My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 961

Chapter 961 Little Black Child

Xu Fan looked at the brawny man, thinking that he could have a happy battle this time.

Such a good target, if you don’t hit it for three days and three nights, I’m sorry for his identity.

While Xu Fan was thinking about how to practice that brawny man.

In the sky, a giant hand suddenly stretched out, grabbed the brawny man like a chicken, and forcibly brought out the ruined world.

“Sorry, my sect, don’t blame me~”

After the sound of Sound of Great Dao appeared, peace between Heaven and Earth returned to normal.

At this time, Xu Fan was a little surprised. He knew that the Great Firmament Saint was watching the ruins world, but he didn’t expect to find out what the brawny man was hiding so quickly.

A feather fan appeared in Xu Fan’s hand, he fanned the fan, and calmed down the fighting intent that had just emerged.

“Ai, I don’t know how the poor brawny man will be dealt with in the end, but the Great Firmament Saint discovered it just after exuding a little imposing manner. It’s really pitiful.”

The Black Cannon True Immortal returned from a distance, standing right behind Xu Fan.

“Let’s go, go to the next place.”

In the ruins world, a world like chaos, Xu Yuexian is groping forward in it.

“That strange door actually took me to such a strange place, and I don’t know if I can get out.” Xu Yuexian cautiously explored all around.

These years of experience have made him very experienced in dealing with such strange places.

She knew that the strange door let her in, she must be looking for something or getting out of trouble.

β€œhehe ~”

Suddenly a childlike laughter sounded, then disappeared.


“Or have children?” Xu Yuexian said softly.

“Nobody! No child!”

The child’s voice appeared again, as if playing a game with Xu Yuexian.

“Then can you come out and let me see, elder sister is very good at telling stories to children.” Xu Yuexian said softly.

The child did not respond, Xu Yuexian looked at the chaotic world, took out a reclining chair and sat on it, shaking it and telling her the fairy tale that his master told her when he was a child.

As Xu Yuexian started telling fairy tales, she felt that the entire world was starting to focus on her stories.

The fairy tale went on for three days and three nights, but the child still didn’t respond.

Xu Yuexian had a smile on the corner of his mouth, and suddenly stopped when a fairy tale came to the fore.

After a while, she felt that the whole Chaos World started to get cranky.

“Come on, tell me what happened to Little Red Riding Hood after he got the fairy weapon, did he kill that Monster Wolf? Did Little Red Riding Hood’s grandma pretend to be Big Shot just to test Little Red Riding Hood.”


The child’s tone was urgent.

Hooked, Xu Yuexian thought.

“In the back story, Little Red Riding Hood got the fairy weapon, but it was taken away by Monster Wolf of wily old fox.”

“Then Monster Wolf turned into its original form and stepped on it directly. Little Red Riding Hood’s chest cruelly bit off Little Red Riding Hood’s limbs.”

“Then looked at Little Red Riding Hood fiercely and said: Little Red Riding Hood, your grandmother was eaten like this by me~”

Xu Yuexian stopped here.

“And then, how did Little Red Riding Hood defeat that Monster Wolf!”

“Then Little Red Riding Hood was eaten, and the story ended.” Xu Yuexian said with a smile and clapped his hands.

She remembered that the master used this story to make her sad for several days, and it was not until the final change that she regained her smile.

“Impossible, Little Red Riding Hood is absolutely impossible to die like this!”

A black child with only a mouth of white teeth and bright and intelligent big eyes appeared.

The little black kid ran to Xu Yuexian and looked at her angrily.

“Child, make it a little brighter next time, or you can only see your big white teeth.”

Looking at the black child, Xu Yuexian felt a little Kind of unfathomable mystery of cuteness.

“You bad guy, that’s not how the story is told, you change it back for me!” Xiaohei looked at Xu Yuexian child panting with rage.

“Then don’t disappear and stay by my side. By the way, make it a little brighter, and I will continue to tell you the story, okay?” Xu Yuexian said with a smile.

The little black child thought about it, and was clapped.

The chaotic world turned into day in an instant, and the little black boy became even darker.

Xu Yuexian took out another reclining chair and motioned the little black boy to lie down.

“The story behind is that the soul of Little Red Riding Hood suddenly appeared, and after driving Monster Wolf away, he gave Little Red Riding Hood an Immortal Pill.”

“After eating, Little Red Riding Hood directly Transcending Tribulation turned into True Immortal, and finally got revenge on the big bad wolf, and then exhausted suspended untold hardships to resurrect his grandma, and since then, Little Red Riding Hood and grandma lived happily together.”

Bullshit The light ending made the little black child very satisfied.

“Since you’ve appeared, I’ll show you something more interesting.”

Xu Yuexian waved his hand lightly, and a light curtain appeared, and a child attractive began to be placed on it. spectacle’s cartoon.

In the ancient formation, a group of True Immortal turned into mortals and played games with the Artifact Spirit at the core of the ancient formation.

In this game in which hundreds of thousands of True Immortals were turned into mortals, Wang Xiangchi, master and disciple, and Li Xingci were simply slaughtering.

How can such a naive game be compared with those high-risk games in sect, it is simply a dimensionality reduction blow.

After turning into a mortal, he actually played the game of throwing stones and hiding and hiding, which is not too simple, okay?

In a quiet ancient town, a dozen True Immortals whose Myriad Transformations are mortals are hidden.

As long as they are found by the core Artifact Spirit, they will be eliminated.

Other True Immortals are trying their best to hide in the room, only Wang Xiangchi master and disciple and Li Xingci are hiding on the city wall of the town.

They used a very short time to make clothes with the same color and pattern as the city wall, so they lay very quietly on the nearly straight city wall.

Several people also looked at each other and passed information by blinking their eyes.

“As expected of my Junior Brother, even the way of hiding is the same as me.” Wang Xiangchi looked towards Li Xingci and blinked to convey the message.

“This is what I learned from Second Senior Sister. Although I haven’t practiced at home, it should be enough to play a game of hide and seek.” Li Xingci replied with a wink.

“I have to say that the master had foresight back then. He told us at that time that under special circumstances, there would always be times when he would become a mortal, and he was forced by the master to learn so much that he did not need spiritual. Divine Ability of power.” Wang Xiangchi blinked.

“When I fell into a Secret Realm and turned into a mortal, I was able to kill Nascent Soul with a mortal body and a puppet with the help of the mortal stage Transcending Tribulation package given by the master. Now think about it, the master’s A profound mystery that cannot be expressed in words.” Li Xingci blinked frequently to convey information.

“Master, can you change the position of the master, he blocked us, I can’t see what you are talking about with your eyes.” Han Feiyu blinked unskillfully.

After seeing the message from Han Feiyu, Li Xingci started blinking to signal Wang Xiangchi to change places, so that all four of them could see each other.

“That’s it, stop talking, my eyes are a little sore, I’ll rest for a while.” Wang Xiangchi closed his eyes after delivering the message.

“My eyes are a little sore too~”

(End of this chapter)

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