My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 953

Chapter 953 Shenhao

β€œXing Ci, when will I be able to play.”

Xu Gang, who remained in the expert state, finally couldn’t bear it any longer and asked Li Xing next to him. resignation asked.

Xu Fan laughed.

β€œWhen the Eldest Senior Brother waits, it is estimated that the atmosphere will be in place when the next one comes out.”

β€œWhen the time comes Eldest Senior Brother comes out to destroy the dead When the time comes…” Li Xingci laughed said.

The 10 arenas fell into a cooling-off period, and all the True Immortals who were watching from outside the ring were waiting for the next Heaven’s Chosen to attack and defend the ring.

At this moment, a frivolous voice sounded.

“Since no one’s here to scoop the wool, I’ll do it.”

A thunderbolt appeared on the ring, then transformed into a True Immortal man.

I saw a man wearing a Thunder Dragon robe, nine Thunder Dragons, manifested by the Thunder Dao law, wrapped around the thunder robe.

“Thunder Punishment Tianzong, Tan Xiu, just returned from the battlefield outside Xinjiang, let me see if you veterans are up to the standard.”

On the Thunder Dragon robe The nine Thunder Dragons seemed to come alive, spinning clouds above the thunder robe, and the sound of Thunder Punishment resounding through Myriad Realms could be vaguely heard.

Hearing the words of the Thunder Punishment Tianzong man, the selected Shou Lei True Immortal’s eyes showed vigilance.

The imposing manner on the man reminded him of the alien Heaven’s Chosen that he and his teammates killed on the battlefield outside Xinjiang.

In every encirclement and suppression, he will lose many comrades in arms, and may even wipe out the entire army.

“Looks like you feel something.” The man said and raised his hand slightly, a small Thunder Dragon hovering in the man’s hands, from time to time roaring at the hunting competition.

He held the Thunder Dragon in his hand and lifted it up slightly, and instantly a thunder True Dragon with a thousand zhang appeared.

Just in time to meet the guard True Immortal Golden Body Dharma Idol who was charging towards him.

In just a split second, thunder broke out from the ring.

The rays of light that erupted from the thunder also shone into the eyes of the True Immortals in the audience.

“Thunder Punishment works together to punish the sky, but unfortunately the Human Race is not the strongest in the immortal world. It is difficult to major in this discipline and want to go to Peak.” Xu Fan looked at the Thunder Punishment Tianzong man’s heart. said.

The flashing lightning on the space ring went out, and the thunder fell, leaving only the True Immortal lying on the ground in the ring.

The space arena slowly fell, and finally disappeared under the dojo.

This means that this ring was conquered, and the man from Thunder Punishment Tianzong also disappeared without a trace.

“There are still 9 arenas, so Fellow Daoists need to work hard!” The voice sounded again in the sky.

A silhouette of fast as lightning landed on one of the rings.

Let Li Xingci, who wanted to reach out and stop him under the ring, put his hand down.

β€œThere are always surprises, as long as they don’t affect the outcome,” Xu Fan said.

Li Xingci nodded.

At this time, on the ring, Xu Gang looked towards Shou Lei True Immortal with fighting intent.

“I’ve been staring at you from the audience for a long time, and finally I’m willing to come up~” Shou Lei True Immortal looked towards Xu Gang said.

The five Five Elements fairy beads spin behind it, the Great Dao of Five Elements, and turn into various Divine Beasts in Five Elements behind it.

“Hidden Spirit Sect, Xu Gang.” Xu Gang said.

“Waifengtang, Luo Tianxing.”

The two of them moved instantly.

The virtual image of a thousand hands appeared behind Xu Gang, and set up a defense first.

At this time, the Fire Spirit Immortal Orb behind True Immortal turned into a Fire Qilin and stepped down from the sky.

The violent aura instantly turned the entire arena into a field of fire.

Then the Earth Element and the gold-based fairy Spirit Bead turned into a huge giant beast paired by Xu Gang and rushed forward.

“Isn’t this a routine that Eldest Senior Brother liked to use in the past?” Wang Xiangchi, who was watching the game, couldn’t help saying.

β€œNow that you Eldest Senior Brothers are mature, you seldom play such bells and whistles.” Xu Fan said, in a way of praising Xu Gang.

At this moment, a thousand-hand virtual image formed a hand knot, and instantly a thousand-handed giant appeared in front of him.

The giant’s heart shone with distorted rays of light intertwined with black and white.

I grabbed the swallowing giant beast condensed by Shou Lei True Immortal.

It was thrown to the True Immortal like a dick.

Then the thousand zhang giant roared up to the sky, and the black and white distorted rays of light appeared in his mouth.

“Fancy bells and whistles~” Xu Fan’s face was a little unsightly.

Just when the rays of light in the mouth of the giant zhang condensed to the extreme, the giant zhang was suddenly frozen, and then pulled into an unknown space by a pair of big hands.

“You succeeded in conquering the ring, this little friend, you won.” An illusory voice sounded like Sound of Great Dao.

Then the ring sank under the dojo.

A jade box appeared in Xu Gang’s hand, and a voice told him that it was a reward for conquering the ring.

Xu Gang returned to Xu Fan with a bewildered look on his face.

“What’s the matter, master.” Xu Gang asked suspiciously.

“It wasn’t that you just started on a whim and played new tricks to make the yin and yang interlaced model unstable. Just when it was about to explode, it was stopped by the Golden Immortal senior.”

“Sparring is not a life and death battle. Once you use your Divine Ability, you won’t even be able to find scumbags.”

“And you play. That little trick is really not good, so don’t use it in the future.” Xu Fan looked at Xu Gang and said with a serious expression.

“I know I was wrong, Master.” Xu Gang bowed his head and said ashamedly.

It was clearly something that an oversized dose of Dongfeng Divine Ability could solve, but he just played uncontrollable tricks.

Xu Gang gently opened the jade box, which contained 100,000 immortal jade and a jade token from the Tianding Chamber of Commerce. It is said that one can choose an Immortal Spirit treasure from the Tianding Chamber of Commerce. Treasures are no less than middle grade faeries.

“It’s okay.” Xu Fan looked at the reward Xu Gang got, nodded.

Afterwards, there were many True Immortal challenge arenas with high battle strength.

The winners and losers were mixed, and in the end, there were still 5 arenas remaining in the space dojo, and no one went up to challenge.

Xu Fan entire group looked bored and went to the meeting inside the palace.

“The Tianding Chamber of Commerce has really achieved the ultimate in business.” Xu Fan said with emotion as he looked at the commercial streets in the palace space.

“Let’s go shopping, and we’ll gather when the Immortal Spirit ruins world opens.” Xu Fan ordered.

“According to the master (Ancestor Master).”

Han Feiyu looked at this bustling commercial street with a smile on the corner of his mouth.

A few days later, there were rumors that Yishenhao appeared in the commercial street inside Yun Immortal Palace, invested hundreds of millions of immortal jade, and almost bought half of the commercial street.

Even the Great Firmament sage guarding the palace was alarmed, but he was so arrogant, disfigured and extremely mysterious.

Without Shenhao’s approval, Tianding Chamber of Commerce cannot disclose his name.

The reason why Han Feiyu is so reassured to shop inside the Tianding Chamber of Commerce is that he is confident in the deformed fairy artifact given by Master Ancestor, and the second is the credibility of the Tianding Chamber of Commerce for hundreds of millions of years.

“Master Ancestor, this is a gift from your disciple and grandson to honor you.” Han Feiyu said with a solemn expression while holding a space jade box.

(End of this chapter)

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