My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 966

Chapter 966 Xu Fan who was stimulated

Ye Xiaoyao felt the acquired Spirit Treasure in space magic, and said in disbelief: “This is a basic treasure!”

“Of course, you must know that I am the Immortal Emperor of the Rainbow Great World. I think back then…” When Lao Jian recalled the past like this, he suddenly stopped the car.

With a complicated expression, he said: “Compared with these treasures, the cause and effect you bear on your body is even heavier.” He put Zhan blue’s fairy sword in his hand, with a look of obsession in his eyes.

Stroking over and over again with both hands, the blade of that azure blue fairy sword.

“I thought I would have to live a hard life for a while, didn’t expect to be prosperous now~” Ye Xiaoyao said, without replaying the cause and effect that Lao Jian said in the heart.

“This acquired Spirit Treasure is relatively low-level, and it can barely allow you to exert its power during the True Immortal period.”

“In Muyuan Xianjie, I remember leaving There are two hidden treasures, and the remaining one will be collected when you arrive at the Golden Immortal.”

“When the time comes we can plan our revenge~” Lao Jian said in Ye Xiaoyao’s heart.

“Okay, Lao Jian, give me 10 years, let me enjoy it first.”

“I’ve had a hard time since I followed you, and this time it’s not easy. With immortal jade and magic weapon, I want to enjoy it in the giant city.” Ye Xiaoyao said with a grin.

Nowadays, he is a shotgun for a cannon. In the secret collection, he has obtained a large amount of immortal jade, a lot of cultivation resources, an acquired Spirit Treasure heavy Divine Sword and more than 1000 graded fairy swords.

“10 years is 10 years, cherish this happy time.”

Ye Xiaoyao facial expression grave, he felt something wrong with Lao Jian’s tone.

β€œOld Sword, are you hiding something from me?” Ye Xiaoyao asked.

“You don’t need to worry about it, just go and enjoy it for 10 years.”

The more Lao Jian said this, the more curious Ye Xiaoyao was in his heart.

Under Ye Xiaoyao’s constant questioning, Lao Jian finally opened his mouth.

“With the resources I left you, you will soon be able to reach the Golden Immortal Realm, but from then on, you may face the pursuit of the Immortal Emperor forces.” Lao Jian speak up.

“Immortal Emperor! Chasing and killing me?”

“Then how do you play, how can you avenge you~” Ye Xiaoyao said with a dark face.

“Don’t worry, the people who are chasing you will not have a strong cultivation base, because I have inherited inheritance in many immortal worlds. As long as the cultivation reaches the Golden Immortal stage, my enemy will find it.”


“So there are a lot of people blocking the sword for you now, as long as you work hard for cultivation, plus my guidance, there will be no problem.” Lao Jian assured.

“Okay, didn’t you say you want to enjoy it? Hurry up, 10 years are precious.”

Seeing Ye Xiaoyao’s good-for-nothing expression , Lao Jian laughed in the heart.

Hidden Spirit Sect No. 32 Academy, Chief Wang Yukun had a headache watching the information notice of the 6th Academy game.

A little girl next to me also received the message.

“Senior brother, there are still 10 days until the game, let’s quickly plan our tactics.” The little girl next to Wang Yukun looked a little excited.

The way they play at Academy seems to be in line with her heart.

Whenever I see the other senior and junior brothers of the Academy, they are helpless when they want to kill them, and my heart is greatly satisfied.

“Enough, now that thirty-two of our academies have been targeted, I got news that at least more than 50 academies have signed an agreement to kill us first during the competition.” Wang Yukun said, but these are in his Seems to be small issues.

The more serious one is Academy No. 199. Among the Academy, Divine Ability, which focuses on divination, is said to have to sign an agreement.

“Senior brother, I told you when I first started, don’t offend the fortune-teller of the 199th Academy.” The three girls said with three eyes.

“The information was not comprehensive at that time. Who knew that the senior and junior brothers of the Academy were so difficult to deal with, and it felt like they were just restraining us.” Magical Artifact that can slightly block cause and effect, when the time comes I will let the senior and junior brothers in the refining department learn how to imitate, at least at this stage, there is no problem.” The little girl said with confidence.

“It’s the only way to do it for now.”

At this moment, there was a long, long chime.

The two looked towards the direction of the main peak at the same time.

“Senior brother, when can we go to the main peak.” The little girl said with a dazed expression.

β€œAccording to the Great Elder, we have to wait until we graduate from Integration Realm.”

β€œNow our cultivation base is low, we should work hard on cultivation and strive for one day as soon as possible. sect.”

With the bells of the main peak, different colors of light began to appear in the sky like a meteor shower, and they all went to the main peak to gather.

β€œSenior brother, it is said that after the first ten Academy grand competitions, Great Elder will select the best 5 Academy chiefs to visit his elders at the main peak.”

β€œWe have already taken To the first place among the three Academy competitions, as long as you don’t pull your hips in the later stage, there is a high probability that you can meet the Great Elder.”

“It is said that the Great Elder will reward the tea of the avenue, when the time I’ll keep half a glass for you.” Wang Yukun hehe said, he already knew what Little Lass was thinking.

β€œmany thanks, brother~”

At this time, in the Yinling sect master peak, more than 100,000 third generation disciples gathered together.

After Xu Fan glanced around, he saw that in addition to the thousands of Disciples that were still in the sudden enlightenment, all the others had come.

Seeing the more than 100,000 Disciples he carefully selected at Flying Feather Realm, Xu Fan suddenly felt like the sun at high noon.

All of this predicts that he will begin his path to the Master of All Saints.

The invincible stream can only be played in the Nether.

When the time comes to train the Direct Disciple to the Great Firmament saint, who in the whole Three Thousand World dares to underestimate himself.

Therefore, Xu Fan has been working more and more diligently in the preaching of the Spirit Sect Disciple when the sect has no shortage of Spiritual Qi resources.

This month, this is the second game.

Above the dojo, Xiong Li, Xu Lingtai, Xiang Yun, Li Chufan and other outstanding Disciples sat in the front row.

As for his two good disciples and grandchildren, they were driven out by him to practice in the Immortal Realm after they came back.

“Today is dedicated to solving puzzles, and there are difficult questions about cultivation enlightenment that can be asked.”

With Xu Fan tone barely fell, a small light appeared in front of all Disciples There is also a virtual spirit pen next to it.

Most of these Disciples picked up the stylus and began to write their doubts and questions in the light curtain.

There are more and more small rays of light being transmitted around Xu Fan.

At this time, outside the dojo, Xu Gang and Wang Xiangchi were listening in.

“What happened to the master recently, it has become like this…”

As Xu Fan’s discipline, they have been called to the small courtyard three times this month, and the school exam cultivation.

“It is estimated that he was stimulated by the senior who came to visit that day.”

“There are three Great Firmament saint-level disciplines under the name of a True Immortal, who used to be masters. The scene of yearn for something even in dreams was realized by outsiders, and I can’t be stimulated.”

“I hope that the state of being stimulated by the master can continue~”

( End of this chapter)

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