My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 955

Chapter 955 Shit Rain Technique

“Although this ruin world is a bit rundown, the scenery is still good.”

In the ruin world, Xu Fan bakes by a lake with a freshly caught fish.

He wasn’t here to hunt for treasure, so he wasn’t in a hurry to search around.

At this moment, a rays of light flashed across the horizon.

“This breath seems familiar~” Xu Fan said, looking at the rays of light disappearing from the sky.

Eating grilled fish, watching in the sky from time to time passing light like a shooting star.

There will also be occasional aftermath of the battle in the distance.

At this moment, thunder roared thousands of miles away.

Xu Fan just glanced at the place and said, “It should be that kid from Thunder Punishment Tianzong. It seems that he is playing back and forth.”

“Yes. The True Immortal that came in with 100,000 immortal jade has two brushes.”

According to Xu Fan’s observation, the True Immortal’s strength is at least the level that can conquer the public arena.

Just as Xu Fan was watching the fun from a distance, a dagger suddenly attacked from behind Xu Fan.

Xu Fan’s head rose to the sky, and the blood rose from the fracture.

A column of blood flew three thousand miles high in the sky.

The True Immortal of the sneak attack Xu Fan looked puzzled as he watched Xu Fan’s headless corpse gush out continuous blood.

“The True Immortal in the sea of cultivation is not like this.” True Immortal hidden in the black robe said with some doubts.

“If the True Immortal Realm world has made body refinement a cultivation to the extreme, it should be this scene when the head is cut off. Power of Qi and Blood is sufficient, and I can’t stop spraying him for three days and three nights.”

A voice sounded next to the black robe True Immortal.

At the same time, a force of the mountains restrained the black robe True Immortal from moving.

“Did you spend 100,000 immortal jade to come to Immortal Spirit ruins world just to loot?”

Xu Fan’s dull voice sounded.

The headless corpse with blood gushing out next to it has turned into an underground fountain, and the blood has turned into clear spring water.

At this time, the expression of the black robe True Immortal, who was frozen, was a little shocked, and then turned into a deep despair.

All the space magic weapons on the black robe True Immortal were found by Xu Fan.

“You have a good harvest!” Xu Fan said with emotion as he looked at the things in the black robe True Immortal space magic weapon.

“Can you spare me.” The black robe True Immortal’s voice was hoarse.

“You seem childish by saying that.” Xu Fan patted black robe True Immortal’s shoulder lightly with his hand.

In an instant, the memory of black robe True Immortal through childhood appeared in front of Xu Fan.

“Vicious and merciless, the seven desires are indulged, you have lived enough to live up to now.” Xu Fan said while observing the memories in the black robe True Immortal light curtain.

“Please, Fellow Daoist, give me a treat~” the immobilized black robe True Immortal pretended to be calm.

He had already imagined some of the cruelest criminal laws in the immortal world.

“I’m so sorry for what you’ve done before.”

“Come back to me, I’ll treat you to fresh seafood.” Xu Fan had a bright smile on his face, as if to entertain a friend he hadn’t seen in years.

“Okay, go get me some game first, you ruined the grilled fish just now.” Xu Fan said.

The black robe True Immortal flew into the distance uncontrollably, and it didn’t take long to bring back a small beast like an antelope.

Under the frightened eyes of black robe True Immortal, his body skillfully killed sheep for blood, peeled and marinated.

During this time, a firework was also raised with the use of fire spells.

Xu Fan took out various marinades and put them on the ground and let them bake.

At this moment, Xu Fan suddenly received another message.

“You do it slowly here first, and I’ll come when I go.”

At this time, thousands of miles away from Xu Fan, Wang Xiangchi, master and disciple, were being taken by a team of True Immortal catches up.

“Hand over the things and save you from dying!”

“With the cultivation base of your three quasi-immortals, it will be a disaster if those things fall into your hands.” Chase Wang Xiangchi master and True Immortal, headed by disciple, said.

“First come, first served, you want to catch up with us first.” Han Feiyu took out a spell and activated it directly.

A huge range of shit rain appeared, and a stench filled the sky immediately.

Countless raindrops of shit headed towards the True Immortal team.

“Is this shit?”

True Immortal, who was chasing after him, was puzzled, and the stench brought back memories of his first cultivation.

“Want to disgust us?”

That team of ten True Immortals directly blew a gust of wind, trying to blow this hundred-mile range of shit rain to other places .

Han Feiyu watched all this with a smile on his face.

How can I get rid of the fairy-level shit rain spell spell from Martial Uncle so easily.

As if the Shit Rain Technique, which covered a hundred li radius, was not affected, it continued to shroud the team of True Immortal.

“All teleportation~”

That team of True Immortal disappeared instantly, and reappeared to avoid the range of Shit Rain.

It’s just that they are all uniformly covered with an indescribable layer.

Feeling the stench on their bodies, those True Immortals were instantly furious.

Feel the massive imposing manner of the True Immortal chasing them behind.

Wang Xiangchi rolled his eyes at Han Feiyu.

“You don’t think it’s lively enough~”

At this moment, angry roar came from behind.

“With the spirit as the medium, make me sleepy!!”

“With the blood as the medium, give me the order!!”

The Divine Ability of the trump card All used.

I saw the red and blue intertwined array trapped Wang Xiangchi and the three.

“Senior brother, you have a big feud with this hand. It seems that we can’t escape death if we hand over our things.” Jian Wuji said, but the expression on his face was very relaxed.

“Sooner or later, this team of True Immortal is much stronger than us, and we can’t run away. It seems that we can only ask you Ancestor Master for help.” Wang Xiangchi said.

If there are only three or four against True Immortal, Wang Xiangchi feels that he can fight to the death.

But against a team of ten True Immortal, he really wasn’t sure.

“I thought I’d give you a treat after you handed over those things.”

“Now I’ve changed my mind, I’m going to hang your Immortal Spirit over Nine Heavens , let the wind blow you for thousands of years!”

At this time, the True Immortal team had cleaned up the indescribable things on their bodies.

But the stench that emanated from his body was lingering no matter what.

The team of True Immortal surrounded the array and used the most vicious language to scold Wang Xiangchi, master and disciple.

At this moment, a sword light seemed to come from the sky, passing through ten True Immortals in an instant.

“Beyond a thousand li can smell this stench. If I don’t come to rescue you, these True Immortals can really torture you for thousands of years.” Xu Fan’s voice sounded, but no one was there.

“many thanks master (Ancestor Master)” three master and disciple thanked.

“Okay, you continue to explore treasures, and call me again if you have anything.”

Then the weather gradually fell into silence.

The Formation that trapped them disappeared, and several people resisted, the stench in the air cleaned up the space magic weapon on the 10 True Immortals who were killed.

“Use this less in the future, it will disgust others, and also disgust yourself.” Wang Xiangchi felt nauseous, as if the stench could penetrate into his soul.

“That’s it~” Jian Wuji also felt a little nauseous.

(End of this chapter)

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