My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 972

Chapter 972 One Hundred Years

When Guang Xu’s father learned that the transmission was free, he looked very wonderful.

In the end, it was Guangxu who helped him out.

“Child’s apprenticeship ceremony is a major event. If you breach the contract, you should breach the contract.” Guang Xu’s mother said softly.

“Okay, for the sake of the child, the breach of contract is the breach of contract.”

As a result, the two stepped on the Transmission Formation calmly and collected.

Directly teleported to Cave Mansion where Guang Xu is located.

“Xiao Guang, tell me in detail how you were accepted as a discipline by the great character of this sector.” Guang Xu’s father said solemnly.

“I don’t know either. Maybe my innate talent was sensed by the master, so I was accepted as a disciple.”

“Let’s not talk about that, Mom and Dad. Haven’t you always wanted to go to those sect Holy Lands?”

“Look at what those Immortal Holy Lands look like inside.”

Guang Xu said and pulled his father Mother got out of Cave Mansion.

For a moment, the husband and wife were all stunned.

They were fascinated by the sight of the Immortal Spirit waterfall in the distance where the Tianhe fell.

“How much immortal jade is this worth~” Guang Xu’s father said madly.

“Xiaoguang, who is the senior in this sect who takes you as a disciple, is it the Refiner Sect master or the legendary Great Grandmaster.” Guangxu’s mother asked with some anticipation.

In the past few years, they have traveled far and wide, and have heard many rumors of the Great Grandmaster in the fairyland.

The Great Grandmaster’s status in the Underworld is comparable to that of the Golden Immortal.

“My master is the hidden Spirit Sect Great Elder, the most powerful person in the sect.” Guang Xu said proudly.

“Hidden Spirit Sect Great Elder!!” The couple said joyfully in surprise at the same time.

There is a legend of the hidden Spirit Sect Great Elder in the Golden City.

All of them were received from Disciple in the door and came back from vacation, and word of mouth spread.

It is rumored that the Great Elder is proficient in all ways, refining spells, and array puppet is omnipotent.

It is even more advanced to the quasi-immortal level with the highest level.

In the eyes of the people from the Immortal Realm, they are qualified to establish the sect by advancing from the Great Ascension Realm to the high realm.

The couple had heard of it when they first came to Jinqicheng.

Then the chief of the hidden Spirit Sect will fight against the Great Aristocratic Family in the Golden City with a realm.

Even the Chief, let alone the Great Elder.

“Daddy, I asked Grape, they said they can arrange a position for you in the outer sect of the camp gate and hire you with high salary.”

“Will you come~” Guang He looked at his parents with expectant eyes.

He has always had a dream that after finishing his studies in the Academy, he will bring his parents back to his hometown to open a small refining shop in the giant city, so that his parents don’t have to run around.

The couple looked at each other, nodded.

On the second day, under the witness of sect executives, Xu Fan officially accepted Guangxu as a disciple.

Immediately, many Disciples of Refiner Dao started to get sour.

But then a Spirit Sword came out of Zhang Daqi’s hands, and all the Disciples of the refining lineage closed their mouths.

One day, Xu Fan was left behind by the sand sculpture after preaching for the Refiner Dao Disciple.

“Great Elder, when did you start teaching Refiner Dao to Guangxu.” The sand sculpture pulled Xu Fan with a look of hope in his eyes.

“It’s still early, just the Refiner Dao that sect routinely tells is enough to reach the Grandmaster level.” Xu Fan said.

For a genius Disciple like Guang Xu who specializes in one subject, it is enough to simply put the teaching materials in front of him.

This kind of talent is now, you don’t need to go to school, you can be admitted to Wudaokou Academy just by reading the textbook.

“Also~” Sand Sculpture rubbed his hands and said.

“If Senior Brother Sha really wants to attend the lecture, you can wait a bit. I will call you when I teach Guangxu.” Xu Fan thought for a while and said.

A sheep is also driven by two sheep anyway.

“Okay, I’m going to give a lecture to the Disciple of pill concocting lineage in a while.”

During this period of time, the Disciple of the whole sector was excited.

Because their Great Elder preaching and teaching are getting more and more diligent.

It used to be about the whole sect, but now it is the preaching and teaching of lineage lineage.

Today’s Disciple of sword dao lineage, tomorrow’s Disciple of Body Refinement lineage, acquired spell lineage, and acquired fantasy lineage.

Under the top lecturer Xu Fan, the cultivation realm of the entire sector of Disciple is rising like a rocket.

It went on like this for a hundred years.

On this day, the light of Immortal Spirit rose into the sky.

Under the full output of Xu Fan, the first True Immortal was born in the Implicit Spirit Sect.

Xiong Li stood in front of Xu Fan.

β€œYou deserve to be the sect chief. You can be the first to advance to True Immortal. I see your efforts.” Xu Fan praised.

Xiong Li scratched his head sadly.

Since the sect got the acquired Spirit Treasure Spirit Gathering Array core, Immortal Spirit Energy has been opened to all sects.

As long as you don’t waste it and absorb it casually, Five Elements Essence is also open for supply.

As a result, Xiong Li felt that he had come to heaven.

After listening to the preaching of the Great Elder, start to use the Body Refinement of the Holy Thunder Cannon in the sky, then use the Essence of Wood to take a bath, and finally absorb Immortal Spirit Energy crazily.

After a hundred years of repetition, Xiong Li finally broke through to the True Immortal level.

As for the cultivation bottleneck, it does not exist under Xu Fan’s evangelism.

Even if Xu Fan can’t understand the sermon of the lineage alone, he can apply for individual instruction.

With Xu Fan there is no bottleneck anymore.

“First go back to consolidate the cultivation base, and then go to the immortal world to practice for a hundred years and come back.” Xu Fan said.

“Great Elder, I feel that I don’t need it after a hundred years of experience abroad.” Xiong Li said with a bitter face.

After being promoted to True Immortal, he still wanted to complete all the most difficult tasks in the sect.

β€œGo, you can’t just hold back in the sect.” Xu Fan laughed.

Xiong Li is helpless and can only nodded.

“didn’t expect sect to break through True Immortal first, and it turned out to be Xiong Li. It seems that the Disciples along with the body refinement should break through one after another.” Xu Fan touched the chin and said.

Through nearly a hundred years of hard work, almost all of our Disciples have reached the True Immortal level in realm, and the rest is just accumulation.

Just when Xu Fan was thinking about taking a break, Guang Xu excitedly came to Xu Fan with a Dao Item Spirit Sword.

“Master, I have become a Refiner Sect teacher, please taste this Dao Item Spirit Sword.” Guang Xu said excitedly.

Xu Fan glanced at the Spirit Sword in Guang Xu’s hand.

“When you were refining this Spirit Sword, your mood was impetuous. Although it reached the Dao Item level, it would never be qualified for you.” Xu Fan said.

“Master, Disciple had a feeling in the heart, and it was inevitable that he was a little excited when refining Dao Item. He refined Dao Item in order to refine Dao Item.” Guang Xu lowered his head and said in shame.

“With your aptitude, becoming a Refiner Sect division is a sure thing, as for being so impetuous.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Becoming the Great Grandmaster of Refiner is the long-cherished wish of Disciple when he was a child. Now it has been fulfilled. Now what Disciple wants is Refiner Dao’s highest realm.” Guangxu said solemnly.

(End of this chapter)

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