My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 980

Chapter 980 Dead Bones Tree

At this moment, a huge wall of trees surrounded the hundreds of hundreds of li around.

And the sky is also blocked by vines,

“Hold up, if this tree doesn’t turn into bones after three days, we will win!” Commander Chai Shi sounded to everyone transmission said.

“I don’t think this tree is strong, so why not destroy it.” Xu Gang asked.

“This is the Muyuan ancient tree unique to the Muyuan clan. Once injected with the immortal soul of the Muyuan clan, the entire ancient tree is extremely hard, and any Divine Ability at the same stage cannot break its blockade.”

“Of course, such a strong state can only last for three days. If the ancient tree does not turn into a dead bone tree after three days, the immortal soul in it will dissipate, and they will never have a chance to resurrect.”

“The problem we have to face now is to survive and use the Divine Ability less, because both the wall and the vine will absorb the Divine Ability. The more you use it, the stronger the ancient tree will be.”


“It is said that when we Human Race united with other races to attack the Muyuan Clan, we suffered a lot.” The commander said laughed.

“Don’t be too nervous, you just need to be prepared for the attack of the underground vines.”

Xu Gang looked at the growing Muyuan ancient tree in the distance, and suddenly a thought appeared in his mind. idea.

“Will it still absorb physical attacks?” Xu Gang asked suddenly.

“Physical attack?”

“It’s a pure power attack~”

Xu Gang said that there were hundreds of solid thunder-iron balls the size of a basketball behind him.

Then the sound of zi zi thunder and lightning began to be heard in the solid iron ball.


With a loud noise, the Thunder Attribute stone iron ball dashed straight through the air towards the ancient tree in the distance.

In the end, Xu Gang shot the hundreds of solid thunder-iron balls directly.

The enormous power carried by the solid iron balls plunged into the ancient tree.

Then the array in the center of the solid iron ball was activated, and it exploded directly inside the ancient tree, and a big hole was blown above the ancient tree.

But compared to the entire ancient tree, this big hole is like a small hole pecked out by woodpeckers.

“It has a bit of formidable power. At this level, it will take four days to destroy the entire ancient tree.”

“Fellow Daoist still save some effort, let’s talk about something else ~” Commander Chai Shilaughed said.

At this moment, a huge vine swept across, and was instantly avoided by the people who were already prepared.

“As long as you are careful not to be drawn by the vines, there is generally no big problem.”

At this moment, a scream came from a distance, it turned out that there was a cultivator who did not Shen was hit by the vine, and flew straight into the sky like an arrow from the string.

“Looking at the formidable power of this tree vine, it only incorporates about 40,000 Muyuan clan fairy souls. Such an ancient tree is very weak, and there is a high probability that one person will not be killed.” The commander said.

Three days later, the area blocked by the ancient tree was automatically opened, and the ancient tree of Muyuan also turned into a pale dead bone tree.

“This is considered to have annihilated this Muyuan tribe.” The commander looked at the dead bone tree and said.

At this moment, Xu Gang and Xiong Li were staring at the dead bone tree.

“The two Fellow Daoists, what are you going to do next, follow me back to the immortal domain, continue to resist aliens, or…” Chai Shi looked at the two fierce men with anticipation in their eyes.

In his eyes, Xu Gang and Xiong Li are all battlefield-type advantages, especially Xu Gang, who seems to be born for the battlefield.

The Divine Ability formidable power used is bigger than the last, and it has endless stamina and tenacious lasting.

Which commander would not want to have such a strong general.

“If we follow you, what will the benefits be?” Xu Gang showed a smile at the corner of his mouth.

“As long as the two Fellow Daoists are willing to join our Yellow Sand Army, all spoΓ­ls of war will count as 10% of the Fellow Daoist.” Commander Chai Shi said, in his eyes, Xu Gang and Xiong Li are worth this price .

A Dao Item space magic weapon appears in the commander’s hand.

“This is 10% of the spoΓ­ls of war in this battle. Converted to immortal jade, there are probably more than 300,000.”

“And these immortal jade will be affected by several nearby immortal jades. The protection of immortal jade Great Influence, you can spend freely, no one will be jealous.”

“And as the scale of the Muyuan tribe’s invasion is getting bigger and bigger, there are many battles at this level.”

“I can’t guarantee more, as long as two Fellow Daoists are in my Yellow Sand Army, every one hundred thousand Immortal Jade from Fellow Daoist is still guaranteed.”

“And In the follow-up, military merit will be accumulated, and the two of them may be able to exchange the acquired Spirit Treasure for the Golden Immortal period in advance.”

Chai Shi has all the good things to say in order to recruit Xu Gangxiong to his army.

Xiong Li glanced at Xu Gang, meaning to let Xu Gang decide.

“Anyway, it’s all to resist aliens, so let’s stay under your army temporarily~” Xu Gang said nodded.

Thousands of immortal jades for a hundred years, he thought that these immortal jades should be of some use to his master.

For the past hundred years, Xu Gang has known that his master has been lacking immortal jade for the unfathomable mystery. Here, he can subsidize immortal jade to the master while fighting.

As for military merits that can be exchanged for acquired Spirit Treasure, he didn’t care about that.

“That’s very good, there are two Fellow Daoists here, and the Muyuan clan troops at the same level can crush at will!” Commander Chai Shi said excitedly.

At this time, a Sword Immortal boy not far from Chai Shi looked at Chai Shi with some resentment.

When he first came, he didn’t say anything like this move, let alone the benefits of spoΓ­ls of war.

Hidden Spirit Sect, Xu Fan, who has just given the lineage Disciple a practical lesson, is about to find his brother to catch a fish and take a break.

“Master, there is a piece of information about the Muyuan clan from Xu Gang.” Grape’s voice sounded.

A light curtain appeared in front of Xu Fan.

“As the good big brother said, the Human Race border has fallen into so many places.” Xu Fan sighed said.

He thought of what his big brother said, this time, many fairy world Peak races are besieging Human Race, and at least half of Human Race’s immortal domain is willing to give up.

On the giant lake of Yinling Island, Wang Yulun and Luo Sheng are fishing, and they should have a good conversation.

Xu Fan’s silhouette appears on the spirit boat where the two of them are.

“Meet the Great Elder ~” Luo Sheng hurriedly stood up and saluted.

“I’ve seen Brother Xu.” Wang Yulun said very calmly.

“You two are quite leisurely~” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Great Elder, during this time I have been sorting out the information I know about the immortal world, and half of it has been uploaded to the database of grapes.” Luo Sheng quickly reported his work, saying that during this time he did not No slacking off.

“Grape told me, you’re doing well.”

Xu Fan said, took out a fishing rod and joined the fishing.

“The races in the immortal world are fighting the Human Race. Luo Sheng Elder, do we need to join the battle?” Xu Fan asked while fishing.

Hearing Xu Fan’s question, Luo Sheng immediately turned serious.

“The Great Elder is not used in the early stage, but it must be prepared.”

“Because once the war enters the middle and late stages, it will involve all the Immortal Sect Holy Sect and the Human Race. Chamber of Commerce Great Influence.”

“If we don’t fight when the time comes, our sect’s luck will weaken.”

(End of this chapter)

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