My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 957

Chapter 957 Black robe True Immortal’s highlight moment

The answer to thunder True Dragon is an oversized Dongfeng Divine Ability.

After the Dongfeng Divine Ability, several standard Dongfeng Divine Ability were also displayed by Xu Gang.

“You can fight, let’s continue~”

Xu Gang’s flat voice made the thunder giant dragon look a little weird.

Aren’t you going to talk about the scene?

I said it and you didn’t say it, wouldn’t it make me embarrassed!

But the thunder True Dragon couldn’t think about it at this time, because the Divine Ability missile that made his heart throb was shot.

Several streaks fell in the sky, and the thunder turned into a giant net and shrouded the Dongfeng Divine Ability missile.

At the same time, the thunder True Dragon opened its mouth and spit, and a golden lightning shot towards the virtual image of a thousand hands.

It runs directly through the entire virtual image of a thousand hands, making it dissipate between Heaven and Earth.

But it didn’t take long for another virtual image of a thousand hands to condense.

It inspired a bunch of Dongfeng missiles to bomb.

A thousand hands moved in unison, and the Dongfeng missiles condensed behind them one by one.

“That’s your Avatar!” There was some anger in the voice of the thunder True Dragon.

What responded to him was just a series of Dongfeng Divine Ability.

One after another, the Divine Ability of the East Wind slammed into thunder True Dragon’s body, making him tired of defense again and again.

“I don’t believe you can use this huge mighty Divine Ability all the time!” thunder True Dragon roared again.

The result was a series of Dongfeng Divine Ability missiles in response.

Xu Fan, who was watching the battle in the distance, couldn’t help but nodding, this is the battle scene that the fort should have.

At this time, several tens of thousands of li in the area where the two were fighting had all been shaken into ruins.

Thousands of True Immortals were already watching from a distance.

Firstly, they were amazed at the ferocity of the battle between the two of them, and secondly, they sensed the breath of the Spirit Treasure of the Five Colors Peak acquired above the Formation, thinking of a mantis stalks the cicada.

As time passed, the roaring sound that resounded between Heaven and Earth never ceased.

Xu Gang, like a perpetual motion machine, has been using Dongfeng Divine Ability.

At this time, the virtual image of the Thousand Hands has at least 6 bonuses of Immortal Artifacts, providing it with Immortal Spirit Energy continuously.

Thunder True Dragon, who has been defending, is getting more and more angry.

The thunder breath on my body is getting weaker and weaker.

β€œThousands of Thunders Kill!”

With the angry roar of thunder True Dragon, the place where the two fought, seems to have turned into a golden ocean.

Everyone in the external battle only felt that the entire ruins of Small World began to tremble.

The True Immortal who watched the battle were all excited.

The harder the fight, the better, so they can get their hands on the fish.

At this time, more and more people were watching Xu Gang and Tan Xiu fighting, and more and more people were greedy for the acquired Spirit Treasure above the ancient formation.

The appearance of the golden thunder ocean interrupted Xu Gang’s spellcasting.

In the ocean of thunder, a golden thunder like a thin snake has been searching for Xu Gang’s real body.

thunder True Dragon also quickly soared in the golden thunder ocean, trying to catch Xu Gang out and annihilate it in one fell swoop.

At this time, Xu Gang was hiding under the ruined earth, waiting for the final blow from the thunder True Dragon.

As thunder True Dragon roams above Xu Gang’s hidden place.

A giant hand with ten thousand zhang long suddenly stretched out from the ground and grabbed towards the thunder True Dragon.

Five Immortal Qi Spirit Beads appeared in the area where the thunder giant dragon was located, and quickly formed a large Five Elements Defensive Array, isolating the ocean of golden thunder.

“I found your real body!” The thunder True Dragon ignored the giant hand and charged directly at Xu Gang.

“The battle is over~” Xu Fan said after taking his last sip.

At this time, the whole land suddenly turned into a piece of lava, and several giant hands stretched out from the lava to grab Thunder Dragon, and they were about to drag it into the land.

The Dongfeng Divine Ability missile that had been in ambush for a long time in the sky appeared, directly shattering the shield of the thunder True Dragon.

Several giant hands stretched out from the lava took the opportunity to grab the thunder True Dragon and dragged it into the lava ocean.

In the end, there is a roaring color from time to time in the earth, and the golden ocean in the sky is also disappeared.

At this time, the acquired Spirit Treasure five-color peak above the ancient formation appeared directly in front of the thousand True Immortals.

I saw the black robe True Immortal behind Xu Fan, holding a short sword and suddenly teleporting outside the ancient formation.

“Whoever dares to touch this treasure, kill!”

A huge sword intent exudes from the black robe True Immortal, making the True Immortal on the periphery of the battlefield not dare to act rashly for a while .

At this moment, black robe True Immortal suddenly slashed a sword light behind him.

Across thousands of miles directly killed a True Immortal who wanted to stealth to an ancient formation.

That clean and pure sword light made True Immortal onlookers feel a little tricky, and no one wanted to be the first bird.

The black robe True Immortal skillfully quelled thousands of True Immortals by one man.

Xu Fan watched this scene with a smile from a distance.

“I haven’t used sword dao for a long time, and it’s a bit rusty to use it suddenly.” Xu Fan said in his heart.

“Are you sure you can stop all of our True Immortals by yourself?”

“Get out early or you’ll die.” A sect-dressed True Immortal said. .

black robe True Immortal cut out a sword light without saying a word.

This sword light directly crossed the space and killed the Immortal Spirit of the speaker.

“You’re just talking too much~” black robe True Immortal foul-mouthed said.

“Thousands of miles are the boundary, those who dare to cross this world, then try my sword dao cultivation base is pure enough.” black robe True Immortal said sternly.

At this time, the True Immortal squad who came in from the same sector couldn’t stand the arrogance of the black robe True Immortal, and led the team directly into the thousands of miles.

“What are you going to do when I’m in!” The team of True Immortal was vigilantly guarding the sword light of the black robe True Immortal.

A kilometer-long sword light swept across, directly destroying the True Immortal team.

“What kind of limelight is a group of stinky fish and rotten shrimp!” black robe True Immortal disdainfully said.

He looked around, and the words “You are all garbage” were written on his face.

“When did the cultivation world come out with Heaven’s Chosen Sword Immortal, how come I haven’t heard of it before.”

“This is Heaven’s Chosen which is the highest even among those Great Influence sects. Disciple.”

“Let’s watch the fun first, and when the True Immortals of Great Influence arrive, there will be a good show.”

At this time, under the earth, Xu Gang has beaten Thunder True Dragon.

He was carrying Tan Xiu to the ground.

“Go somewhere else, and the Five Color Peaks in the ancient formation have been discovered.”

“Now that you have thousands of True Immortals staring at your head, it is not easy for you to Take the Five Colors Peak in public.”

“Just leave and leave the rest to the master.” After Xu Gang heard Xu Fan’s sound transmission, he thought about it and held Tan Xiu in his hand. Run away in other directions.

At this time, more and more True Immortals came to watch, and the breath in the air became more and more restless.

At this moment, a pair of True Immortal squads wearing Holy Sect daoist robe cultivator appeared.

“I heard about Fellow Daoist’s record just now, but no matter how strong you are, you can’t protect this acquired Spirit Treasure.”

“Give it to me Halloween, I owe it to me. You are alone.”

Halloween Xianmen led Disciple, the chief executive of this session of True Immortal, and has always been a gentleman in the fairyland.

(End of this chapter)

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