this moment, Han Feiyu walked over with a little dejection.

β€œMaster Ancestor I lost~” Han Feiyu said in shame.

“Someone else chooses an opponent anyway. You cover your head and go directly to the strongest defender, True Immortal. The key is to defeat your shadow. Whoever you don’t lose will lose.” Xu Fan looked at My good disciple and grandson said with a smile.

Han Feiyu showed a helpless expression. He thought that with the magic weapon on his body, plus his Peak aptitude, it should not be difficult to defeat the True Immortal, so he just chose one. went in.

But who knew that the battle was at first, he found out that it was wrong, the sword array was empty with formidable power, but he could not find the enemy.

I was in a passive state all the time, and was finally caught by a knife around my neck, so I could only admit defeat.

(End of this chapter)

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