My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 952

Chapter 952 Veteran

Xu Fan looked at his good disciple, Han Feiyu, and sighed in his heart that he was still a forge of the environment.

If one’s good disciples and grandchildren enter into a small sect with no guarantee at all, they are all competing for interests and intrigue, maybe running back and forth will also create the character of Han Heavenly Venerable before.

But what kind of environment are you in now? In a family-style sect, the Junior Brothers respect each other and help each other.

The master is the Peak Master of the sect, and has the grace to know him, and its Ancestor Master is the strongest existence of the sect.

And almost the entire sect has no intention of peeping at the endless wealth in his hands. Even if he wants to give it away, he has to find a reasonable reason.

In such a sect, there is no reason to run around.

Cultivation in the sect with peace of mind, taught by Master Ancestor, surrounded by senior and junior brothers who know the truth, and the tree of all things that can be transformed into anything you want.

This configuration, and then running around, the brain is a little abnormal.

“Go ahead, choose another suitable opponent, and after returning to the sect, go out to practice for a thousand years.” Xu Fan said.

“Yes, Master Ancestor.”

Han Feiyu felt a little reluctant at first when he heard that he had been in the immortal world for thousands of years, and then his eyes gradually became firm.

He has been in the environment of sect for too long, so that he has no cultivation base and aptitude now, but he can’t play the battle strength he should have.

Han Feiyu got serious and started picking his opponents in the various space arenas.

It didn’t take long for Han Feiyu to return to Xu Fan with the reward for conquering the ring.

Also Xu Fan entire group caught the attention of other True Immortals in the dojo.

Some are curious, some are disdainful, and some are dissatisfied.

But it was more of the admiration looked towards Xu Fan entire group. Several True Immortals who like to make friends even came forward to talk.

At this moment, a loud voice resounded over the palace dojo again.

“Fellow Daoists, our chamber of commerce has opened 10 arenas again, all of which are Heaven’s Chosen trained by my Waifengtang. As long as they can conquer the arena, there will be rich rewards.”

“I’m here to fish again. It’s good to make friends with Heaven’s Chosen. How can you recruit it so easily.”

“Don’t say this, the most important thing in Tianding Chamber of Commerce is the fairy weapon. Spirit Treasure, the resource of immortal jade.”

“That’s what I said, but the wild Heaven’s Chosen can’t be fished so much, it’s almost as good as wool.”

heard With this sound, the cultivator watching the lively in the dojo began to talk.

In the center of the dojo, there are 10 huge space arenas, and the space in the arena is huge.

“As expected of the acquired Spirit Treasure, just get a space arena, the space is so big.” Xu Fan said with admiration.

“Master, after the grapes are merged with the Peach Blossom Spring, it will not be inferior to the Spirit Treasure of this palace.” The voice of the grapes sounded in Xu Fan’s heart.

“There is a long way to go, so let’s take it slow. We have just arrived in the fairyland, and our sect’s background is too far behind.” Xu Fan replied softly.

At this time, a True Immortal wearing a daoist robe standing in every space arena exudes an imposing manner of walking out of a sea of corpses and blood, with an indifferent expression and eyes like blades. .

looked towards the outside of the ring and their True Immortal looked like ants.

“Master, I’m going to practice my hands.” Xu Gang said and was about to go forward to attack.

“Don’t be the first to see it.”

A soft force pushed Xu Gang back.

“The master asked Eldest Senior Brother to wait for a while. The atmosphere is not yet in place. At this time, even if you win, it will not be very good.” Li Xingci explained with a smile.

“Wait then~” Xu Gang looked towards True Immortal in a ring, with a fighting intent flickering in his eyes.

He felt the same kind in that True Immortal imposing manner.

True Immortal, who was being watched, also felt Xu Gang’s eyes, which looked provocative.

At this time, many True Immortals who had just conquered the ring stepped forward to attack, but they were all smashed off the ring at a very fast speed.

“There are at least 100,000 Fellow Daoists present, wouldn’t there be one person to conquer our arena~”

The most vigorous defender in imposing manner True Immortal A long spear, very provocatively looked towards the True Immortal onlookers below, the face is almost written that you are all garbage.

“Has the atmosphere arrived?” Xu Gang asked, rubbing his hands.

“It’s almost a problem, Eldest Senior Brother will be patient~” Li Xingci said beside him.

Xu Gang didn’t speak, just quietly looked towards the most arrogant defender True Immortal. Beneath the calm appearance was the erupting volcano that was about to spew out.

Just then, a True Immortal stepped into the ring.

“Lin Wushuang is the halloween fairy.”

A tall, tall, full-bodied True Immortal appeared.

Then a pair of heavy armor with dense immortal texts appeared on his body, and he also had a pair of huge immortal gauntlets on his hands.

“You are one of the Hundred True Immortals of this generation, I have read your profile, and I feel like that.”

Keeping True Immortal long spear He pointed to Lin Wushuang and said, his expression was very calm, as if he was talking about a very ordinary thing.

“Then your feeling may be wrong~”

A huge heavy soil Golden Body Dharma Idol appeared and punched the defending True Immortal.

For a time, heavenly thunder and earth fire, the whole ring space began to be restless.

Furious martial arts major Lin Wushuang, every punch can cause the space in the hand to vibrate.

Shou Lei True Immortal, whose expression was calm and slightly provocative, just resisted Lin Wushuang’s heavy punches one by one.

“No wind!”

For a moment, the space seemed to stand still, only the breeze was blowing.

The dharma of the defending True Immortal shattered directly, hitting the inner wall of the Space Arena Formation like a cannonball coming out of the chamber.

“Master Ancestor, can Lin Wushuang win?” Jian Wuji asked beside him.

“I can’t win. Although the realm cultivation bases are similar, how can a fledgling child compare with an experienced veteran.” Xu Fan said looking at the situation on the stage.

That’s right, Lin Wushuang, who has the upper hand in the arena, is like a recruit who has not experienced baptism in the eyes of Xu Fan. The only thing that can be praised is that his usual training is very good.

On the space arena, Lin Wushuang’s Golden Body Dharma Idol looked towards True Immortal, whose body slipped from the inner wall of the Formation, with very cautious eyes.

The formidable power that hit Shou Lei True Immortal with his Divine Ability just now was only 20%.

“Your Baizhen Disciple has not been on the battlefield outside Xinjiang yet!” Shou Lei True Immortal, holding the fairy weapon long spear, stood up and said, looking towards Lin Wushuang with some admiration in his eyes.

“The battle strength is good, and it’s easy to survive on the battlefield.”

“But now, as a veteran, I will teach you a lesson.”

The Shou Lei True Immortal disappeared after saying the silhouette, and when he appeared in front of Lin Wushuang’s golden body, he had become a Golden Body Dharma Idol of the same size, holding a long spear that seemed to penetrate the sky, Directly penetrate Lin Wushuang’s Golden Body Dharma Idol.

Directly took Lin Wushuang out of Golden Body Dharma Idol.

The fairy weapon long spear is on Lin Wushuang’s Immortal Spirit.

(End of this chapter)

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