My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 977

Chapter 977 Battlefield

Xisha immortal domain, Huangsha City.

As soon as Xu Gang and Xiong Li came out of the Transmission Formation, they felt the solemn killing aura all over the city.

There are almost no whos on the streets of the city, and most of the chambers of commerce that open doors are also places for medicine pills and magic weapons repairs.

“This place is still three giant cities away from the frontier land, why is it so dilapidated now.” He wondered.

“Because the battlefield has been moved here, and the area further west has been occupied by the Muyuan tribe.” Grape’s voice suddenly sounded, as long as there is a place where Transmission Formation can connect, there is Grape’s existence .

At this moment, the entire giant city shook suddenly, and a red light swept across in the distance.

“The battlefield over there is fighting again. I don’t know if our Human Race troops can withstand it this time.” said a shop assistant sitting at the door.

He is the only guy left in the tea shop where he works.

Xu Gang and Xiong Li looked at each other and walked towards the teahouse tacitly.

At this time, there was only one shop assistant in the teahouse.

“Two guests, there is only Fancha in this teahouse. If you want to inquire about the news, I can tell you for free.” The shop assistant took the two to a place by the window and said.

Xu Gang has an extra spirit group in his hand. In the spirit group, there is just enough spirit tea to make a pot.

“After brewing this tea, I want to ask little brother some news.” Xu Gang said kindly.

“Okay, the guest will wait a moment.”

It didn’t take long for the shop assistant to come over with a pot of tea.

“Tell me about the current situation, how is the fight between our Human Race and the Muyuan clan?” Xiong Li asked.

“Now the giant cities in the Western Regions, namely Huangsha City, Heisha City, and Feisha City, have all fallen, and the rest of the giant cities have all fallen, and countless Human Races have died.”

“Now the Great Influences of the Xisha immortal domain have jointly formed an army, which has slightly eased the pace of the Muyuan tribe’s invasion.”

“The Fengwu immortal domain next door has already formed a large number of troops, and it is expected to be in the immortal. The intersection of the domains completely blocks the Muyuan clan.”

“If the two of you want to join the army, I suggest joining the army of the immortal domain next door.”

“The Xisha immortal domain was destroyed by Occupation is a matter of time, and even the army here has begun to withdraw in an orderly manner.” The second shopkeeper said, saying everything they wanted to ask but didn’t ask.

At this moment, the entire Xisha City trembled again.

The shop assistant has already seen it.

“This battle has been going on for three days. It seems that I should withdraw. Otherwise, the Muyuan clan will invade and I will not even have a chance to run.”

“The two guests made plans as soon as possible, whether to join the army here or the immortal jade next door.”

“I’ll leave first.”

The shop assistant has all kinds of luggage. I didn’t take it, I ran in the direction of the teleportation hall, and it seemed that I was already prepared.

The chambers of commerce on the street began to close one after another, and some people appeared one after another on the street and flew towards the direction of the teleportation hall.

“Peak Master, where are we going next?” Xiong Li asked.

“It’s all here, let’s go over there and have a look.” Xu Gang thought about it and said.

Xiong force nodded.

After the two finished drinking tea, they looked towards the area where the battle fluctuations were scattered.

A million li from Huangsha City, both Human Race and Muyuan clan were red-eyed.

Around several tens of thousands of li area, Above the Heavens and Under the Earth are all silhouettes of two races at war.

“Using the Divine Ability quickly, the Muyuan family must not be allowed to plant trees. Even if we retreat from this battle, we must show the prestige of our Human Race.” Clenching, a commander in the rear on the battlefield one’s teeth and said.

It was originally a fiery desert area, and pieces of emerald green forests suddenly appeared in the desert.

Every forest exudes majestic vitality, and there are injured Muyuan people. As long as they return to the forest and rest for a while, they can recover and continue to fight.

At this moment, there is a team of Hundred Men Squad in the back, they are holding the sigil together, their immortal strength is connected with each other, and they are using Divine Ability together.

Suddenly, the entire battlefield suddenly darkened.

The yellow sand that came out began to condense, and finally condensed into a giant with a height of 10,000 miles, rushing step by step toward the battlefield.

With every step, Heaven and Earth shake.

As soon as this giant appeared, it immediately became a living target of the Muyuan tribe.

Countless Divine Ability unique to Muyuan clan blasted towards the yellow sand giant.

The Hundred Men Squad in the rear position formed the seal again, and a thick protective shield appeared on the yellow sand giant.

At this moment, hundreds of Golden Body Dharma Idols from the Muyuan clan suddenly appeared on the battlefield, forming a unique battle formation and rushing towards the Yellow Sand Giant.

But the giant yellow sand giant with a thick body and a thick protective cover directly ignored the Golden Body Dharma Idol of the Muyuan clan, destroying the woods condensed by the Divine Ability of the Muyuan clan one by one.

Only endless giant arrows condensed with yellow sand condensed behind the yellow sand giant and shot towards the Muyuan tribe’s position.

For a while, the situation on the entire battlefield gradually shifted towards Human Race.

But the commander in the back clenched one hand and looked at the giant of yellow sand nervously.

At this time, the yellow sand giants had already attacked the Tombwood Yuan family camp.

I was about to destroy the largest forest behind the Muyuan tribe.

At this moment, a huge vine with several feet in diameter drilled out of the ground, and the yellow sand giant that began to wrap around circled up.

Not long after, the entire yellow sand giant has been wrapped in layers of vines, and then began to shrink.

Countless yellow sand passed through and flowed out from the gap, and then a sandstorm suddenly erupted, and the yellow sand giant was completely destroyed.

I saw the Hundred Men Squad at the back of the Human Race battlefield, all spitting blood, their wills condensed on the yellow sand giants have been destroyed.

“You all tried your best, and take good care of your injuries after leaving.” The commander said sound transmission in the direction of the Hundred Men Squad.

The vines drilled from the earth began to connect the entire battlefield, and the advantage just played by Human Race disappeared instantly.

“Damn it, if it wasn’t for our elite troops in Feisha City, they would definitely be able to destroy them this time.” The commander said looking towards the injured Hundred Men Squad at the back, his heart aching.

“Prepare to retreat, the people on the Yellow Sand City side have already disappeared, and there is no point in defending here.” The commander’s voice reached the ears of all the Human Race cultivators who were fighting.

At this time, the vines that were crisscrossing the battlefield were no longer unstoppable, and the vines that were followed by many Muyuan clan troops had already pressed on them again.

While the Human Race was retreating while fighting, a voice sounded in the Muyuan clan’s position.

“I want to retire, it’s too late~”

“It’s so beautiful that you can retire safely after fighting with you Human Race for so long.”

“I will give you a good talk about the grievances of the Yellow Sand Sect.”

At this moment, a huge vine suddenly sprang up from the rear of the Human Race camp. There were countless vines on the vine. Eyes were fixed on the commander behind Human Race.

At this time, the entire battlefield space has become unstable due to the battle. At this time, whoever dares to break through the Spatial Teleportation and go, ten deaths without life.

The commander behind Human Race was deeply sighed.

“You think I didn’t expect the little trick of the road after disaster?”

(End of this chapter)

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