My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 975

Chapter 975 seriously called out the benefits of big brother

In the early morning, Xu Fan was eating breakfast with the white haired old man.

“big brother, no matter how powerful the liquid of thunder jelly can make you drunk for 10 days~”

The white haired old man has not woken up until now after he got drunk 10 days ago.

“I haven’t been drunk for a long time, plus I met a good brother, and people are self-intoxicating.” white haired old man said with a smile.

“Big brother, I can see what you’ve done for me during this time. I recognize you, big brother.” Xu Fan said with a serious expression.

The white haired old man trembled suddenly, and looked at Xu Fan’s eyes with unusual surprise.

“Brother, you really recognize my big brother!” the white haired old man said excitedly.

“Of course, the big brother’s business will be mine in the future.” Xu Fan said with a nod.

Because of this sentence, the old man instantly felt that the black cause and effect that shrouded him began to become clearer.

The future, which was obscured by the black fog, slowly began to become clear and hopeful.

“Brother, if you say a word from now on, even if there is a lifeless hell in front of me, I will dare to let my disciplines break through!” said the white-haired old man excitedly. In his eyes, there is nothing more than this.

Reliable guarantee.

Xu Fan was obviously stunned when he heard the words of the white haired old man, and then he reacted.

“Brother, brother, let me show you my biggest secret.”

“Innate Supreme Treasure, the Temple of Time, it is because of it that I have endless lifespan. Overdraft.”

“This is after the body overdraws self-destruct, the Temple of Time will select the most recently stored Avatar and release it.” The white haired old man said.

“big brother, I know all this, what do you want to say?” Xu Fan looked at the white haired old man suspiciously.

“For me, the Temple of Time is a bit of a waste in my hands.”

“Does my brother want to give the Temple of Time to me?”

“Of course not, Innate Supreme Treasure like this will automatically choose the owner, even if I want to give it to my brother, there is no way.”

“I want to say yes, in this time palace, I can currently There is also a branch of the long river of time dedicated to the Temple of Time. If you believe me, you can print the Soul Aura of all Disciples in your sect into this branch of the long river of time.”

β€œWhat if? If there is an accident in the Disciple of the sect, you can pay a certain price to be resurrected from this long river of time, but each person is limited to one time.”

“I looked at it, this small branch of the long river of time can just be Accommodate the whole sect of my brother.” The white haired old man looked at Xu Fan and said sincerely.

“Big brother, don’t need to say anything, you will be my big brother in the future.” Xu Fan said eagerly, and now he can feel the feeling of being a good brother Wang Yulun.

The white haired old man meant Xu Fan understood, he wanted to give each of them a chance to resurrect.

“You are my best brother, I don’t give you anything good.” white haired old man said with a smile.

“This is the Avatar of the Temple of Time. The small branch of the long river of time is stored in it. This is placed here with my brother, and it is convenient to use in the future.”

This is here At that time, a lightning flashed across Xu Fan’s mind, and he hurriedly asked: “Brother, can you speed up time and let people cultivate in it?”

“Yes, but I am now The realm is too low, the acceleration time that can be promoted is limited, it can reach the outside world for one day, and three days in the Temple of Time. If you want to continue Time Acceleration, you will need time and treasure.”

“But wait until I get to Great Firmament. After the saint, you can drive the Temple of Time to the outside for a day and a thousand years inside.” The white haired old man, looking at Xu Fan a little disappointed, added quickly.

Xu Fan glanced at the white-haired old man. Although he is alive now, he revealed that there are many secrets, and there is almost no hope of going up.

Otherwise, the Golden Immortal catastrophe, even if the Great Firmament Saint comes, will not be able to bear it.

β€œIf my guess is right, big brother, you are really immortal cultivator, and my Martial Nephew helped you out.” Xu Fan laughed.

“Yes, the ability to become True Immortal has reached the top, but wait for my brother to help me and the disciplines get through the catastrophe.”

“As long as any one of them can Ranking above the Great Firmament Sage will help me survive the Golden Immortal.” said the white haired old man.

Xu Fan heard the silently rolled the eyes here, and felt that Pang Fu’s acquisition of Time Chongbao was a little bit more reliable.

“Brother, if I have nothing to do, I will leave first. I have a big job here, and I have to help the second child to deduce it. It is estimated that I will spend more than ten years in the immortal world next door.”

“When I come back, bring a bottle of peerless wine, and my brother and I will rest after getting drunk.” After the white haired old man finished speaking, he waved goodbye to Xu Fan.

Xu Fan waved goodbye to his good big brother.

“Innate Supreme Treasure’s Avatar, just give it to me.” Xu Fan said unrealistically, looking at the small palace in his hand.

At this time, Xu Gang and Xiong Li, who had just been teleported to a distant immortal domain, just wanted to show off their grand plans and discuss strategies.

A Transmission Gate quietly appeared behind the two of them, stretched out two hands from it, and pulled them directly into the Transmission Gate.


β€œGreat Elder?”

The two looked at Xu Fan suspiciously.

“It’s okay, leave a trace of the source before going out, in order to prevent you from having an accident in the future.” Xu Fan said, lightly touching the eyebrows of the two, and after collecting the source and breath, he directly took the two Kicked back to the immortal domain over there.

At this time, Xu Fan felt that there were two more small light spots in the small branch of the long river of time inside the Avatar of the Temple of Time, and he was swimming freely in the branch of the long river of time.

“This time, you don’t have to worry about Disciple encountering an accident when going out.” Xu Fan said, looking at Avatar in the Temple of Time.

“Master, you said that one day the grapes will be promoted to Innate Supreme Treasure.” Grape’s tone was unusually longing.

“Almost, a little more powerful than Heavenly Dao Will, who transforms himself into the world and creates his own immortal dao laws.”

“When the time comes you follow me, I go Wherever you go, you control it.”

“Heaven and Earth are all things, change with me, follow the law, and follow the words.”

“It’s a pity that that day was too long. Far away~” Xu Fan fantasized.

“Put away the Avatar, the Temple of Time, and the aura overflowing from it will help you,” Xu Fan said.

“Follow your orders, Master.”

At this moment, Xu Fan suddenly felt the special field created by the grape itself, covering the area where he was.

“In this area, the master can follow the law and follow the words.” Grape’s voice sounded.

“You don’t even count as a low-end version, you take it back, it’s a waste of the original.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

The grapes silently reclaimed the field.

At this moment, Xu Fan suddenly felt a silhouette that should not appear in the sect.

A large golden hand appeared, penetrated into the void, and grabbed Han Feiyu directly.

“It’s only been a hundred years, do you think you can hide from me if you learn something outside?” Xu Fan laughed while looking at Han Feiyu, who was ignorant.

(End of this chapter)

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