My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 983

Chapter 983 Wooden Spear

At this time, the weak Xu Gang couldn’t activate the defensive Divine Ability at all.

A huge Divine Sense locked Xu Gang, making him unable to move.

The wooden spear in the sky will penetrate Xu Gang with infinite sharpness.

“Defense!!” Commander Chai Jin shouted.

Not far away, the hundred-man Divine Ability squad, which responded quickly, quickly set up several defensive Divine Ability for Xu Gang.

But in just a split second, he was penetrated by the wooden spear and hit Xu Gang.

“Peak Master!!” Xiong Li in the battlefield turned his head and saw the scene where Xu Gang was shot, and suddenly shouted tragically.

Xiong Li directly withdrew from the battlefield, looking at Xu Gang’s corpse that was shot in half.

“Peak Master, don’t die, the Great Elder is still waiting for you to go back!!!”

Commander Chai Shi felt a little awkward looking at Xiong Li, this reaction Not like the reaction that the closest comrade-in-arms or elders should have when they die in battle?

I saw Xiong Li felt a little bored after performing for a while, so he said to the void: “Peak Master, come out after you recover~”

“I can’t act like that. Feeling~” Xiong Li scratched his head and said.

Commander Chai Shi: “???”

I saw Xu Gang walking out of the void not far away, looking towards the direction where the wooden spear was shot in a terrified way.

“This formidable power, I thought it was the Golden Immortal shot.”

“This is the Divine Ability jointly displayed by the thousand-person Divine Ability team of the Muyuan tribe. Let’s kill some more difficult characters.” Commander Chai Shi said with an ugly expression.

At this time, another wooden spear appeared in the sky in the distance, and the target was Xu Gang who had just come out.

“Defense~” Commander Chai Shi directly ordered his troops to form a defensive battle formation.

A thick protective shield lit up over the crowd, blocking the wooden spear that was shot.

“Grape, lock on the Muyuan clan squard that uses Divine Ability.” Xu Gang’s eyes lit up with a gleam.

A light curtain appeared in front of Xu Gang, and above it was the map of the battlefield in this area.

The location of the Divine Ability squad, a thousand-person Divine Ability squad, is marked outside the three hundred thousand li.

“Why is this map clearer than mine~” Commander Chai Shi said in shock.

“Peak Master, I’m going to avenge you~” Xiong Li said, looking towards the direction the grapes pointed to.

At this time, the other two Muyuan giant trees also fell, and the Muyuan tribe in this War Zone was completely cleaned up by the Yellow Sand Army.

“After this battle is over and the spoΓ­ls of war are dealt with, the two Fellow Daoists will be able to get at least 1.5 million immortal jade.” Commander Chai Shi looked at the two fallen Muyuan clan giants. said the tree.

“Looking at it this way, the two Fellow Daoists will be able to collect tens of millions of immortal jade in less than a hundred years.”

But at this time, Xu Gang’s focus was on the three that were cut off. on the fallen tree.

“Why is the Muyuan giant tree so valuable?” Xu Gang asked.

“This is the tree of origin of the Muyuan family, which contains extremely strong vitality. The leaves can be used to refine Immortal Pills that restore wounds, and the branches and trunks can be used to refine restorations. .”

“The palace built with its trunk is the best place for Cultivation to heal wounds. It is said that there are more uses. If Fellow Daoist Xu wants to know, there should be a corresponding exchange for military industry to great hall. Intelligence.” Commander Chai Shi said.

“We don’t want the 40% of the spoΓ­ls of war, just give me one of the giant trees of Muyuan.”

Xu Gang thought about giving the giant tree of Muyuan to me. Go to the sect and show it to the master to see if you can make something good.

“This way you guys are a little disadvantaged. I’ll make up another 300,000 immortal jade for you.” Commander Chai Shi thought for a while and said.

At this time, there was a loud noise in the distance.

I saw another huge wooden spear, piercing the Chaos Golden Body of the Bear Power Five Elements.

“Would you like to go and help?” Commander Chai Jin looked at Xu Gang and said.

“No, it’s a trivial matter for him.” Xu Gang said laughter, as the chief Disciple of the hidden Spirit Sect, he still has this ability.

I saw Xiong Li’s Five Elements chaotic golden body rushing forward against one thick wooden spear after another.

The commander of the Muyuan clan saw that the situation was far from good, and the alliance sent a large army to stop Xiong Li.

Xiong Li looked at the army that blocked him with some excitement.

“The fairy artifact refined by the Great Elder is finally useful.”

Five Elements’ Chaos Golden Body penetrated directly into the void with his hands, and then pulled it out from the void. A jade green heart-shaped crystal was inserted into the heart.

In an instant, the Five Elements chaotic golden body burst into a strong vitality, and then burst into a more powerful imposing manner.

Ignoring the blocking army of the Muyuan clan directly, they rushed towards the thousand-person Divine Ability squad. No matter how the army of the Muyuan clan attacked, they would not be able to hurt the Five Elements Chaos Gold.

One hour later, Xiong Li, covered in blood, returned to Xu Gang with a small seal world in his hands.

“Peak Master, I avenged you~” Xiong Li said, crushing the seal Small World in his hand with one hand.

In the hidden Spirit Sect, Xu Fan, who was watching the live broadcast remotely, laughed.

“The children have grown up~” Xu Fan said with some relief.

At this time, two more Disciples in the sect were promoted to the True Immortal level.

After coming over to say goodbye to Xu Fan, he went directly to the richest man in the Spirit Sect through the Long Range Transmission Array.

“Grape, has the Golden Immortal battle strength puppet plan you deduced come out yet?” Xu Fan asked.

In the future, there will be more and more Disciples going out to practice. Maybe there will be something that needs sect to help the field.

“Currently in the game, it is still difficult to reach the level of Golden Immortal battle strength that the master said.” Grape replied.

“It’s a little difficult for you to deduce the Golden Immortal battle strength puppet within the range of the fairy weapon, but don’t worry, take your time.” Xu Fan said.

At this time, Xu Fan was sitting in his small courtyard overlooking the entire sect.

With Xu Fan’s excessive preaching and dispelling doubts, the entire sect has fallen into a state of enlightenment cultivation. In a few days, several Disciple breakthroughs to True Immortal will leave the sect to experience.

“Great Elder, I finally broke through to True Immortal!” Zhan Ling appeared in the Xu Fan small courtyard.

“Yes, the foundation is very solid, and the battle strength that can be exerted should be far beyond the True Immortal of the outside world.”

“The next step is to go out to experience, where do you want to go.” Xu Fan looked at Zhan Ling and asked with a smile.

“Isn’t the richest man in our sect in the frontier battlefield, I want to go there and see.” Zhan Ling said.

“Go, don’t forget to go to the treasure house to get the experience pack when you leave.”


Zhan Ling left, Xu Fan Continue to look at the whole sect, thinking about what to do next.

“How about giving a lecture to the fourth generation Disciple?” Xu Fan touched the chin and thought.

At this moment, Wang Yulun appeared in the small courtyard.

“Brother Xu, the second child seems to sense my presence and wants me to go to the Great Zhou Dynasty.” Wang Yulun couldn’t tell the expression on his face.

“The second child has a special feeling for me, and now he can touch my dreams.”

“What do you think~” Xu Fan looked at his brother asked.

“I want to take a Qian’er to visit the Dazhou Xianchao, and by the way, bring a backer for Brother Xu.”

(End of this chapter)

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