My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 967

Chapter 967 Good big brother

Hidden above the huge lake outside the Spirit Sect, behind Wang Yulun, who was fishing, stood a young couple.

“Father, just promise, Suiying and I really want to go to the fairyland.” The woman behind Wang Yulun said.

“Your cultivation base is too weak now, you have just advanced to the quasi-immortal level, and Sue Ying has not yet adapted to the battle strength puppet of the True Immortal level.”

“Is it because you have been in the sect for a long time? Now, it feels like whole world at peace outside.” Wang Yulun shook his head.

“Uncle Xu agrees, why can’t you.” Wang Linger pouted.

“Do you want to take your master with you when you go out? Don’t think I don’t know what you are thinking, just stay in the sect and go wherever you want after you advance to True Immortal. where.” Wang Yulun said.

At this moment, a ray of light rose from the peak of Yinling Island Lord and landed next to Wang Yulun in an instant.

“What’s the matter, they can go out if they want, as long as they’re in a giant city, there won’t be many major events.” Xu Fan persuaded.

“No, the strength is too weak, the cultivation base of quasi-immortals, if you show them a little bit, it will cause others to peep.” Wang Yulun still shook his head.

Wang Linger stomped her feet and left with the shadow around her.

Xu Fan laughed and watched this scene.

β€œIt’s hard to help when your children are older~” Wang Yulun said with emotion.

“It’s up to you, they at least listen to you now~” Xu Fan said and took out a fishing rod, and began to accompany his brother to catch fish.

β€œI saw that you have been diligent recently. Are you excited by the white haired old man who visited you that day?” Wang Yulun asked curiously.

“Not all, now that sect has stabilized a little bit, I just want to take advantage of this time to improve the cultivation base of Disciples.”

“Not to mention, In the beginning, True Immortal had to have tens of thousands.” Xu Fan said leisurely.

With sufficient sect resources, the cultivation base of the third generation disciple is increasing day by day.

Xu Fan believes that after hundreds of years of precipitation, there will be more and more True Immortal Disciples in the sect.

“When the time comes, find a few more Disciples with outstanding aptitude perception to focus on training, and strive to make the hidden Spirit Sect the Immortal Sect Holy Land within 10,000 years.” Xu Fan looked at the lake in the distance, ambitious Zhuangzhi said.

He felt that he was too lazy when he was in the lower realm. Although he said that the Disciple in the sect was very good, he did not teach it seriously.

I can’t prepare for the day when I think of it, and I will give some pointers at a meeting.

“It seems that you are really going to struggle, it’s not easy~” Just as Wang Yulun was talking, the fishing rod in his hand suddenly sank, and finally a rally began.

Xu Fan watched this scene beside him, and suddenly wondered how the pulling force was coming back.

At this time, in a certain fairyland, a girl blushed and pulled a red belly pocket with all her might.

She was staying well in the small courtyard at home, but suddenly she felt a great pulling force, hooked on her belly pocket, and dragged it into the void.

The woman was nervous at first, and then when she saw that her bellyband was about to be pulled away, she instantly burst into a powerful force.

“This is the latest protective fairy soft fragrant inner armor I bought. If you don’t have it, what will I do when I encounter bad people outside.”

The woman grabbed her bellyband, He didn’t let go of life and death, his eyes were slightly shy and angry, and he looked at the seemingly non-existent thread that was involved in the apron.

The pulling force of that thread is getting bigger and bigger, and the woman tried her best to be unable to recover the ending of being pulled away.

The woman slumped on the ground and looked in the direction where the apron disappeared.

“1200immortal jade, it’s gone~”

“How can I explain to my mother~”

At this time, Xu Fan and Wang Yulun looked towards Belly pocket on the hook.

“It’s barely a high-grade fairy, and it is estimated that there will be more than 1,000 immortal jade sold to those chambers of commerce.”

Xu Fan wondered if the brother had caught this kind of fairy. The device has looked dull.

“Ai, most recently I don’t know why, I always fish out this kind of close-fitting fairy. Recently Qian’er looks at me more and more strangely.”

Wang Xiangchi said, took the red belly pocket from the fishhook and put it into the space magic weapon with a normal expression.

He has also caught a more personal fairy weapon than this, and the apron is already a small scene.

“Brother Xu, during my recent cultivation, it was easy to fall asleep.”

“In dreams, the eldest and the second often fight.” Man, Wang Yulun said something that can only be heard by the big brother.

“The eldest and the second?”

“The eldest is the one in the lower realm, and the second is the Crown Princess of the Great Zhou Xian Dynasty.”

“In the In my dream, there seem to be a few others watching the battle, if not unexpected.”

Wang Yulun said here deeply sighed.

“The eldest brother~” Xu Fan’s tone was extremely envious.

“There is a saying in our hometown, if you can’t resist, then go lie down and accept it~”

“A true warrior, who dares to face a bleak life is better than a bleak life. , you should be happy.” Xu Fan’s tone was a little melancholy.

Then the dive light flashed in his mind, and he decided to accompany his brother well and then go to the white haired old man and the big brother to chat.

“It’s okay to dream, but if they come to the door, they’ll be in trouble.”

“My cultivation base is so low right now, and the existing boss and second child seem to be better than each other. Big.”

“I’m afraid that when the time comes they will turn their anger on Brother Xu.” Wang Yulun said worriedly.

“Don’t worry about this, it’s a big deal, we haven’t been afraid of anyone.” Xu Fan patted Wang Yulun’s shoulders.

“By the way, Brother Xu, didn’t we see a celestial magic bead of the Great Zhou Dynasty when we were in the lower realm, and now there is a follow-up.”

“I have already seen it. , this Brother Xu, take it back and look at it yourself, it’s best not to let outsiders know.”

Thinking of this follow-up, Wang Yulun’s expression turned a little weird.

“Really, then I’ll find a chance to take a look~” Xu Fan said after taking the Sky Magic Pearl.

Xu Fan went back to his small courtyard after fishing with his good brother for a day.

“Grape, send me to the Big Dipper immortal domain, Shangling City.” Xu Fan ordered.

He just got in touch with his new big brother and got this address.

“According to the master, because the distance is too far, please enter the void world door to teleport in person.” Grape said.

Big Dipper immortal domain, Shangling City.

Once Fellow Daoist, now good Martial Nephew, brought two cups of Dao tea to Xu Fan and white haired old man.

“Brother, if you have something to do, just tell me.” The white haired old man said enthusiastically, he didn’t think about going to Xu Fan after a while to get in touch with his relationship.

didn’t expect is now automatically delivered to your door.

“Big brother, I have something to ask for.” Xu Fan said seriously.

“Just say something, you and my brother don’t need to be so polite~” the white haired old man waved his hand and said, his speech and posture showing the most heroic and righteousness.

“I have a Dao Companion in Flying Feather Realm named Zhang Weiyun.”

“When I was about to ascend, I was swept away by a mysterious fairy armor, although behind My Dao Companion contacted me and said it was accepted as a discipline.”

β€œBut I am still worried and want to know where my Dao Companion is now.”

Xu Fan is talking and passing relevant information to the white haired old man.

(End of this chapter)

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