My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 959

Chapter 959 Old Friends

In a spirit boat, Xu Fan looked at the black robe True Immortal and asked with a smile: “How can it be exciting~”

black robe True Immortal is physically controlled, only regaining the ability to speak.

“didn’t expect that before I die, I can also be a Sword Immortal with one enemy and ten thousand sword qi to force back ten thousand people.”

“This life is worth it, Now I just want to die quickly, I will thank Fellow Daoist great kindness and virtue under the Nine Springs.” said black robe True Immortal.

The expression in his eyes seems to be recalling the famous scene at that time.

“You can’t die, it’s very useful to live well.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

At this time on a mountaintop, Xu Fan saw the Protoss.

“Protoss Fellow Daoist, didn’t expect to meet you in Immortal Realm so soon.” Xu Fan greeted warmly.

“I also didn’t expect that it was the first time I was injured so badly in the Immortal Realm that I was beaten by the Great Elder.” Protoss said, looking at the black robe True Immortal behind Xu Fan, his face There was an expression of sudden realization.

“The Protoss Fellow Daoist was hiding so deeply that I didn’t notice it at the time, otherwise it would definitely have saved some strength.” Xu Fan said.

Among the mountains, on a flat top.

Xu Fan set up a small table, three or four dishes of side dishes, two jars of fine wine, and a black robe True Immortal who was waiting beside him.

“I came here to get an acquired Spirit Treasure under the order of the master, didn’t expect to meet the Great Elder by chance.” Protoss raised a glass and touched Xu Fan.

โ€œWhat is the big shot that can convince the Protoss Fellow Daoist and worship him as a teacher.โ€ Xu Fan asked.

In Human Race, Protoss is the most defiant person in aptitude that he has ever seen.

“I am Master cultivation base True Immortal Peak, but my brothers are more than one against the sky.”

“I was rescued by one of my current senior brothers. Yes.” Protoss organized the language and said.

“The one who can deter the golden wings of the Great Peng Race is at least a Great Firmament saint.” Xu Fan guessed.

“Yes, my Third Senior Brother personally took me to the heart of the golden wings Great Peng Race to talk to their patriarch.”

“I got some compensation in the end. .” Xingling recalled, but his expression was a little strange.

If he didn’t take his current Master as his teacher, he would never have imagined that a True Immortal would dare to point at the Great Firmament Saint, just because he was not satisfied with the compensation from the Golden-Winged Great Peng. .

Xu Fan cupped the hands and made a congratulatory gesture.

โ€œThis time I meet the Golden-Winged Great Peng in the Nether again, and the Protoss Fellow Daoist shouldnโ€™t have to worry about scolding them.โ€ Xu Fan laughed and couldnโ€™t help sighing at the Protossโ€™ bad weather.

“Yes, not only is it cool to scold, but it’s also fun to fight.” Protoss said nodded.

At this time, he looked towards Xu Fan and suddenly had an idea.

“Great Elder, do you want to find a backer?” Protoss said suddenly.

Xu Fan, who was eating, was suddenly taken aback.

“What does this mean?”

“My Master has a good insight into the secrets of heaven. No matter the brothers before I am still me, they were all extraordinary natural talents since childhood. After going through a low point, I was rescued by the Master and taught me carefully, and then the path of cultivation was exceptionally smooth.”

“My Eldest Senior Brother, Second Senior Brother, Third Senior Brother, all of them are Great Firmament saints. “

“Fourth Senior Brother and Fifth Senior Brother are Golden Immortal, only I have just broken through the True Immortal Realm world, and it is the weakest cultivation base under the Master.”

“If Great The Elder and my Master met, then all five of my previous senior brothers were the patrons of the Great Elder.”

Protoss recalled the picture of their senior and junior brothers loving each other.

“Forget it, I’m used to it, Heaven and Earth are my teachers, and three thousand Taoist methods are my teachers. I don’t need to take anyone else as my teacher.” Xu Fan shook his head and said, but he still raised his glass to thank the Protoss kindness.

“Stop talking about this, have you found the acquired Spirit Treasure that your Master asked you to find?” Xu Fan asked.

“I found it, I was about to leave, and then I saw the five-color peak, I wanted to hold a sheep, but I was injured by the Great Elder.”

“There will be later Time, must talk to the Great Elder, I still don’t understand the sword that cut me.” Protoss said with a hint of amazement.

“Is Protoss Fellow Daoist busy recently?” Xu Fan asked in confusion.

“Master has broken through the secrets and found me a few acquired Spirit Treasures suitable for my Golden Immortal period. Now I am searching for treasures in the immortal world.”

A small green spirit The sword floated in the hands of the Protoss, exuding the unique breath of the acquired Spirit Treasure.

“Your Master is really extraordinary. The chance of the day after tomorrow for Spirit Treasure will break if you give it to you.” Xu Fan said, looking at the Qingling sword in Prototype’s hand.

“I remember that the Great Elder was also an expert in divination and fortune-telling. If you have time, you can talk to my Master.”

“My Master is a very interesting person, and I have a great relationship with the Great Elder. The personalities are somewhat similar, and you will definitely become confidants when you meet.” Xingling took back the Qingling sword and said with a smile.

“I don’t dare to climb high, Master.” Xu Fan quickly waved his hand.

Protoss’ Master Xu Fan must be a bad guy, otherwise 800 lives won’t be enough for him to break through the sky like this.

“We’ll know when you and my master meet.”

The two finally talked about the development of the Elder Council and future generations, and exchanged contact information. , the star spirit left.

Protoss has returned to the fairy world, and was directly pulled back to their Master by his Third Senior Brother.

“Are you hurt?” asked a frowned old man with a childlike white hair and a gracious face.

“I met an acquaintance in the ruins world, but I didn’t recognize each other, and there was a bit of misunderstanding.” Protoss said.

“Where’s the Third Senior Brother, why haven’t I seen him?” Protoss then asked curiously.

“There was something wrong with the Outer Domain of Immortal Realm. He went to deal with it.”

“As far as I know, all the ruins in the world are True Immortal. If you can be hurt by a sword intent, your Fellow Daoist is amazing, wait for me to figure it out~”

After the white haired old man finished speaking, he closed his eyes, and a destiny appeared behind Luo Zhong and began to deduce .

But then the frown deepened, and the vitality of the body also decreased, and finally there was no breath on the body.

The Protoss is no stranger to this scene. He, the Master, forgets about it every time. He is dead and alive, and then he is born. It seems that there is no heaven and earth between Heaven and Earth that can stop him.

In the end, all of a sudden, the white haired old man gave birth to infinite vitality out of thin air and continued to deduce.

But then, the white haired old man opened his eyes helplessly, but then turned excited.

“Your Fellow Daoist…”

The white haired old man spit out a mouthful of blood as if he had been backlashed before he finished speaking.

The vitality on the body is also visibly reduced with naked eye.

“There is a chance that I must…”

Before I finish speaking, it is a mouthful of blood spurted again.

“Master, don’t worry, let’s talk about it after recuperation.” Protoss said quickly.


Another mouthful of blood.

At this time, Xu Fan’s silhouette appeared outside a huge ancient formation.

This ancient formation has sealed off millions of kilometers.

“This large acquired Spirit Treasure is actually the core of this ancient formation.”

Xu Fan said while looking at the densely packed Xianwen outside the ancient formation.

(End of this chapter)

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