My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 963

Chapter 963 This is the plug-in I want.

At the moment Jian Wuji was acquired by the Spirit Treasure recognizing Master, the entire ancient formation suddenly disappeared.

After tens of millions of years, the Immortal Spirit’s liquid condensed in the ancient formation of the spirits is like the backflow of the sea.

In an instant, a huge amount of Immortal Spirit’s liquid rushed all around like a tide.

But all the True Immortals that had been prepared around were received in the Space Magical Artifact.

The Immortal Spirit liquid, like the ocean, was instantly taken away by the True Immortal surrounding the ancient formation.

“Don’t let this Immortal Spirit out, I’ll take the sect back to the senior and junior brothers, it’s a waste of you to do so.” Jian Wuji faced the little girl who was playing in his consciousness said.

“This is how much Immortal Spirit liquid, there are hundreds of times more Immortal Spirit liquid in my Spirit Treasure space, and you can use it as you want when you go back.” The girl disdainfully said in Jian Wuji’s consciousness.

“By the way, after you have me, do you really plan to recognize the original master?”

“With me, you can worship the Immortal Sect Holy Land Great Firmament. Under the saint’s door, and it’s still a direct disciple, don’t you have any ideas?” The little girl said in disbelief.

“I am the master, I am the Ancestor Master, and I also say that my senior and junior brothers in the same sect are like a family. Besides, my Ancestor Master is even more powerful than the Great Firmament saint.” Jian Wuji said in a somewhat respectful tone.

“I betrayed them and went to worship the Great Firmament sage. Isn’t this throwing watermelons for the sake of sesame seeds.” Jian Wuji curl one’s lip.

At this point, all the Immortal Spirit liquids were collected, and the True Immortals surrounding the ancient formation of the ancient spirit gathered like crazy and rushed inside, and began to snatch the accessories of the ancient formation of the ancient spirit gathering.

And Jian Wuji was dragged away by Li Xingci and brought to Xu Fan’s side.

“Master Ancestor, this is the acquired Spirit Treasure that I got, please accept it.” Jian Wuji has something like a fairy in his hand, which is the body of the core of the ancient formation. .

“No hurry, go back to the sect.” Xu Fan laughed and helped Jian Wuji up.

“I don’t know if we can leave smoothly.” Xu Fan looked towards the exit gate in the distance.

“There should be no problem. The Nine Stars is the Great Influence that dominates the immortal domain in the north of the star. It will definitely not embarrass us for a few acquired Spirit Treasures.” Wang Xiangchi said.

“That’s not what I said, I’ll find out when you go out.” Xu Fan looked towards Xu Yuexian and Jian Wuji, showing a mysterious smile.

“Let’s go, the ones who should come will always come.”

A Transmission Formation wrapped everyone around and sent them directly to the exit gate.

At this time, the ancient formation of Juling has been in a mess, and there are battles everywhere for the fairy accessories of the ancient formation.

Sects form a squad one by one, forming a battle formation that exudes amazing battle strength.

“Master Ancestor, why don’t we take the fairy accessories together.” Jian Wuji asked Xu Fan.

β€œThere is a sentence in our sect quote: If you don’t choose the treasure, you will eat the meat and keep the soup.”

β€œIt will be a lot less troublesome if you stick to the cause and effect.” Xu Fan laughed replied.

The two most difficult problems of sect at this stage have been solved, which makes Xu Fan feel extremely comfortable.

Xu Fan led the crowd into the gate. There was no situation outside the gate of Xianjie that Xu Fan expected.

I saw Protoss with a white haired old man waiting for him outside the gate.

And when he came in, the large acquired Spirit Treasures in the sky were already disappeared.

“Great Elder, please forgive me, I told the Master about you, and the Master insisted on taking me to see you.” Protoss said apologetically.

The white haired old man looked at Xu Fan, and Xu Fan looked at the white haired old man.

The white haired old man walked up to Xu Fan excitedly.

“Fellow Daoist, how about we become brothers with different surnames.”

Those who knew the first sentence of the white haired old man, put the Protoss and the secret Shouhu Star spirit Third Senior Brother was stunned.

“I don’t dare to be brothers with senior.” Xu Fan said quickly.

You must know that this person in front of you is his ultimate ideal type, the Disciple who taught the Great Firmament Saint with a true immortal cultivator.

In his opinion, this is all perfection.

“Also, I said it too suddenly, then you and my brother should cultivate the relationship first.”

“Brother, you go back first, and I will visit your sect after a while.” white haired old man suddenly thought of something and said it.

“Although we haven’t married yet, you must be my brother.”

“The third, the third, the fifth, the sixth, I came out to meet you Martial Uncle .” greeted the white haired old man.

I saw a Great Firmament saint, two Golden Immortals and a Protoss side by side in front of Xu Fan.

I saw a mysterious rune between the brows of the Great Firmament sage who was called the third child, standing there alone, as if fuse together with Heaven and Earth, Heaven and Earth both he, he both Heaven and Earth .

Just the imposing manner and the plain eyes made Xu Fan’s scalp tingle.

There are also the two Golden Immortals, although there is curiosity in their eyes, but because of the master’s words, there is a little respect in their eyes.

“Meet Martial Uncle ~” I saw the four of them bowing gently, even if Xu Fan avoided, he felt that the monstrous cause and effect fell on him.

The expressions of the Great Firmament saint and the two Golden Immortals are very serious, and there is no Xu Fan who is just quasi-immortal and despised.

The white haired old man touched his pale hair and looked towards this scene with some relief.

“Brother, my discipline and I will go back first and formally visit your sect after a while.”

After the white haired old man finished speaking, he then looked towards the sky.

“This is my brother, whoever wants to touch him in the future, I will never stop with anyone!” The tone was extremely arrogant and arrogant.

After speaking, the white haired old man took the disciplines and left.

At this time, the recipe of grand disciples behind Xu Fan all looked at Xu Fan in shock.

“I actually saw the Great Firmament Saint today, and the Golden Immortal.”

“The master is still so powerful that they can be called Martial Uncle.”

“I just said that the master must have concealed his realm, at least more powerful than the Great Firmament saint.”

Enjoying the respectful eyes of his disciples and grandchildren, Xu Fan felt a little uncomfortable, and he cursed the Protoss in his heart. This old six.

β€œLet’s go back to the sect first~”

Hiding the Spirit Sect, Xu Fan sat in his small courtyard and looked towards the Immortal Spirit liquid lake in the distance, lost in thought.

“I should have figured it out, alas, this Martial Uncle is a huge loss for me.” Xu Fan said, looking at the Immortal Spirit Divine Beast evolving in the Immortal Spirit liquid lake.

Xu Fan knows what the old man was thinking.

As soon as he saw the white haired old man, Xu Fan felt an aura of both desolation and vitality.

As if that white haired old man lived for tens of billions of years.

But Xu Fan, who is proficient in divination, can guess at a glance that this is the result of overdrafting lifespan.

The rest of the explanation makes sense. The white haired old man must have overdrafted his lifespan to get his big shot when he was a child, and then collected it as a discipline. Using the characteristics of infinitely overdrafted lifespan, he was a disciple. gold.

Thinking of this, Xu Fan couldn’t help sighed.

“This is my ideal plug-in, how can you run on someone else~”

Xu Fan’s words were a little sad.

(End of this chapter)

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