My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 964

Chapter 964 void world gate

In Hidden Spirit Island, the original spiritual liquid waterfall has directly become the Immortal Spirit’s liquid waterfall.

Xu Fan wanted to reward him with the sword Wuji donated from the core of the Spirit Gathering Array, but he didn’t want to take it out.

Only say that he is the disciple and grandson of Master Ancestor and a part of the Spirit Sect, which is his obligation.

In the end, I only got a compliment from Xu Fan’s good disciple and grandson.

“Grape, how did the void world door test?” Xu Fan asked.

“Master, the radiation range of the void world gate can spread to the surrounding 38 immortal domain at most. If it is further away, then the medium coordinates are required.”

“If it exceeds the Human Race boundary Foreign Domain, you need to consume the origin of the void world door before you can return it.” Grape reported.

“It’s okay. When Disciples goes out in the future, you can save a transfer fee.”

Whether it’s the Spirit Treasure, the core of the ancient formation, or the space gate, both Hidden Spirit Sect brings great changes.

Spiritual Qi and Immortal Spirit Energy, which used to be able to be absorbed by all sect disciples, can now be absorbed openly.

For the 83 million Disciples newly recruited by the fourth generation, the benefits can also increase slightly.

Academy Disciple, who is living in the sect, can best experience it at this time.

Because they all just got a set of Immortal Spirit Energy body refinement.

Xu Fan looked at the giant Great Immortal Spirit Liquid Waterfall that fell from the sky, and suddenly pondered and said: “This Immortal Spirit liquid is too much, so it can’t be wasted like this~”

Now according to The calculation of grapes, Spiritual Qi and Immortal Spirit Energy required for the entire sector for one year, and the Spirit Gathering Array of the acquired Spirit Treasure, can be condensed and completed in half a month.

“Then what advice do you have~”

“Convert it into Five Elements Essence, or use it to fill the celestial body embryo.” Grape suggested.

At this time, Xu Fan suddenly thought that there is a special small space in the source world, which is full of immortal artifact embryos condensed from immortal ore. After tens of thousands of years of cultivation, they can be transformed into Immortal artifact, you can use it after a little refining.

“Grape, how many fairy embryo embryos are there now? Is there enough for each Disciple?” Xu Fan asked.

“There are 200,000 quasi-immortal weapon embryos. If there are hundreds of millions of Dao Item embryos in that space, all of them are made from the remaining Dao Item spirit ore in the sect. Time Acceleration is tens of thousands of years, and you can inject enough Immortal Spirit Energy.”

β€œNow that Immortal Spirit Energy is enough, you can see the arrangement of equipment.” Xu Fan said.

“Actually, the master doesn’t need to worry about this. As long as he provides enough spirit ore spiritual medicine, those Disciples can be self-sufficient. They only need to provide the most basic magic weapon.” The development is tabulated for Xu Fan to see.

Xu Fan looked at the table and was satisfied.

At this time, Xu Yuexian’s silhouette appeared in the Xu Fan small courtyard.

He waved his hand and released a ball of spiritual liquid, and in the spiritual liquid there was a big green-tailed fish with a diameter of more than ten feet wandering.

β€œThe Xianglingyu in the immortal domain of Tianhai is not bad. It seems that the new void world door is very proficient.” Xu Fan laughed.

“Master, how about a dish of grilled fish for you.” Xu Yuexian said with a smile.

“Whatever the master wants to eat in the future, as long as there is me in the territory of Human Race, I will definitely be able to get it for the master.”

“I have received your filial piety, but this The fish is handed over to the two Disciple of the delicious food, and professional people do professional things, half spicy, while garlic.” Xu Fan said carefully.

“Okay~” Xu Yuexian said regretfully, the master has not eaten for a long time, she has cooked dishes.

The two puppets landed in the small courtyard and controlled the group of spiritual liquid that looked towards the main peak and flew towards the cafeteria.

“How about the loss of immortal jade after teleporting so far?” Xu Fan asked.

“It’s not bad. I visited four or five Human Race immortal domains, which consumed about ten immortal jades.” Xu Yuexian commented.

“You are consuming Immortal Spirit’s liquid, and if you round it up, there is no cost.”

“Wait until Pang Fu returns, and give him some void world gate permissions. “Xu Fan thought about it and said.

“Master, if the sector lacks immortal jade, we will directly sell the Immortal Spirit liquid, and that immortal jade will come as soon as possible.” Xu Yuexian said laughted.

The little black kid at her void world gate is deadly enemies with the Artifact Spirit of the Acquired Spirit Treasure, the core of the ancient formation. She has been thinking about asking Xu Yue to delete the core Artifact Spirit first, and then get a new one.

“I’ll talk about it later, although it’s quicker to sell Immortal Spirit’s liquid directly to Immortal Jade, but it will inevitably lead to prying eyes from others over time.” Xu Fan waved his hand and said.

At this time, a puppet was holding a plate with a diameter of one zhang and fell into the Xu Fan small courtyard.

It was withdrawn, and the Spiritual Qi formation on the plate suddenly wafted out a strange fragrance.

“Half spicy, half garlic, we master and disciple eat together!”

“I don’t need master, I have eaten a lot there, and now I can’t eat it. “Xu Yuexian waved his hands hastily, she came back after eating enough there.

“Master, the Protoss brought his master to visit~”

Xu Fan was shocked by the grape’s words. For this white-haired old man with infinite life buff, he is true is envy.

But the way he wants to hug his future thigh makes him feel that this old fogey is very shameless.

Disciple is a Great Firmament saint, yet he can still use his conscience to attack this little quasi-immortal.

β€œWelcome Hall~” Xu Fan said.

At this time, he has left the door, and the white haired old man is waiting outside with the Protoss.

“Master, why do you value my Fellow Daoist so much, even at the risk of becoming a different surname brother.”

“How far can I, this Fellow Daoist, go in the future.” Star Ling asked curiously.

“I can’t tell you about this in detail, you just know that I am for your own good.”

“Also, he is your Martial Uncle, and you will need it later. Show some respect.” the white haired old man urged.

When he thinks about the future scene he deduced from the sidelines, his scalp still tingles.

He has cultivated three Great Firmament Sage Disciples with all his hardships. Compared with this one, he is not worthy of shoes.

A Transmission Formation appeared in front of the two.

“Please honored guests~” The voice of grapes sounded.

In the welcoming hall of the Spirit Sect, Xu Yuexian handed the tea to everyone.

“Senior, I am a little proficient in divination and destiny. You asked your discipline to call me Martial Uncle, which is very inauthentic.” Xu Fan said, looking at the white haired old man.

“Brother, don’t blame me. When I saw you, I couldn’t help it.”

“Which of us who are masters doesn’t want to do something good for the discipline? These recipes, I have worked so hard to get to this step after all kinds of difficulties.” The white-haired old man showed a slightly pitiful expression of apology.

“But the monstrous cause and effect have already been attached, senior, what do you say~” Xu Fan didn’t eat this set of white haired old man.

You, a person who has been operating to the full level with the fast speed, actually pits me, a cute newbie who just came out of the novice village, with no conscience. No one can forgive this.

(End of this chapter)

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